Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dear Apple: Remove Flash from MacOS X Software Update

I have a homework assignment for all interested readers of my blog: Don't send me any money, don't do anything other than this:

Go to Apple's Feedback page for OSX, and write something like the following:

SUBJECT: Please Remove Flash from Software Update

"Dear Apple,

Thank you so much for keeping Flash off the iPhone. Now please do the same for Snow Leopard. You don't bundle Silverlight, do you? On that basis please consider stripping Flash from any MacOS X updates as Adobe cannot get Flash right on MacOS X.

If there is any future legal proceedings over this please feel free to use this correspondence.

Sincerely, <concerned end user>"

Consider the following:

Apple, of course, might run into problems if they yank Flash from the MacOS or from Quicktime. But if enough users write in to 'feedback' then they will take heed.

Personally? I consider Flash a cancer. It's a crappy container designed only to lock content away from being searchable. Most folks ONLY use it for crappy video. It doesn't crash on my Mac because I use Flash & script blockers, but there are others who roundly curse it daily.

H.264 in a <video> tag is so much better. Why even put a crapper *cough* wrapper around it?

Remember when folks used to suffer thru RealVideo, On2VP and the like? That's where Flash needs to go. Destination: footnote in history.

Seriously folks. Mail Apple. Mail Microsoft. Rid the 'net of this cancer by getting the OS vendors to not distribute this garbage...

Mentok out.

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