Monday, November 30, 2009

Death by Slumdog: Arrington's Crunchpad bites Dust

Ah, Michael Arrington, the Larry Kudlow of the tech world. Seems his little pet project was torpedoed by his 'Indian Foxconn-like Company and their Investors'.

Lesson #1, Mikey: "Indian Foxconn like' != Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturer.

Before you click on any links, I'll spare you Arrington's weepy dramarama: " At the last minute, however, Arrington received an email from Chandra Rathakrishnan, the chief executive of manufacturing partner Fusion Garage, apparently trying to cut Arrington out of the product on the eve of the launch. Fusion Garage, according to Arrington, wanted to market the device itself under its own name; which obviously was the deal breaker."

Okay, click away:

I just love how Chandra's bio screams "Singapore!" when every East Asia hand knows that Singapore is where all the Asias meet, including our oh-so-trustworthy friends the southasians:

Long story short: If it wasn't vaporware to start with, 'death by Slumdog' is probably apropo. Arrington's comparison of Fusion Garage to Foxconn notwithstanding.

Does this mean that Michael Arrington & Sarah, 'not a Barracuda and a pale imitation of Palin' 's love affair with 'emerging (south) Asian markets is over?

I'd say 'stupidity knows no bounds'.

Personal recommendation to Michael Arrington: next time you get one of those 419 emails from Nigeria just send them whatever they want.

Mentok out.

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Vivek said...

What is amazing is that even AFTER Mr. and Mrs. Corporate America get burned by India, Inc. organized crime rackets, they STILL keep believing that outsourcing to slumdogs is the way to go - just because it's the biz buzz of the day and everyone else is doing it. They will lose their shirts and get ripped off rather than admit that India, Inc. is nothing but a pack of wild animal criminals.