Thursday, February 25, 2010

Info Warfare 101, the Drunky Way. Cyber BS Not Included.

As some of you know, CNN did that dumb roundtable I call CyberBullshitStorm a couple days ago, filled with that incompetent Chertoff and a bunch of other Katrina failures. FINE. Once again, Drunky must school hippies.

It is the near future. Uncle Steve Jobs, before being put in a 'Bloom Box' is the POTUS. He has TWO PHONES on his desk. One is the HOTLINE. The other is an ORANGE PHONE labelled 'Upstream ISPs'. With this system Uncle Steve can solve ANY 'overseas botnet DOS' in like 15 minutes of time. How?

Simple. Blocklisting entire countries. Seriously, there are sites out there what offer blocklists in any format you want. Personally, I block India. ALL OF INDIA. It's trivially easy. And as the bulk of net traffic still routes thru the USA, this is a valid threat. I mean seriously, visit country ip blocks if you don't believe me.

Here's a typical scenario:

1/ CyberBullshitStorm attack starts. SysAdms quickly figure out where the originating countries are by ip block. They don't even have to be exact, as that's the responsibility of the offending countries.

2/ Orange Phone rings. POTUS appraised, thinks to himself, 'Da Fuck?' POTUS puts upstreams on hold or leaves them on intercom to listen in for kicks.

3/ POTUS puts offending countries on the HOTLINE and tells them something to the effect of 'You muthafuckas have 10 minutes to cut this shit out or you get put on the national blocklist for 2 or more weeks'. No email. No web. None of our high quality porn. Suck it!

4/ ChingChong tinpot on the other end doesn't believe him. POTUS gives the upstreams on the ORANGE PHONE the 4 offending two letter dom country codes for this scenario: India, Russia, Venezuela, China. All of a sudden, no more Youtube, bitches. No more TOR to those blocks. No. More. Because the upstreams control the traffic. Congratulations.

Your country just became the world's largest Windows file sharing server, and you can circle-jerk each other for 2 weeks.

5/ Lather Rinse Repeat until it sinks in. It sinks in. QUICKLY. Chingchong Dictator visits whelp BotHerder and gives him 2 to the cranium and charges his family. END OF STORY.

Total time used: about 30-45 minutes.

Q. E. Fcukin' D. And if you think that upstreams don't cut off infected 'customers' and whole countries during a worm spread then you don't know how teh internets work. NO PERMISSION REQUIRED to defend your network. Fsck'em.

And this, dear children is why when Boomers get all up in Uncle Drunky's grill like they 'invented the Internets' I wanna shove them in a Bloom Box.

Bloom Boxes are built of Boomer Biomass. Soylent Green for the now.

Drunky out.

Happy 55th Birthday Uncle Steve. You Mean SOB.

So. Recently I heard that Uncle Steve turned 55 years 'young' as the Boomers like to consider themselves.

So I guess I get to kill another bottle for YA-Boomer who I have some modicum of respect for.

So, Uncle Steve, here's to you for:

  • Keeping my iPhone relatively bug-free.
  • In fact, thanks you for embracing HTML5 over shitty browser plugins and their lazy mostly offshore-anyway vendors.
  • Pissing off all the wannabes & freetards by banning pr0n in the AppStore.
  • Not outsourcing every single job to the bumfuck 3rd world like those other guys with their shitty browser plugins and big talk.
  • And when you do, walking the walk and manning up with the local thugs there. E tu Foxconn? What's a beat up reporter and a balcony dive between friends?
  • But iTMS Support in India? What's up with that? The Chinese can copy and paste just as well.
  • And, it seems, Aperture Development & Test. Since when did Aperture get as shitty as 'lazy' Photoshop?

Nobody's perfect. Not even Uncle Steve. I guess battling .500 is the Amelickan standard now.

Just remember kids, the bad seeds never die. And if anyone's gonna pay to have himself stuck in a vat living on forever as an AI ala Wintermute the only guy with enough gall & ego to do that is, c'est Uncle Steve Jobs.

And to Uncle Steve: I advise you to lay off the Indians and stick with Chinese quality. At least they have some. Especially when you're shopping for that special oversize vat- because we want you to stick around-- not end up like any Toyota made after 2005. In fact, I've found the perfect container, that 'Bloom Energy' thing, just think, the pure evil that you generate would pay for itself and you could remain 'hands on' over at the mothership while powering it -- at the same time!

Amelicka needs more mean sons o' bitches like YOU! Preferably IMMORTAL.

Mentok out.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

In Memory of Joe Stack.

Not much more to say than what I said here:

GI Joe Stack did what ANY Engineer put in a corner WOULD. He focused on HIS problem and made HIS point. In my book I can empathize with his plight, and his point is well taken. If anything he raised the awareness of how desperate NORMAL people have become, and how little our minders *cough* sorry, our *government* holds us in any regard.

Tonight I intend to kill a bottle in the memory of Joe Stack. You can do whatever you want. It’s still a free country, right??

[From Stack’s Company Web Site Traces Path From CA To Austin | TPMMuckraker]

There are two things I'm VERY sure of, having known the silent type of engineers like Joe Stack -- you know, the guys who work long hours into the night, making sure your software and internets work, only to be cast off later in life:

He had exhausted all other options, and it was obvious that he thought this was the only way out. His writing in the letter is VERY concise and to the point as to what ailed him and why. PAY ATTENTION.

My sympathy is with his family.

Mentok out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Screw with those Smug Apple Hippies via

I know, I know, Drunky, you're just a Flash hate-uh who loves Apple too much. Right? WRONG. I can make Apple look all kinds'a bad. And you can too. WARNING: This is like futzing with HKEYS on Windows. If you don't know what I'm talking about or have never been in DOS then stop here. Read and understand that, but feel free to use this on Boomers. They deserve this kind of grief.

Now pay attention:

So, you have this dumb hippy friend who's all smug with his Mac, tells you that it never gets viruses, and that it's the PERFECT machine, right? It just whizzes along with loads of uptime and never has any glitches, right? WRONG. Heah comes da glitches, bitches! Let's mess with his core OS skin...

When he's not looking, come to this blog. Open a little program called '' from /Applications/Utilities, and in a term session paste in the following lines, one at a time, hitting return after each 'NO'--

defaults write -g AppleUseCoreUI -bool NO
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSUseLeopardWindowValues NO

Quit Terminal, and to finish the joke, quickly go to the Apple menu and choose 'Log out...' or Shift-Command-Q. Then look all shruggy when he comes back.... You MUST logout or the joke will be delayed. Okay, if you're really mean, walk away then.. No, really, logout.

When your mark logs back his interface will be borked up. You've just turned off his 'Vista' into the Mac version of XP. Fuzzed up (Explorer.exe), gaudy Metal UI from like, 5 years ago. Because you just turned the 'new core & application window interfaces to.. OFF.

You should be hearing him go WTF? by now. Let him get all anxious but don't let him leave. Yet. Be entertained for like... 30min or so. Like Dude, what happened to your Mac? The windows look like 2001 or something, eh?

Until you do something, he's screwed. Reinstalling the Snow Leopard, the new OS won't work because it's a global setting that isn't easily trashed in the GUI, because the file is invisible. (Unix folks, it's a dot-file). Trashing 'normal preference files' won't work either. So. Now that your hippy friend is good and scared, tell him you can go into his 'DOS' and fix it.

Then open up again, come back to this blog and copy/paste, each of these, hitting <return> after each 'YES'--

defaults write -g AppleUseCoreUI -bool YES
defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSUseLeopardWindowValues YES

And do the logout/login watusi again and turn all that fairy dust chrome back to ON. This shouldn't mess up his system, but hey, you're the one pulling the bad practical joke.

Not mah fault, I can only show you the door, you're the jackass who gets to go in.

Hat tip to Blacktree Secrets, something I won't even link to because it's too dangerous for you little cretins.

In this GLORIOUS morning. And another reason why your Mum will be better off with a locked-down iPad in what? 60 days?

Drunky out.

"Switching to a Mac For Dummies" (Arnold Reinhold)

How Stupid is the Mainstream Media? Pedobear Olympic Stupid.

Since it's staffed with burned out hippies & cretins who Twitter and Facebook all day, pretty stupid.

Don't think so? Then WHY are a number of major news outlets reporting that PEDOBEAR (of 4-chan fame) is an Olympic mascot?? Don't believe me?? Here is an excerpt from No Agenda, Adam Curry & John C Dvorak's podcast show--

This is seriously the FUNNIEST thing I've heard about all week. Hat tip to catatonicanimal at the NoAgenda forums for making this Youtube file that sums up the whole fiasco.

Just remember kids, this is all the MSM *does*. Explicate teh wurld to j00. Badly. In the morning.

Drunky out.

"I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (Tucker Max)

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Computer Engineer" Action Figures for the New Millenium

So. Now that Mattel basically understand that by demographics Barbie is neither white nor male, who are her 'Friends' - and by that I mean 'economic clients and competition'? First, to review:

"Computer Engineer Bâ Bí" - Trendy, Asian, Female. Covered most extensively in mah last blog post. Competes with, is better at stealing I.P. on the job, and is more competent than:

"Computer Engineer Vivek" - No, not that other guy, the name Vivek is like 'John Smith' in the homeland. Clothes: Wrinkly suit & tie, worn every day, impossibly white shirt, flip-flops or falling apart leather sandals worn to the office. Accessories: Beat-up old Thinkpad, Keychain full of small, beat up USB Thumb Drives labelled "Network Security Resumes" "SAP Specialist Resumes" "Software Engineering Resumes" and finally "Copy/Pasties from DICE"; key to apartment shared with 15 other Viveks. Unlike Bâ Bí, seems to have no skill with any computer software other than Windows XP, Frontpage, or Office. Keeps trying to 'learn Flash' because there's rupees in that.

"Corrupt NJ Judge Whopper" - He hates teh internets and eats at McDonalds. Accessories include greasy robe, slippery gavel, and penchant for injunctions against abstract things. Like 'blogs'. Shares bar tabs with his friend..

"Desi Bodyshop Overseer Ram / Ricky" - Cheap sunglasses, South Asian slave-labor contracts, and a stack of Passports ('bonded' from H1Bs). Also comes with "The New American Dictionary of Baby Names" for those occasional pesky calls from locals looking for a legitimate job.

"Mumbai Donald" - As in the last blog poste, former boyfriend to Bâ Bí above, taught her English, then dumped. Puffy resume, even puffier logic, white, old, Liberal, Boomer with a suitcase full of rupees from NASSCOM. Central themes: 'How soon to sell out is now?' or 'The Chinese are evil, so what I'm doing is okay.'

"Berkeley Professor Mader" - Or , "Doc Chod" for short, he's a slippery 'research fellow' and 'guest professor' of a number of Universities. But seriously. UC Berkeley will let anyone in, as long as they're not too pale. He shares the same penchant for having thumbdrives full of the copypasta of others, only these are labelled 'Academic Kudos', 'Consultancies', and the largest one 'Research Papers' which should be put in double double quotes. Always a 'guest blogger', never a perm, not even at the blog of the next wooden head:

"Sad Mikey" - Self styled 'Venture Capitalist', actually trust fund baby from the 'bay, boned by a Tamil who renamed & then ran with his idea for vaporous hardware that used to sound like 'munch-sad'. The new vapors now sound like 'Poo-Poo', available real soon, say, before your next bowel movement.

The last three (in)action figures, being male all have 'kung-fu grip'.. but only to the optional 'blogger keyboard' accessory. And remember, you can use these molds for like, 25 years because these pieces of plastic are never going away.

Greetings for the day!!

Mentok out.

"Barbie My Favorite Career Vintage Miss Astronaut Barbie Doll" (Mattel)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Mattel: Re Computer Engineer Barbie? You're Doing it Wrong

So. Mattel finally gets around to making a geek Barbie: Nothing could be further from reality than this:

Since we all know that once Mattel makes a toy the spec doesn't change for 25 years, they might as well get it right. So here's my spec for 'Computer Engineer Barbie':

1/ Chop 1/3 of the height, because 'Geek Barbie' is born in Shanghai, China. B-Cup size, and can 'squirt' (to piss off the Aussies) when squeezed. You could add a shrill stream of random Mandarin Chinese but that might raise the price.

2/ Accessories & Clothing: Seriously lose the handbag, she's got a trendy little mini-backpack filled with: Netbook that dual boots 'Red Flag Linux' & a bootleg version of Windows 7 with CygWin; USB thumb drive chock full of filched source code from Google & Microsoft, 'Little Red Book', all access ID badge for those night-time forays into machine rooms to "gin up" syslogs; clothing is Asian business sexay (see DVD below).

3/ Clothing #1: Cute little 'Chairman Mao' ensemble, functional 'Little Red Book'. Worn when the party officials come around wondering how the spying's going. Two "paid for" bullets (one for Mom, one for Dad) to remind her of who she really works for. Right front pocket. Left front pocket is filled with Chinese yuan (valueless outside China, used to bribe various officials).

4/ Clothing #2: "Shanghai Clubkid Ensemble", kind of a combo of Japanese cosplay schoolgirl with a taste of Shanghai, seeing as it's the PRC's version of Las Vegas. Worn when she has to wine & dine the dumb Westerners who come around asking if she's still 'on milestone'. Accessories: Cat ears, glasses, iPhone prototype (from dead boyfriend), all in a Louis Vuitton handbag (knockoff).

5/ Clothing #3: "Pajamas & Flip-Flops" for off days around town.

Finally, Computer Engineer Barbie (Ba2 Xie3?) doesn't travel very well. Give her a few years though, and then you can roll out 'silly Amelickan Expat' wear (the current clothes line + pajamas + flip-flops) as well as an H1B VISA accessory to compliment the 'Little Red Book.'

Finally, there's NO KEN. But there is a 'Donald', aka monolingual 'Former English teacher from the old country'. She leaves Donald for a much older white guy, Don goes on to write Anti-Chinese propaganda for NASSCOM.

Seriously Mattel. Get with the program. "Computer Engineers" are neither white, nor male, and haven't been since about the year 2000 . Everyone knows that.

Here's the perfect template if you need a model. Yeah, this 'action figure' is Japanese, but slap a jade bracelet on-- I mean really, who (in the West) knows the difference anyway?

Mentok out.

[Here's your 'Barbie' right here: NSFW]

"スチュワーデスin...(脅迫スイートルーム) Cabin Attendant Saki(24)大塚咲 [DVD]" (ドリームチケット)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Toyota: 3rd World Suppliers = 3rd World Quality = Lost Customers

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Japan, Inc. use to mean QUALITY. Parts and assemblies USED to be rigorously tested. Even 'edge tested', for those who know what that means.

Defective parts were not tolerated, they were replaced. "The customer is God." Remember that?

As soon as I heard the lame excuses about 'weak springs' and 'shimming the assemblies' I knew that Toyota had given up on the quality standards that made Japan so formidable in the 90s; that they had acquiesced to the Indian slapdash shoddiness of 'Jugaad':

"Toyota has a very close tie with its hand-picked suppliers. It's like a parent in a big family and the children actually depends on Toyota for a living," said Kevin Chen, president of, a major Chinese B2B auto parts trading platform.

"If Toyota gets the flu, its suppliers will also be sneezing."

International supply companies were most at risk, said Tatsuya Mizuno, President of Mizuno Credit Advisory.

"Of course, there will be negative implications. But if the company recognizes that this problem was caused because of international parts-suppliers, then it's conceivable that they could switch to Japanese parts-suppliers," he told financial television service, Reuters Insider.

India's Amtek Auto, which supplies some parts to Toyota in the United States, did not expect a major impact from the shutdown there.

"Our exposure to the U.S. has already come down by 50 to 60 percent in the last one year due to the slowdown and recession," said Finance Director Santosh Singhi. "Toyota recalls have been happening over a period of time so we have been prepared for shut-downs."

[From WRAPUP 2-US Congress probes Toyota recalls as impact spreads]

In other words, our 3rd world friends were prepared for such blowback and took it into consideration. At least the Indians were, because they always seem to disappoint in situations like this. The Chinese suppliers? Good question.

Anyway Toyota's now going to be out $250 mil at the very least on warranty costs alone. And you get to know your Toyota Dealer. Fun!

Again. Consumers. YOU GET what THEY PAY FOR. And even the 'perfect Japanese' aren't above skimping on quality now. And this US Consumer gets it:

"I know in the next year or so, I am going to have to look at buying another car, and I am likely to buy used," said one reader of The Consumerist calling themselves theblackdog. "I don't think I could trust buying a used Toyota that was manufactured in 2005 or later, so I guess I will be scratching Toyota off of my list to look at."

[From WRAPUP 2-US Congress probes Toyota recalls as impact spreads] other words, try to buy a car that was made in a year when "Japanese quality" was not the joke it is now.

All of you 'Horse Deer' at Toyota. Shame on you. Bang your heads on the tatami until you get bamboo splinters. And NEVER do this again.

Mentok out

[Seems like a bygone era, eh?]

"Dr. Deming: The American Who Taught the Japanese About Quality" (Rafael Aguayo)

The End of Influence: What Happens [UC Berkeley Prof gets an Advance]

So, Alternet posts this article Stephen S Cohen (who? Oh, another yob from UC Berkeley like Vivek Wadhwa) about how we're giving away our ducat to the 3rd world, basically China & India. Talk about painfully obvious; I just had to comment:

I humbly recommend the Drunky Doctrine, since the Neo-(Whoever.Boomers) are out of ideas:

Simple. The Boomers are trying to mess with China by beefing up India. Old, tired coldwar idea.

We need to go Protectionist like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY and then move from there.

Dismantle the whole ’ship everything, including our $$$$ off to China and India’.

Impose tariffs not only on Imports, but imported students and labor. BIG tariffs.

Why aren’t we cashing in? Because the Neo Cons and Libs are MORONS.

We don’t have a ’Bankster’ problem. We have a ’Boomster’ problem. Basically a generation that spurned their parents and eat their young. They are a cancer on our society.

[Comment on The End of Influence: What Happens When Other Countries Have America's Money | World | AlterNet]

We wouldn't have this problem if more of the money supply STAYED INSIDE THE COUNTRY. When did balance of trade go out the window for these yobs?

There. Now you don't have to read that stuffy tenured-professor tome. In fact, don't even kill the tree for this, I'm sure it'll show up in Google Docs or be a PDF in your Trashcan, really really soonish. Seriously:

Get our kids into the pipeline, and start double and triple charging foreigners for our knowledge. That should give the Universities enough money unless the faculty or volleyball team gets into a sexual harassment lawsuit and has to pay hush-hush. Think that won't happen at any Uni? There's a little site called 'texting while intoxicated' l'd like to show you. Hah.

Furthermore, war is inevitably coming. We need to choose the winning horse, that is, China. And cut a deal. As Cohen mentions offhandedly, we're into China bigtime-- how do you erase that kind of debt?

Either cut a deal with the lender or destroy them. It works ALL THE TIME. Just look at the last 200 years of our country and what we did inside our borders and out. China still can't project power much beyond theirs. We can change that either way. Having them as a partner and an ally is less painful. And they know it.

Anyway, Powell's writeup is actually less of a yawner than Alternet's excerpt of the tome itself.

I wonder if the Neo-Libs of Alternet will take this to heart? I'm thinking... no, because they're still hung up on the woof-woof of Red versus Blue, demonizing anyone remotely conservative, neo or no. This ONE article was like a rare breath of fresher than stale air.

The tedious red v blue thing is a tired football's time to play another game entirely.

Drunky out.

[Not that you'd actually read it.. but here it is]

"The End of Influence: What Happens When Other Countries Have the Money" (J. Bradford DeLong, Stephen S. Cohen)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just for the Boomers (from SFBay Craigslist)

This pretty much epitomizes why the Boomers (in the United States, chickenhawks, outsourcers, communists all) will not be remembered fondly:

Just for the Boomers:

Date: 2010-02-10, 4:09PM PST
Reply To This Post


your parents
your children
your grandchildren

[From Just for the Boomers:]

Other than adding, 'and the forsaking of your own young for overseas slave labor' --I couldn't have said it better myself.

Drunky out.

New Adam Curtis: "We're all Richard Nixon"

In the morning to you, kids...Uncle Drunky's been dipping into other people's media... fresh from Charlie Brooker's Newswipe Season 2, Ep 4, the UK TV show, comes this little gem from Adam Curtis, the BBC's senior current affairs geek, aka 'has all the keys to the BBC's film cans in the basement':

I really agree with him. Our politicians on either side of the ocean have been doing a good job of 'fearing us up'...making us compliant to whatever agenda or war they'd like us to fight today, whatever 2 inch fish we have to protect, whatever industry we have to sacrifice to the 3rd world... so...of COURSE this is the outcome. Suspicion, paranoia, malaise. Basically Jimmy Carter 2.0.

We're living back in the latter 70s. As designed. I don't remember much of it due to my age other than it SUCKED. But I guess it's what the Boomers (of the newly-communized USSA) want. The palace intrigue, horse trading, corruption and absurd crisis of the likes of the 'crotch bomber.' Bailouts. TARP.

It probably doesn't help that they baked their brains in the early 70s with acid and THC. I guess it's like home to them, depriving their children of their birthright, instead selling it down the road to the 3rd world as a 'bulwark against the inevitable'.. where are the new ideas?

Too bad Richard Nixon, no spoiled child Boomer by any account, was stigmatized for Watergate. His oftimes paranoid mentality was just what we needed in order to deal with the Chinese. Which we will have to. Again.

Seriously kids. Get into overseas media, and learn another language, preferably Chinese, if you want any truth. And learn to chase stuff like this DOWN.

The MSM in the USSA totally sucks the donkey 'nads.

Drunky out.

[There are a LOT of 'private DVDs' floating around Amazon due to no official distro from the BBC. Go to instead, search for 'Adam Curtis']

"The Power of Nightmares (ADAM CURTIS)"

John Safran vs God: Totally Fucking Awesome.

This is why we torrent boyz n girlz... because USSA TV... totally BITES. Compared to this - This is from 'John Safran versus God'.. from our friends down under:

Take a gander at the first 10min of ep 1. This kid's goin' to hell. Dawkins bless'em.

Dear Australia, you're totally messed in the head. But we loves your TV.

And John.. it's not like we have a choice, Amelickan TV is like... total dogpoop, made by baked out hasbeen hippies for baked out hasbeen hippies.

Seriously, GenXYZ kids. Go. Find. This.

Drunky out.

"John Safran vs God (Two Disc Collectors Edition)" (SBS Independent [au])

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Drunky Doctrine: How to Clean Up the Boomster / India Problem

Y'know, your Uncle Drunky gets tired of the Boomsters and their 'it's your mess now, GenXYZ, clean it up and let me retire' BS. Retire from what? The offshoring of the USA? Your perpetual wars you expect us to fight? Your impending but never happening 'retirement'?

Basically, we need to clean house and start with the Boomsters, the cancer of our country. You think tha Banksters are the problem? Who are they? Boomers. The bad seed, as my father would say. With 'friends' like Mumbai Don Tenant and demented Carly 'red eye' Fiorina, who needs enemies?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Meet Bill Gates: Self hating Boomer Racist Son of a Bitch

I always crack a smile when folks call me 'Xenophobe'.. because I know that even if I was competing in that tired contest, I'd be in the bush leagues compared to this Boomer twat and his Neo-Lib elitist ilk:

Bill Gates has made his scholarship fund off limits to white teenagers. The Gates Millennium Scholarship fund is financed by a $1 Billion endowment Bill Gates made in 1999. The fund explicitly denies eligibility to white students.

[From Bill Gates: White kids not eligible for my scholarships | National Policy Institute]

Called it! Google has a Chinese Staff Problem

Hah. Well, DUH. Google has a China problem. And it's OBVIOUSLY the staff. Why else would you close an office? Or threaten to do so? To 'not be evil?' Yeah, riiiiiiiight.

Google China hacks 'a possible inside job' - Telegraph

Google China insiders may have helped with attack | InSecurity

Google investigating own workers for China cyber attack

..and finally, sad Mikey Arrington's buh-log can't even ignore it.

Google China Employees Given Holiday Leave, Networks Being Scrutinized

Seriously kids, go back and read my whole thing on China v. India v. Japan, Inc. Read it, understand it, live it, and realize that your Uncle Drunky has dealt with these folks before, & will not candyass you. These folks, especially the Chinese are *not messing around*.

You can jibba jabba about IP addresses, attack vectors, syslogs, and all that, but it's obvious. If uid 0 is a Chicom Cadre, he can gin anything up on any machine that's needed. Also, investigations that extend to other countries and jurisdictions are sloooooow. And don't you think the 'hackers' understood that??

To any homies I have at Google: You guys should KNOW BETTER. You guys wield the systems and secrets of that generate the GDP of a small country. YOU ARE A SMALL COUNTRY. Multinational is a BS term.

Shanghai was an Embassy. Are you surprised that the help was spying on you?

You guys NEED to conduct yourselves like a country, seeing as you have the moxy of a small one. Say, Bahrain. Maybe you need to do a Monacco and hire some spooks like ERINGER.

I vigilantly remain, yours,

-Uncle Drunky

"Practical Unix & Internet Security, 3rd Edition" (Simson Garfinkel, Gene Spafford PH.D., Alan Schwartz PH.D.)