Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last of 2009: Drunky, you're Unfair to Some Boomers

If you're a Boomer, and you're thinking this, sadly, you're right. I'd like to share this, my last last last blog entry of 2009. To my Boomer-aged mentors, sorry guys, what else can I say? 'Boomer' is a demographic, not an individual.

So. Yes, I posted a number of rebuts in this wormtongue's blog, but it didn't get interesting until a few olds agreed with me. You can search for the replies yourself.

Last of 2009: Employed Geeks, are You Happy with the Empire?

Neal Stephenson is one of my favorite authors. I consider Snow Crash one of the best books... ever. Stephenson is a geek author, one of the sainted few who incorporates real computational concepts into his works. Cryptonomicon is a recent example of this.

Occasionally he writes columns, and one has been turning over in my mind for awhile. Happily I re-discovered it some days ago before the end of the decade...

Last of 2009: The Joke's on You, Boomers (and Millennial Kids)

After reading this, if you’re a GenX’er, you gotta feel a little sorry for the Boomers. But only a little, because in the next decade this post really sets the tone for what will become of the most chickenhawk generation — you see, a good number of their spoiled spawn have woken up to the screwing of their future. What of it there is:

DAMN BOOMER MUSIC SUCKS (journey sucks, reo speedwagon sucks)
Date: 2009-12-30, 7:04PM PST

What’s up with the most worthless generation in the history of mankind?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Judge rules in favor of Indian H1B Bodyshop against US Citizen Bloggers

Now I've seen everything. Once again, a US judge oversteps the 1st Amendment. You may remember my post EndH1B website threatened by On-Shore H1B Slave Shop. Well. I received this information just tonight:

Vivek Wadhwa: Poisoning the Well for Profit.

Ah, my little sahib, I think it's time to refresh your memory as to why your 'detractors' rebut you so offten. Please look at this often enough until you get a sense of ethics or you see past the short term dollars:

[video from Google]

You see, we have a saying in my country, "Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas, My Little Sahib...

It's a couple days before Christmas, and my little sahib, Vivek Wadhwa is a bit distraught:

  1. Vivek_wadhwa_hi-res_normalvwadhwa To the anti-immigrants who are
    following me on Twitter (and harassing me):
    Please read this twice:
    1 day ago from TweetDeck

Of course the link leads to an uncredited Economist Op-Ed:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

George Carlin on 'Saving the Planet' and Climategate

George.. we really miss you and need your counsel now:

I can think of countless useless Boomers I'd trade just to bring back George for even ONE show. All the dead guys left this mortal coil with their wisdom... and we're left with the dreck.

Mentok out.

[This is a good thing to have on your iPod]

"Brain Droppings" (George Carlin)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Offshore Innovation Tuesday! MSFT China steals, Indians big up Eugenics

It's Offshore Innovation Tuesday! Because I said so. So what have our little friends offshore been 'innovating' as of late?

Well. Let's start with a bang:

Microsoft China steals (local Chinese service) Plurk’s code. This is epic, as Plurk itself looks like a bad knockoff of Twitter which in turn was 'inspired' by SMS / IRC / other short messaging services. But hey, that's innovation.

That's mah homies, the sporty thievin' Chinese, stealin' from each other.

Does Vivek Wadhwa write his own Stuff? PhD = 8th Grade?

Y'know, after reading ol' Vivek's meltdown in Techcrunch, it goe me to thinking. His writing, compared to all the copypasta that he circulates in the various rags is, well... juvenile. Seriously, maybe the reporters massage his quotes?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Uncle Walty Rantpuppet: Arrington's bad JooJoo

I swear, real Uncle Walty? You can just retire now. Seriously. Uncle Walty Rantpuppet was absolutely GOLD today, talkin' up Fraudwa's protogé Chandra Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra...racist like that. A-mazing.

"Doesn't feel too good, does it, Mike?"

"It tastes like 1,000,000 bloggers masturbating on your corpse."

GOLD, I say! Seriously Mikey. You get what you pay for, next time just use FOXCONN.

Mentok out.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Vivek Wadhwa: Immigrants: Is a US Brain Drain- not again, my little sahib

My little sahib, Vivek Wadhwa is once again spreading his gospel of wealth destruction "prosperity" this time to the Arab World.

Microsoft: Do not mention/use Apple products at our events

Ah, the bucket of stupid is being passed around. Guess what? Marketing people are retards. $MSFT aka 'Microslumdog' is no exception.

Dig this:

"While at a Windows Mobile 6.5 demonstration in Munich, Germany a journalist was warned by a Microsoft spokesman not to mention or use Apple products...since it was a Microsoft event the journalist had previously told everyone that he had never owned an easier to use cell phone than the iPhone."

[From Microsoft: Do not mention/use Apple products at our events | 9 to 5 Mac]

I'm so sure that this is true. Anyone knows that marketing people are total dildoes, especially when they do crap overseas.

Here's some clue, du blut Indische Curry Scheißekopfen.

"Letitia Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners" (Letitia Baldrige)

MacWorld flips off former darling Adobe, awards Eddy to a Bug Fix

The The 2009 Eddys are out, and there are NO ADOBE or Microsoft crApplications. None.

I'll spoil it for you. A Flash Blocker won a Eddy.

The winners??

Monday, December 07, 2009

Uncle Drunky's Hard-Knock Review for Monday, 12/07/2009!

Sorry kids, Uncle Drunky's Monday came on a Thursday. Oh well, let's travel back in time via blogger clock hacking. Undead deadline and all that-

EndH1B website threatened by On-Shore H1B Slave Shop Because if you're a slaveowner, the last thing you want is for the product to get uppity.

Climategate for Busy People: The Big Lie 2.0 in a NutshellYou can read this all in one page, now get back to work you little scallywags.

Slumdog Delusion Update: 'Apple: no choice but to enable Flash in 2010' Hardcore delusion from the company with the most hacked products of 2009, according to Forbes:

Uncle Walty Rantpuppet: Anti-Flash Crusader MUST BE STOPPED. If you say so, Uncle Walty RANTPUPPET. Crikey, your Uncle Drunky is in love with a sock.

Deluded "Senator" Boxer thinks "UK" is "USA" - Leaked emails are 'crime' Invade the UK naow! Revenge for the Beatles! Moar Boomer delusion. Boxer NEEDS a sock.

Oh Noez! Adobe's Little Johnny will be Tracked! Little Johnny Dowdell needs classes on teh Internets. UPDATE: He's now carping about the iPhone and turned his comments off. Oh will that's what trackbacks are for, John-John.

Michael Lind: Real Unemployment in US is Twice Official Figure [UPDATE] Uh, duh.

FOAMY: Prophet of Climategate [NSFW] [HUMOR] Special thanks to the Angry Mac Bastards for re-introducing me to the Foamy One. Foamy for Prez in 2012~!

Xenophobes are from Mars, Slumdogs are from Venus Even Vivek Wadhwa needs love from his favorite fans "the Xenophobes." Sounds like a rock band!

Eels! "Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either... " Sounds like the tech. All of it.

Apple Bans People's Republic of China Developer, 1000+ Apps Pulled Not to be put off by Pakistan, China ups the ante on iPhone App shystery.

It was a week. Or so.

Mentok out.

Apple Bans People's Republic of China Developer, 1000+ Apps Pulled

Y'know, I was going to take a break today, but the world, it just keeps turning. And 'innovation' marches on, as my comment in BollyCrunch attests:


Ah, big, slightly pale green Drunky.Love for the Hitcher:

Love the Boosh. They always put me in the right frame of mind whist killing a bottle of... that would be telling.

Green Fairy?

Mentok out.

PS. Seems the fine folks over at Adult Swim have a iPhone Game: Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition. It's... free! Enjoy.

"The Mighty Boosh Special Edition DVD (Seasons 1-3)" (BBC Warner)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

FOAMY: Prophet of Climategate [NSFW] [HUMOR]

Foamy the Squirrel is my shepard, I shall not want. He lectureth me on Greenies of Climategate, he leadeth me to rib splitting lulz that maketh me fall from my chair:

Surely lulz and sarcasm shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of Foamy forever.

My cup runneth over.

Mentok out.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Michael Lind: Real Unemployment in US is Twice Official Figure [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Wow, real content at Techcrunch. Be prepared to laugh & cry as Mint Explains Why The Real Unemployment Rate Is 17.2 Percent (video)]

For those of you who wonder why I have taken up the Way of the Bottle(sm), here's one data point I've known about for quite some time, a slap awake to most of you youngs:

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Oh Noez! Adobe's Little Johnny will be Tracked!

Probably the most bum-clusterfcuked "blog" on my reading list maps to the domain

I shudder. Shudder! When I associate the 'b' word with corporate sites.

Deluded "Senator" Boxer thinks "UK" is "USA" - Leaked emails are 'crime'

This has to be the most demented Boomer delusion at taxpayers' expense that I have read yet. But this is so typical of the druggy hippy Boomsta' liberals that infest the Bay Area of California.

Kudos to and courtesy of the StoneHeads ( 頑固者 )blog:

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Uncle Walty Rantpuppet: Anti-Flash Crusader MUST BE STOPPED

If there's one thing funnier than me going off on the cargo cult that is Flash, it's watching the Uncle Walty RantPuppet doing me one better. I bow to the superior intellect that is Uncle Walty RantPuppet:

He's probably talking about remarks from one ex-Engadget dude Ryan Block:

  1. Ryan Blockryanblock Flash's pervasiveness is a legacy web
    symptom: we need to move towards new, open web standards, and away from--not further towards
  2. Ryan Blockryanblock Funny seeing Adobe get petty about Flash on the iPhone. Maybe if Flash wasn't so godawful it wouldn't
    be so hard to justify its inclusion.

Now ask yourself why Adobe's getting all desperate and blustery over one little handset.


Mentok out.

Slumdog Delusion Update: 'Apple: no choice but to enable Flash in 2010'

Today's piece of slumdog delusion comes from over the pond, where big corporations have 'briefings' with natives further away so's not to disturb the locals. Ah, but with Twit-tah, EVERYTHING is local. To whit:

At an adobe briefing - they seriously think apple will have no choice but to enable flash on the iPhone by the end of 2010. Hah! We will see

[From Alex Waddell (alexwaddell) on Twitter]

Oh, but wait. It gets better...

Climategate for Busy People: The Big Lie 2.0 in a Nutshell

Kudos to the original NYT commenter who not only summarized but annotated by document number the ongoing 'Big Lie 2.0' that is Climategate. Kudos also to sayanythingblog for posting this, especially the last entry of the post:

Jones tells Mann that he is sending station data. Says that if McIntyre requests it under FoI he will delete it rather than hand it over. Says he will hide behind data protection laws. Says Rutherford screwed up big time by creating an FTP directory for Osborn. Says Wigley worried he will have to release his model code. Also discuss AR4 draft. Mann says paleoclimate chapter will be contentious but that the author team has the right personalities to deal with sceptics.(1107454306)

[From Catch Up on the IPCC AGW Fraud - Say Anything: Reader Blogs Mobile]

Don't worry, there are no spoilers here.

If you read nothing else about Climategate read this summary.

Mentok out.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

EndH1B website threatened by On-Shore H1B Slave Shop

Seems that Indian H1B 'Bodyshops' & their thug owners don't understand blogs or 1st Amendment rights -- because a small slaveholder out of New Joi-sy is pickling off form letters to our friends over at