Monday, November 16, 2009

Tour d' Gaffe update: Obama Pushes for Internet "Freedom" in China

And Barry's Tour d' Gaffe continues:

One questioner suggested Americans and Chinese have different cultures and that the U.S. should not impose its views on China. Mr. Obama responded that the U.S. believes "there are certain fundamental principles that are common to all people regardless of culture."

...way to channel the stupid Bush of the family, Barry. You're not even in that family. That we know of. Unfortunately the Great Firewall of China doesn't go the other way and we have to groan through this Dubya 2.0 tripe. Who's hittin' my firewall every night? It ain't fly-girl Sarah Lacey on a donkey with her H1B-boy, Vivek. Nope, it's mah homeboyez da Mainland Chineeeze, doin' stuff like this.

I guess we shouldn't tell him that the Chinese have hackers like the Honker Union and KOM-PYUU-TORS. Internet freedom? The Chinese can torrent US TV and porn without geting sued, and that's all that matters. Seriously. No. Fucking. DMCA. No ACTA. No 'freedom' thanks you very much, bignose.

At one point, a young woman from Shanghai International Studies University, reading a question she said came from a Taiwanese businessman off the Internet, suggested Taiwanese oppose arms sales to their island.

"When I heard the news that some people in America would like to continue selling arms and weapons to Taiwan, I begin to get pretty worried," the Internet questioner was quoted as saying.

Mr. Obama responded by praising warming relations between Taiwan and the People's Republic of China and reaffirming the U.S. commitment to a one-China policy.

[From Obama Pushes for Internet Freedom in China -]

...and way to get back on script, Mr. President.  I don't know how the Illuminati and the NWO feel that they can use this droid.

Oh well, no one world government in my lifetime if this is what we can expect from President BlackBush(sm).

On the bright side, it's evening now in NE Asia, so I don't think there's any more damage ol'Barry can do now. Le *sigh*.

"China (Culture Shock!)" (Iris Wong Po-Yee, Kevin Sinclair)

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