Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh noes! The Indians & Chinese are leaving!

[UPDATE: The guy posing as ‘Chris Paduan’ in the comments most likely is a troll. Most likely the real Chris Paduan comment HERE.]

Another day, another cry.wolf.over.nothing about ‘brain drain’ from the USA of… H1B workers? This by an Indian guy who has no bias whatsoever. *cough*

They weren’t ours to begin with. Most of them are dregs. ….among other comments:

There’s nothing wrong with Americans finally waking up and behaving the way the rest of the world behaves towards foreigners.

Gwailao. Puying. Gringo. Gaijin. Am I missing any?

So if Vivek wants to spout this thin skinned narrative then go right ahead. It’s about as credible as Steve Ballmer telling us he’ll move *the rest* of Microsoft to India. Actually, India can have $MSFT. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

This isn’t a brain drain, because these folks were going to go home anyway. And this article is just a slap in the face because it’s just stating an obvious trend as some type of alarm as if it can be changed or reversed. If you go abroad you ALWAYS end up heading home. Where’s your family, Vivek? Unless your name is Bobby Jindal it’s probably back there.

All this aside, you really can’t blame Indians and Chinese for wanting to better their lives. Or for flooding the US materially or virtually [offshore] with their dregs. They wouldn’t be the first country to do so, nor the last. And like the rest of the world, the US birthrate is falling. So SOME of these folks are needed. However-

You CAN blame the US baby boomers who were managers in the early 2000s, stubbornly clinging to their jobs, and who offshored and outsourced all of our US local tech jobs and DID NOT exercise due diligence when hiring assets offshore that cost 1/5 what a local in the US does.

You wanna know why Windows sucks so much?

Why is updated DAILY?

And why companies would rather lazily pare down some weaker company’s staff than hire youngs? Or open offices ‘offshore’? That steal our tech via government mandate? *cough* China *cough*

Greed. The US baby boomers. You wanted to change the world, eh? Well here it is! You flooded tech with yobs who should have stayed at Frys with fake degrees, and LEFT THEM in positions because they were so cheap.

Consumers aren’t fools. You made garbage, now no one wants to pay for it, or pie in the sky recycled crap like ‘cloud computing’ [the old dumb term / network computer crapola that didnt work in the 90s and won’t work now]. Michael Dell whines that netbooks are killing his bottom line but that’s what the real ‘cloud computer’ is. Oh, and it has enough storage to retain data, so who needs a cloud datacenter in India?

The only companies that are showing any growth are Apple and Google. They exude quality and retain local staff. In all their geos and it SHOWS.

The USA has set itself up for a ‘lost decade’ ala Japan, and it’s not going to end until the boomers move aside and let the youngs rebuild the LOCAL labor pool, including tech. These local youngs haven’t moved up any management track…there are only Boomers, who will probably be managing corps in between diaper changes and power lunches with their AARP friends.

Until local youngs are hired and we go back to the way it was and *is* in every other country, where youngs ‘intern’ or ‘journeyman’ and then move to being folks that can mentor & later retire realistically while the fresh crop brings in new ideas that are refined by their older peers, there will be no new ideas nor refinement. Just the same old Boomer crap that’s been the past 10 years. This basically started under Bush and continues under BlackBush. Sorry, Pres Obama, you’re no Clinton.

If *I* were a foreigner, this would look like a freakshow to me. All I need is an excuse like the weak dollar to head home.

In fact, in any *other* country we’d end up like Argentina or the Weimar Republic. Maybe the Chinese and Indians are just seeing the writing on the wall.

I think the most entertaining thing was all of the trolling by Chris Paduan, who finally got to the point in this comment. He’s about as abrasive as me, but [the troll] I think he’s wrong ass wrong about the Chinese.

If he *does* work for Adobe I guess it’s not a very fun or innovative place right now.

I think this commenter’s got it. Why would you stay in America when there are other places where you can booze and fcuk?

Maybe ol’ Chris should read this book and work on his ‘talking points’:

“Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas” (Lou Dobbs)


Vivek said...

Wow, you need to read "Guest Workers Exposed" from the American Programmers' Association:

Vivek said...

Did we mention:

Vivek said...

One other comment:

It was Clinton who signed the massive guest worker visa increases in late 1998 and 2000 which raised the caps into the 100,000s of thousands in those years which flooded America with cheap 3rd world labor. The only H-1B increase under Bush was 20,000 for OPT.

Clinton is one of the baby boomers you so correctly despise. He did this to us. He's also a communist which is what guest worker visa programs are.

Mentok said...

Thank you for the links, Vivek... very informative, I almost forgot about the third point.

Mathew said...

@Vivek (or Chris Paduan): Do you even bother to fact check the sources that you indoctrinate yourself with?

Let me give you an example. WTF is the "American Programmers' Association" that you mention in your first link? A Google search returned zero results. That's right: ZERO results.

Perhaps it's the author's way of trying to lend credence to something totally bogus?

Nice try. NEXT!

Mentok said...

And I duly note that neither your profile nor 'Vivek's' are accessible; both are disabled.

One of the original tenets of the 'net are that thoughts/opinions are guaranteed anonymity & privacy.

As long as they're not utter tripe & sound like there's a real person behind them, I'll publish.

Second thing: of course the 'American Programmer Association' is one guy. That doesn't make his data invalid, just as your disabled blogger profile doesn't invalidate your opinion.

I went to the site in question, and having worked in the industry for a few years much of what is written in that Scribd doc rings true.

Excessively relying on Google and/or Wikipedia as gospel, to me, is a greater sin. It's still really easy to SEO your way into Google or sockpuppet in Wikipedia.