Monday, November 30, 2009

Uncle Drunky's Hard-Knock Review for Monday, 11/30/2009!

Because retirees end their week on a Monday let's see what you youngs have learned:

Don't Jailbreak your iPhone, you little retards. Seriously, if you're not gonna do the time learning internals, just say no.

Ruppy & his BPO Slumdogs suck. His journos don't fact check, and his 'subscription staff' isn't much better.

Valleywag imagines Google with no NewsCorp Results. And Uncle Drunky parties like it's 1995, because a 'net without Ruppy is sheer utopia.

BPOs & the Cloud are Bad for You. You get what they pay for. And they ain't paying much.

MSFT punks ADBE on the iPhone. Just because you can use fancy words doesn't mean you understand the diff between 'client' and 'server'.

Dear Apple: Remove Flash from SUpdate. I don't have that shit on my iPhone, thanks! I don't want it in Software Update on my Macs either! Write Apple now!

Death by Slumdog: Vaporous Crunchpad goes POOF! Poor little Mikey Arrington, now broker of air. Hot on his blog, into the thinstuff with his vaporous Bolly Crunchpad.

Dear Mikey: Welcome to Real Globalization. How China, SEA, and most of the world 'man up' to shenanigans. Everywhere except Silly Valley.

Stay safe, kids! And don't forget to double wrap!

Mentok out.

Dear Mikey: Welcome to Real Globalization [UPDATES]

[UPDATE.2: FakeSteve gets it on! The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : Meet the man-weasel who boned Michael Arrington. LOL, great stuff. Oh, and yours truly learns a new Indian word: behenchod]

[UPDATE: Some Friendfeed readers have some very interesting thoughts about Mikey, the vaporPad, and VCs in general. Have a read.]

Oh, Mikey Arrington. Boy, you got punked. I almost feel sorry for you. By now, you're asking your trust fund baby self, what do I do? Ah, the Eloi of Silly Valley.

Well, Mikey, I'm your greenskinned Uncle Drunky, thoroughly a Morlock, and I'm here to help.

Death by Slumdog: Arrington's Crunchpad bites Dust

Ah, Michael Arrington, the Larry Kudlow of the tech world. Seems his little pet project was torpedoed by his 'Indian Foxconn-like Company and their Investors'.

Lesson #1, Mikey: "Indian Foxconn like' != Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturer.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dear Apple: Remove Flash from MacOS X Software Update

I have a homework assignment for all interested readers of my blog: Don't send me any money, don't do anything other than this:

Go to Apple's Feedback page for OSX, and write something like the following:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Microsoft punks Adobe on the iPhone - Silverlight serves HTML5 via IIS?

In the kingdom of the slumdog software purveyors, the one with clue is king. And if by ‘worked with Apple’ —you mean— ‘didn’t piss them off with weasel workarounds and bluster’ —then the title is quite apropo.

Seriously. Go to this address NOW: with either a Mac or your iPhone. Be impressed, be VERY impressed at the adaptive streaming, even over AT&T’s lackluster 3G, of the Silverlight ‘Media Server’.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BPOs & 'the Cloud' are Bad for You (the Consumer)

So Drunky, why are you hippity-hoppity mad about BPOs and Ruppy? And offshore? Hey, what's a BPO?

Because, folks, you are being sold a line of bull and someone's stealing from you. Right now.

Let me break down some vague terminology for all of you laymen and normal people out there:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ValleyWag: A Glimpse of Google without News Corp.: No Big Loss

When I heard that Rupert "Slumdog BPO Overlord" Murdoch was going to war with Google I had tingles of schadenfreude glee. Why? Increased quality in every search. Valleywag's Hamilton Nolan agrees:

The media world is in a (relative) uproar over what the implications of News Corp. pulling its content off Google would be. But! A three-part Gawker investigation-type thing indicates the impact might be quite minimal for you, the consumer.

[From A Glimpse of Google without News Corp.: No Big Loss]

No No WSJ? No Faux News??

Seriously, Ruppy. Bring it on.

Mentok out.

PS. To quote my old man: "Son, I'm surprised that that Murdoch hasn't put funny pages in the WSJ yet, it's so bad." Stuff my Dad says. Pure gold. Hah.

Rupert's Slumdogs at the WSJ don't like it when you make fun of them.

So, it's been a week since I've even posted a comment to the WSJ, when what greets me:

Hi, We discovered a problem with your profile information and need to confirm your name. Please send your login username and your real first and last name to: and a customer service representative can set up your Journal Community Profile. Thanks, The Journal Community Team

Monday, November 23, 2009

Clueless Twats, iPhone Jailbreaking is NOT for you.

[UPDATE: As some commenters in Posts #7, #10, & #20 say, SSH is not installed by default. So again, kids, DO NOT ASK ANYONE TO HACK YOUR IPHONE.]

Ah, TUAW. Most of the time they’re like TIRED, Bollycrunch & other shallow rags, but today they’re dead on. About worms, jailbreaking, and user stupidity.

Yes, there’s a new worm, and yes, there are still clueless twats who want to Jailbreak knowing zip about what they’re getting into. So of course I blew up at this retard *cough* enduser after he asked TUAW for an ‘SSH Tutorial’:

Uncle Drunky's Hard-Knock Review for Monday, 11/23/2009!

Because retirees end their week on a Monday let's see what you youngs have learned:

Sarah Lacey spews Pro-India Anti-China piece on a Camel. A couple weeks before her boss fell out of love with South Asia, Sarah Lacey waddles around with Vivek Wadhwa. Once you're Lucky, Twice you're pushing it, Thrice It's the Walk of Shame, Baby...

Mad Max 2 Weltanschauung Checklist. Where is the USSA? Probably ticked at point #3. You have to admit, the soundtrack is pretty kick-ass.

President Obama's Chambermaid Bow to the Japanese Emperor. Always trying to one-up the Bush family in gaffes, Barry ignores his protocol folks. Comedy ensues.

Tour d' Gaffe update: Obama Pushes for Internet "Freedom" in China. Not content with a scullery maid bow to the Japanese Emperor, Barry's follies continue in the "Middle Kingdom."

Windows-like Flash 'sploit Found, Adobe Says No Fix. Ubiquitous Adobe, not content with offshoring, crowsources their GIFAR type bug to the world. 0-day stupidity, every day.

Chinese Court bends Microsoft over IP Rights. $MSFT swallows a bag of stupid at the hands of the People's Republic of China.

The Other Stupid - Weepy H1Bs and Shoddy Factchecking at the WSJ. Insipid WSJ piece that shows how big the WSJ is on copypasta and little else.

Star Wars CGI. From 1977. Wherein we find out where the Death Star Plans were. And that computer graphics used to require patience and love.

It's been a week. Dranky-time!

Mentok out.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And now for something completely different: Star Wars CGI.. from 1977!

And now for something that should warm every older geek's blackened heart: Journey with us to yesteryear, just a few short years after the first publication of K&R2, to a bygone time before WIMP became commonplace...

It's when I see things like this I pine for the 'Old Republic'....

Mentok out.

The Other Stupid - Weepy H1Bs and Shoddy Factchecking at

[UPDATE: Yup, this commenter confirms that the WSJ op-ed is Stuart Anderson copy-paste, and that he’s his own ‘foundation’. Actually, here’s the skinny from a UC Davis Professor.]

And the stupid continues, this time in the WSJ. Cry, cry! for the poor little Indian ‘temporary workers’ who think they’re entitled to citizenship. Cry also for the Journal that they would stoop to PR copypasta:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chinese Court bends Microsoft over IP Rights

Not content to allow Adobe to hog the spotlight over STUPID and FAIL, it seems that Microsoft has been absent minded in renewing licenses and agreements with their friends the Chinese.

Seems they forgot to renew licenses for fonts clear back to Windows 98:

"A Beijing court has ruled that Microsoft violated a Chinese company's intellectual property rights in a case over fonts used in past Windows operating systems. The Beijing Number One Intermediate People's Court ordered Microsoft to stop selling versions of Windows

Monday, November 16, 2009

Windows-like Flash 'sploit Found, Adobe Says No Fix Forthcoming

[UPDATE: Adobe's douchebag-in-resident blogga Dowdell gloats that the 'issue has been retired' by SecurityFocus. Like that matters. Foreground Security, once again, doesn't fall for the bull, and even has to dumb it down so that the poor fools can understand.]

Remember when Adobe meant quality? Seems those days are LONG GONE. Seems like when they were copying Javascript, they didn’t quite get local domain policy quite right for their little “ubiquitous” web plugin cum ‘web platform’.

Kudos to Adobe UI Gripes for really getting it:

Tour d' Gaffe update: Obama Pushes for Internet "Freedom" in China

And Barry's Tour d' Gaffe continues:

One questioner suggested Americans and Chinese have different cultures and that the U.S. should not impose its views on China. Mr. Obama responded that the U.S. believes "there are certain fundamental principles that are common to all people regardless of culture."

...way to channel the stupid Bush of the family, Barry.

Uncle Drunky's Hard-Knock Review for Monday, 11/16/2009!

Welcome to the first of however many "until I get lazy" recaps. I know all you industrious kids are busy out there... so.. it begins...

Because retirees end their week on a Monday let's see what you youngs have learned, ignoring a little date.time(fudge);

Sorry South Asians, "Slumdog" is your Badge of Shame. Wherein I try to break it as gently as possible to our South Asian friends why they are so loved, wherever they go...

Why the Chinese ain't on my Shitlist. The don't call it the 'Middle Kingdom' for nothing.

How Japan handles Immigrants: Go Home Now. Japan, the country that seems to comprehend the English phrase "Guest Worker VISA" better than the 'melicans.

Slumdog Paki Prince of 900+ iPhone crApps... BUSTED. Apple seems to have clue as to how to handle overseas shysters.

FOREIGNER GO HOME: Anti-foreign protests in Tokyo. Like this is any big surprise. Foreigners act like jackasses instead of guests. Locals get angry. Hilarity ensues.

BALLS! iPhone Geek / Hacker refuses to be 'slumdogged'. Some folks still have.. what's the word I'm looking for? Dignity. Or clue. Yeah, that works.

Peggy Noonan: We're Governed by Callous Chidren. Yeah. 'The Angriest Generation' to coin one of the deluded shills of the Hippy NWO.

GWF: Apple to Adobe: 'You're lousy at Programming. Wherein Apple regards Adobe the same way they regard you little sprogs who Jailbreak. As a liability to the iPhone.

How to secure your Jailbroken iPhone. Jailbreaking is fun. Trouble is, most of you little retards shouldn't do it. *sigh* Uncle Drunky to the rescue again. More or less.

Fort Hood: Cut it out, locals! Bread & Circus Hell. Lame scream media, livin' up to their name(s), at the expense of the little guy.

Yeah, this is 2 weeks more or less, raise a glass and get blotto!

Mentok out.

PS. The tags 'hardknock' and 'review' will bring you to the recaps.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

President Obama's Chambermaid Bow to the Japanese Emperor

Sorry, I just had to comment on this piece of presidential stupid over at ABCNews:

What. The. Hell.

Obama is acting like a chambermaid in this pic. He might as well have gotten down on all fours and banged his head on the tatami for doing this.

This bow makes Bush 41 puking in the lap of the PM look like pure gold, that's how bad this gaff(sic, gaffe) is.

[From On President Obama's Bow to the Japanese Emperor, An Academic Friend Writes That Both the Left and the Right Are Wrong - Political Punch]

Seriously, I thought I had seen the most stupid of the night. But here is Barry the Boom-Boom president, not being presidential in the least, gaffing away. Again. Seriously sonny, if you need to bow, let Tricky Dick or any of the Japanese you didn't see in the street behind those tinted windows be your guide.

Seriously, Barry, as CiC-POTUS you have access to the DLI, where they sell this book. I recommend you BUY IT before you go overseas again, along with Culture Shock! China & Culture Shock! India.

Oh, and confidential to the ABCNews Jake Tapper: Japan hasn't been 大日本帝国 [The Great Empire of Japan] since like, 1945? And we don't call'em 'orientals' either. Just sayin'.

"Culture Shock! Japan" (Rex Shelley)

Mad Max 2 Weltanschauung Checklist

The other night, AMC aired Mad Max II. Haven't seen it in well over a decade.. especially the intro, which I think is very apropo:

If you have to ask, I think we're at the '...their leaders talked and talked and talked...' part.

I also see that I'm not the only one on this wavelength. [Alternet]

"The Road Warrior" (George Miller)

Sarah Lacey spews Pro-India Anti-China piece while on Wadhwa's Camel

[UPDATE: I was joking about her dating Vivek Wadhwa. But it looks like he found her an elephant to ride. Ah, first comes seduction, then comes rejection. Enjoy your meetings with NIIT & TiE, princess clueless!]

I don't know what else to call it. Sarah Lacey, the darling of internet "journalism" (not!) has fallen back on the occupation of all failed journos: getting wined & dined (or in this case riding camels), writing puffy PR pieces for whoever has the lowest agenda. At the blog that's light on tech and crunching on India Inc. Again.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fort Hood: Cut it out, locals! Bread & Circus Hell

By now everyone’s seen the so called “news” about the shootings at Fort Hood. As I write this blog, Katie Couric and the other cheerleaders are out, demonizing the shooter and taking yellow journalism to new heights. And on Twitter, one of the guys I follow, a Muslim American soldier serving in Iraq, is catching flack for it. I tweeted back:

How to secure your Jailbroken iPhone. That could be "Hacked" by a kid.

Hi kids, Uncle Drunky with news you can use. For you techies, read to the bottom where I tell you you MUST secure both the mobile *and* the root user on any jailbroken iPhone / iPod Touch, and that no outside connection to the iPhone is needed.

Recently there’s been this thing making the rounds that a bunch of hacked iPhones in turn got “hacked.” Hacked! By some kid who is extorting money for the fix.

Some of you may even remember my rant about Apple crippling the stock iPhone. It *is* Apple’s baby to cripple or, uh, ‘implement’ as they see fit. So we jailbreak. But not without a price.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

GUESTWORKERFRAUD: Apple to Adobe: 'You're lousy at programming'

Am I even surprised? Nah. Flash is a steaming POS on my Mac, why would it be any different on the iPhone, which runs a light version of Mac OSX? This from

We all know by now that once-great Adobe has been taken over by invading incompetent guest workers such as Acrobat Project Manager Lily Tran or Engineering Manager Anil Bhavnani (not to mention the incompetent Indian CEO who presided over the CS4 disaster).

Google: I love ya, now get out.

Google AdSense is not worth the grief.

It is hereby banish-ed from the Drunky Blog.

Mentok out.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Peggy Noonan tells it like it is: We're Governed by Callous Children

I hesitate to cite half a column when both halves are really good, but this should be very familiar to you GenX'ers out there with your Boomer middle managers and other so-called (cheer) leaders....

I have to warn you, this is going to be a screed. And none of my normal salt. First, give some respect to Peggy Noonan as she tells it like it is:

Monday, November 02, 2009

BALLS! iPhone Geek / Hacker refuses to be 'slumdogged'

So, who do you think does all the innovation? "Slave Overseer" MBAs? Or the geeks?

First off, Jody Sanders, I am declining your $10,000. Why? Because you, and the rest of the iPhone unlock sites out there are scum. You make money selling freeware; that's not cool, and I am in no way going to legitimize it.

[From On the iPhone: An Information Campaign]

Everyone should read this blog entry if they want to know how the current 'software industry' works and how dependent the MBA 'overseers' are on the slumdogs to produce SOMETHING. And how slimy these 'freelance' and 'venture vc project sites' are about dealing with the geeks and bamboozling users.

This is why you see so many 'software projects' out there hanging for weeks on end. They either do not have developers, nobody wants to touch it, and some guys would rather work for free. Like the blackra1n guy.

Everyone should give this guy a lot of respect. And your Lucre if you're using his jailbreak, as respect does not pay the bills.

To apply this to the software industry at large change 'iPhone unlock site' to 'MBA with somewhat vague job title that really means slumdog overseer.' The same 'something for nothing' mentality is present in both cases.

[no book ads]

FOREIGNER GO HOME: Anti-foreign protests in Tokyo on Halloween night

[Update: When you abide by the local customs and let the locals in on the fun, it's cool.]

And just when I thought I'd not be hearing from my Japanese tribe, guess what? Seems the so-called traditional Tokyo Train Halloween Party got called off.. on account of 'nationalism.'

"Hey Stupid Foreigner, take your values somewhere else and GET OFF MY LAWN." Buahhahahaha!

The infamous Yamanote Halloween Train party was supposed to take place last night in Tokyo. This year’s party brought more than just cops, foreigners, and 2-channelers.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Darn, mah Swineflu feva broke.

Yup, for those of you in the know, mah brains ain't boiling anymore. H1N1, or his cousin is exiting my already green body. Slowly.

LESSON LEARNED. Next time, I'm snitching Tamiflu from the local La Raza sponsored Clinica.

Mentok out.

Slumdog Paki Prince of 900+ iPhone crApps... BUSTED

I'm sure everyone remembers Khalid Shaikh, the Slumdog Prince of 900+ useless crApps, who got his iPhone Dev license yanked by Apple, right? I mean, what else do you call a guy who:

Khalid Shaikh has been making a killing off the App Store through questionable means. In less than 9 months, Khalid Shaikh and his 26-employee team (most of which are in Pakistan) have published 943 applications (thank you TapMetrics for validating these numbers). That’s roughly 5 apps a day, every day, for 250 days.

[From Apple bans App Store’s 3rd-most prolific developer ]

Guess what? Looks like homeboy's been busted for the FBI for ham-handedly DOS'ing his former employer. Four counts of 'mail fraud' whatever that means in regards to a DOS.

For you civilians, DOS is not that Windows thing, it's 'Denial of Service'. You know, 'when your Windows slows down' because some asswipe is hammering your machine from the other side. Myself, I consider Adobe Flash to be a DOS. But that's just me.

Anyway, surprise surprise, right? I mean, normally the Indians are the bad guys, right?

Nope, turns out that Pakis are good at something other than blowing up Indian livestock at long distances.

Anyway, by whatever voodoo the FBI is using this time, I guess 'Justice is being Served'(sm).

Oh, and memo to Steve Jobs: Just wait until that Flash compiler starts flooding your AppStore with 100x the crap of this Paki.

Are you prepared to see the iPhone become the next WIndows XP?

I'll let that bake your hippy noodle... love and kisses, I enjoy my iPhone *now*. Dunno about *later*.

Mentok out.

"War Nerd" (Gary Brecher)

How Japan handles Immigrants: Go Home Now

If you want to see how the shit's gonna go down in the USA, consult their smarter little brotha of the Pacific Rim, Japan. So how is Japan handling their unemployment problem?

In short: Giving their 'immigrant populations' a stipend and sending them home. Forever. Whether they speak 'their native language' or not. And their 'born there' family members too:

The money isn't the problem, the Brazilians say; it's the fact that they will not be allowed to return until economic and employment conditions improve — whenever that may be. "When Nikkei go back and can't return, for us that's discrimination," says Freitas, who has lived in Japan with his family for 12 years. (See pictures of Japan and the world.)

[From Japan to Immigrants: Thanks, But You Can Go Home Now - TIME]

Now since I've spent some time with those freaky little folks, lemme impart some wisdom:

'Whenever that may be' to a Japanese, or any other NE Asian usually means ... wait for it... 'never'. Just like when they say 'Yes' it's 'Yes I understand you' or even 'Yes, you are a very noisy asshole' but not the 'Yes' you were looking for. Even in their own tongue.

The Japanese really don't give a shit about 'racism' or 'discrimination'. Even Among their own. Ask a Japanese what 'Burakumin' means. Consequently, Japanese have very thick skins, unlike most of the foreigners who come to their soil. If you don't like that, tough shit.

The whole thing about 'Japanese need immigrants for their employment problem' is trash. EVERYONE in Japan works. I've seen wrinkled old grand-dads manning the ticket gates at rural train stations when I wanted to go have a soak at a nearby hot spring.

The Japanese innovate ALL OF THEIR TECH without Indian help. Actually, the Chinese are their slumdogs, and they are used sparingly. And by 'sparingly' I mean, 'the way Apple & Google use offshore assets.'

And did you notice that the Japanese don't suffer fools? Well, okay, on TV, in a comedy show, but other than that?

So the real question is, when it really hits the fan, do you think the Boomer & older DC politicians are going to handle this any better than the Japanese?

The fact of the matter is that every other country in the world expels immigrants in this way when the shit goes down.

But no, our DC politicians are still breakin out the Vaseline....

[Since it's Halloween]

"In Ghostly Japan - Lafcadio Hearn" (Lafcadio Hearn)

Why the Chinese ain't on my Shitlist..

Some competitors -- oh, and your main creditor, Americanski slave -- just will. not. candy-ass you. You gotta give props to the Chinese, in a 100 years they're gonna own all of Asia. Can't say that for their neighbors further east.

Yeah, over at GuestWorkerFraud seems they just throw anyone from the third world in the bitbucket of Slumdog. Unfair, I say:

At one Indian/Chinese-run company I had a QA Manager who was from China look me right in the eye and say "Our goal is to EXTRACT your knowledge and give it to our workers here".

[From Guest Worker Fraud]

No bullshit. That's mah Chinese peeps. And if you're an American worker what do you do?

Why, hand them a gift-wrapped jar o' Vaseline and bend over.

Can you really blame them for what happens next?

By the way, do you see any Chinese faces on TV begging for H1B Visas? Crying Wadhwacism? Didn't think so.

Mentok out.

"Dragon Rising: An Inside Look At China Today" (Jasper Becker)

Sorry South Asians, "Slumdog" is your Badge of Shame

[UPDATE: Thanks so much to Khalid Shaikh not Mohammed, for reminding me that Pakis can be worse than their Indian brethren]

So, Drunky, why the hell have you declared war on the poor widdle South Asian Indians & Pakis? You're a racist! How do you sleep at night?? Very well, thank you very much.

Lemme let you in on a little secret. We're ALL racists. Actually if you wanna get technical, tribalists. And we're all big on 'guilt by association.'

I want to apologize to my Indian friends, but I'm not gonna candy-ass you. And I insist that you keep reading.

I'm an old Asia hand. I've been up and down NE & SE Asia. I even know the difference between the two. And I can tell you that 'South Asians' are not Asian like the last two.

Vivek 'Fraudwa' certainly does not know -- or maybe even care about cultural differences. He thinks the Chinese are just stupid -- but will ride their coat-tails in his never-ending quest for H1Bs for hiz little Indian homies back in the old country & his corporate benefactors.

As an ex-ex-ex [I've lost count] Expat, I can tell you that the first thing that's gonna happen when you come to any new country and pull crap like this:

You're gonna get shit from the locals.

Especially if you're a troublemaker or a crook. And you deserve it!

Gringo, Gaijin, Puying, Gweilao, Yank. It's all the same: 'Ugly American' / Long-Nose Barbarian / Potato.

Any American who goes overseas has to get past the bullshit generated by the last guy to burn the locals. This is something the locals in the USA doesn't even know about, because like the rest of the world they just stay home & speak one language.

Except when they go on vacation. And be 'Ugly'. And then expats like me get to clean up after their shit.

To my Indian friends, you now know what this is: You're paying your dues because the last 1000 H1-Bs behind you were shysters in my country. Or,

The Hyderabad yob who is running an American company into the ground opened up another research office in, guess where? And another 300+ local techs are out of work. Or,

Vivek Wadhwa opened his yap on this auspicious day.

Locals don't trust "your kind" because of the actions of a few. It doesn't even matter if you were born here or or you immigrated. Am I right? To all American / Brit 'lifers' [expat residents in China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan], you guys feelin' me?

Is it fair? No!

We Americans [and Brits] know this well. Usually some young American backpacker gets into trouble with the locals, and then gets all uppity and we hear the Ugly American's Lament[tm]:

"But I'm American! You can't do this to me!"

"Why am I in jail? All the natives have weed, why did they pick on me?"

"This is not how we do things in the United States."

And the answers are even more predictable:

"We don't need your 'freedom' here."

"I don't want my country to look like some bumfcuk Wal-Mart."

"Leave your [fcuking foreigner] attitude at home."

"Off with your head."

"You are off to Labor Camp 666 for corrupting the morals of our people."

...and so on.

Do any of these lines sound familiar? To expat Americans sadly they do. It's our burden. It's a royal pain in the ass to deal with our own dregs who come over a the host country and then poop & crap all over the place. Doubly so when they're on a 'guest worker' VISA.

So, of course, now we come to our Indian friends.

Do I think that the 95% of non-technical India deserves the badge? No.

Do i think that folks like citizen Dr. Ron Hira, who unashamedly calls it like it is deserve this shit? No. In fact, fcuk no. But he'll catch some anyway.

Do I think that Indians who actually LIVE in our society and really contribute to it, have been here before I was born deserve this crap?? See above.

How about Vivek 'Chinese don't Innovate' Wadhwa? Hells yes, people. Shyster be burnin' the locals -- that being *us*. Oh, and Vivek, they're coming for you next! Seriously Indian folks, why do you let this guy speak for you? He's a combination of Elmer Fudd and Bill O'Reilly, and not even a good one.

And how about the rest of those "from Hyderabad" MBAs who are using my country like some ATM? Do I even have to spell it out for you?

So, to my South Asian friends: Welcome to the ugly foreigner club. Enjoy your stay.

"Born a Foreigner: A Memoir of the American Presence in Asia" (Charles T. Cross)