Monday, November 23, 2009

Clueless Twats, iPhone Jailbreaking is NOT for you.

[UPDATE: As some commenters in Posts #7, #10, & #20 say, SSH is not installed by default. So again, kids, DO NOT ASK ANYONE TO HACK YOUR IPHONE.]

Ah, TUAW. Most of the time they’re like TIRED, Bollycrunch & other shallow rags, but today they’re dead on. About worms, jailbreaking, and user stupidity.

Yes, there’s a new worm, and yes, there are still clueless twats who want to Jailbreak knowing zip about what they’re getting into. So of course I blew up at this retard *cough* enduser after he asked TUAW for an ‘SSH Tutorial’:

My answer to you is NO. An emphatic NO.

If you don’t know what SSH is, why it is enabled on JB’d phones, and the hows and whys of basic iPhone security, then it’s not the job of [maybe] an equally clueless journo to teach you.

You either have to teach yourself, or should beg off of Jailbreaking entirely.

This is a GREAT article because it does two things: 1/ It describes what the problem is and does not sensationalize, unlike today’s post in TIRED. and 2/ It explicitly discourages clueless twats *cough* end users from Jailbreaking.

Unless you’re a hacker or a dev learning the internals of the iPhone you have no business doing or asking anyone to jailbreak your iPhone.

There’s an AppStore. Most of you could care less about internals or Unix. And there’s a LOT of bad guys out there. So leave the security of your iPhone, and its fate to Apple Computer Inc.

Recently I had to rebuild my iPhone. I’m a Dev in training. It still took me 2 hours just to get the phone back to the way it was, WITH Apple technology AND my own backup regimen.

[From New jailbroken iPhone worm is malicious]

The first time I borked my iPhone I got almost bricked it— AND it took me TWO DAYS to restore it back. With Apple technology (iTunes restore) as well as stuff from the Jailbreakers. Which ones? You’re not paying attention!

The fact that it still takes TWO HOURS and I have to treat it like a development project to ‘build’ shit back into my iPhone should tell you it’s STILL a pain in the ass.

Seriously, kids. Unless you have a CS degree, a Mac with full developer tools, know & ‘enjoy’ reading O’Reilly books AND are not scared of the Unix command line —- unless you have all of these things —- or a death wish —- STAY THE F AWAY FROM JAILBREAKING.

There are far too many variables for the normal user to deal with.

In my last 2 hour grief session I learned some new things. For most of you this would be just grief.

Mentok out.

“iPhone Open Application Development: Write Native Applications Using the Open Source Tool Chain” (Jonathan Zdziarski, Zdziarski Jonathan)

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