Monday, November 30, 2009

Uncle Drunky's Hard-Knock Review for Monday, 11/30/2009!

Because retirees end their week on a Monday let's see what you youngs have learned:

Don't Jailbreak your iPhone, you little retards. Seriously, if you're not gonna do the time learning internals, just say no.

Ruppy & his BPO Slumdogs suck. His journos don't fact check, and his 'subscription staff' isn't much better.

Valleywag imagines Google with no NewsCorp Results. And Uncle Drunky parties like it's 1995, because a 'net without Ruppy is sheer utopia.

BPOs & the Cloud are Bad for You. You get what they pay for. And they ain't paying much.

MSFT punks ADBE on the iPhone. Just because you can use fancy words doesn't mean you understand the diff between 'client' and 'server'.

Dear Apple: Remove Flash from SUpdate. I don't have that shit on my iPhone, thanks! I don't want it in Software Update on my Macs either! Write Apple now!

Death by Slumdog: Vaporous Crunchpad goes POOF! Poor little Mikey Arrington, now broker of air. Hot on his blog, into the thinstuff with his vaporous Bolly Crunchpad.

Dear Mikey: Welcome to Real Globalization. How China, SEA, and most of the world 'man up' to shenanigans. Everywhere except Silly Valley.

Stay safe, kids! And don't forget to double wrap!

Mentok out.

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