Monday, November 16, 2009

Uncle Drunky's Hard-Knock Review for Monday, 11/16/2009!

Welcome to the first of however many "until I get lazy" recaps. I know all you industrious kids are busy out there... so.. it begins...

Because retirees end their week on a Monday let's see what you youngs have learned, ignoring a little date.time(fudge);

Sorry South Asians, "Slumdog" is your Badge of Shame. Wherein I try to break it as gently as possible to our South Asian friends why they are so loved, wherever they go...

Why the Chinese ain't on my Shitlist. The don't call it the 'Middle Kingdom' for nothing.

How Japan handles Immigrants: Go Home Now. Japan, the country that seems to comprehend the English phrase "Guest Worker VISA" better than the 'melicans.

Slumdog Paki Prince of 900+ iPhone crApps... BUSTED. Apple seems to have clue as to how to handle overseas shysters.

FOREIGNER GO HOME: Anti-foreign protests in Tokyo. Like this is any big surprise. Foreigners act like jackasses instead of guests. Locals get angry. Hilarity ensues.

BALLS! iPhone Geek / Hacker refuses to be 'slumdogged'. Some folks still have.. what's the word I'm looking for? Dignity. Or clue. Yeah, that works.

Peggy Noonan: We're Governed by Callous Chidren. Yeah. 'The Angriest Generation' to coin one of the deluded shills of the Hippy NWO.

GWF: Apple to Adobe: 'You're lousy at Programming. Wherein Apple regards Adobe the same way they regard you little sprogs who Jailbreak. As a liability to the iPhone.

How to secure your Jailbroken iPhone. Jailbreaking is fun. Trouble is, most of you little retards shouldn't do it. *sigh* Uncle Drunky to the rescue again. More or less.

Fort Hood: Cut it out, locals! Bread & Circus Hell. Lame scream media, livin' up to their name(s), at the expense of the little guy.

Yeah, this is 2 weeks more or less, raise a glass and get blotto!

Mentok out.

PS. The tags 'hardknock' and 'review' will bring you to the recaps.

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