Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BPOs & 'the Cloud' are Bad for You (the Consumer)

So Drunky, why are you hippity-hoppity mad about BPOs and Ruppy? And offshore? Hey, what's a BPO?

Because, folks, you are being sold a line of bull and someone's stealing from you. Right now.

Let me break down some vague terminology for all of you laymen and normal people out there:

"Cloud computing" - Your data is not on your machine. Instead it is in a data center somewhere, HOPEFULLY in the United States. If it's in China or India it is subject to their laws. We all know how the Chinese are with intellectual property -- and that goes double for our Indian "friends".

BPO aka 'Business Process Outsourcing' - This is where businesses outsource and most likely offshore their billing and financial processes.. hence, your data -- banking information, mortgage, credit card -- to an outsource / offshore outfit. Where is your data? Offshore! Again, in India, Probably getting stolen.


The big myth that your credit card information and/or personal data is stolen through online shopping or some crooked waiter at your local restaurant is just that -- a myth. The online vendors have done a lot to secure their websites. The one thing they cannot secure is the stupidity of their executives when they employ BPOs.

The even bigger myth that 'the cloud' is just some vague somewhere is even more of a sham. It's probably in India, the Ukraine, or China. Out of the reach of US or western law, where most of the world's 'data & identity thieves' live. You might as well mail all your personal files to Nigeria.


If you really want to protect your identity, call your bank and ask if they use BPOs to do their grunt work. If they do, and these outfits are outside the US or EU then close your accounts and ask that all of your data be deleted from their records. That is how you can protect your identity.

And you wonder why I hold Ruppy & his "media properties" in such low regard.

And the Indians? Second only to Nigerians, and not by much.

Mentok out.

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