Sunday, November 01, 2009

How Japan handles Immigrants: Go Home Now

If you want to see how the shit's gonna go down in the USA, consult their smarter little brotha of the Pacific Rim, Japan. So how is Japan handling their unemployment problem?

In short: Giving their 'immigrant populations' a stipend and sending them home. Forever. Whether they speak 'their native language' or not. And their 'born there' family members too:

The money isn't the problem, the Brazilians say; it's the fact that they will not be allowed to return until economic and employment conditions improve — whenever that may be. "When Nikkei go back and can't return, for us that's discrimination," says Freitas, who has lived in Japan with his family for 12 years. (See pictures of Japan and the world.)

[From Japan to Immigrants: Thanks, But You Can Go Home Now - TIME]

Now since I've spent some time with those freaky little folks, lemme impart some wisdom:

'Whenever that may be' to a Japanese, or any other NE Asian usually means ... wait for it... 'never'. Just like when they say 'Yes' it's 'Yes I understand you' or even 'Yes, you are a very noisy asshole' but not the 'Yes' you were looking for. Even in their own tongue.

The Japanese really don't give a shit about 'racism' or 'discrimination'. Even Among their own. Ask a Japanese what 'Burakumin' means. Consequently, Japanese have very thick skins, unlike most of the foreigners who come to their soil. If you don't like that, tough shit.

The whole thing about 'Japanese need immigrants for their employment problem' is trash. EVERYONE in Japan works. I've seen wrinkled old grand-dads manning the ticket gates at rural train stations when I wanted to go have a soak at a nearby hot spring.

The Japanese innovate ALL OF THEIR TECH without Indian help. Actually, the Chinese are their slumdogs, and they are used sparingly. And by 'sparingly' I mean, 'the way Apple & Google use offshore assets.'

And did you notice that the Japanese don't suffer fools? Well, okay, on TV, in a comedy show, but other than that?

So the real question is, when it really hits the fan, do you think the Boomer & older DC politicians are going to handle this any better than the Japanese?

The fact of the matter is that every other country in the world expels immigrants in this way when the shit goes down.

But no, our DC politicians are still breakin out the Vaseline....

[Since it's Halloween]

"In Ghostly Japan - Lafcadio Hearn" (Lafcadio Hearn)

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Vivek said...

You scoped Japan 100% on. They don't take jack from immigrants and they pride themselves on their nationalism and racism - something we Americans should learn from them.

To sum up the diff between Japan's and America's approach to dealing with India, just check out these two photos:


Did I mention the South Koreans' attitude towards Americans?