Sunday, August 30, 2009

What changed?

So, in the almost two years since I touched this blog last, 'what changed'?

  • I'm retired from my previous life as a support / test geek. Smug in the fact that they replaced me with 40 Indians, all of whom don't know shit. Now I can 'Consult'.
  • There were 5 Chinese on the new team. Watch out for the Chinese, they really want to move forward. Can't say that for the South Asians.
  • I live on the coast now. Yes there are even problems on the coast, but not like Tijuana Norte.
  • I'm probably getting ready to head back overseas. I can barely stand it here in the USSA. aka Wal-Mart Boomerized Superjail States of Amerika.
  • I still bittorrent a lot of overseas media. They seem to be better informed than the Faux CNN sheeple in the USSA.
  • I've moved on to rail on the 'Most Deluded Generation', the Boomers. Here & here.
  • Enough to resurrect this blog.

So here's my viewing and reading list:

  • The War Nerd - Brecher is my favorite killjoy / bucket of cold water on the war porn that permeates the US MSM. And he's a Fresnan to boot, a braver man than I for living in that $hithole.
  • Adam Curtis - Snag. Every. Last. Docu. of his from bittorrent. Do it. Curtis is the master of unintended consequences. 'The Power of Nightmares' and 'Century of the Self' are must-sees if you really want an unflinching view of how the world works. Seriously, he gets interviews from the Rand Corporation & John Nash.
  • Niall Ferguson is also good in this respect. Youngs should see/read 'The War of the World' and 'The Ascent of Money' to see where we've been and where we're going....
  • Fred on Everything - Fred's an old military fart. Who knows some things about things.
  • Moon over Alabama - Now defunct, more overseas expat mil types.

Now that I have a choice, I run Macs and consult with poor sods who run Windows. Not that the Mac is perfect or anything, but it's close. The iPhone is another matter, a crippled insecure buggy POS. Unless you hack it yourself, then it becomes decent.

Reads here:

  • The Dell Mini9 OSX forums - Macs are great, but Cupertino won't make me a netbook for trips overseas.
  • iPhone Dev Team Blog - Along with 'Saurik' these are the guys who will help you secure your iPhone. It's not like the iPhone division at Apple cares about this.
  • i Phone Home - If you want to know how private your own data is on your iPhone.

Stay tuned. I'm sure that another Boomer calamity will happen that grinds my gears.

Crazy Kari Ferrell, an opportunity for Jandi Lin

And now for a topic near and dear to my blackened heart. Crazy, sometimes even homicidal Asian Girls.

This guy has been paying attention:

Kari Ferrell and Jandi Lin: Mainstream Op?

But he didn’t get my quote about Kari Ferrel from another Gawker story where I said (on 07/10/09):

Dude, this girl is limber enough to reach *all the way around* and *snap herself in the eye*. She’s on my shortlist. Those types of shorties don’t grow on trees.

They’ll probably put her in the SuperMax that I live near. Wonder if she’s still on OKCupid doing that vegan diet thing?

It’s not like she *killed* someone, *cough* [Ny Nourn case]

But seriously. How come all the *real* hottiez are either homicidal or criminally insane?

Shortiez of the world unite. America is such a boring place without you… and Miss Jandi, you should pounce on this. If not you then maybe ‘SazzyAzn‘ from Craigslist fame..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boomers & GOP to save Twitter. Film at 11.

More Boomer tripe. How can this person have a PhD? This has to be the most parochial piece of ignorance that I’ve read in a long time…

To which I answered:

Since I don’t know where to start with this bundle of misinformation that you’ve written, I’ll just right a couple wrongs:

1/ Script Kiddies are the bottom of the food chain. To call them hackers is to elevate peasants to generals. What brought down Twitter was a DDOS. Please go to Google and look that up. While you’re at it, look up ‘botnet’ because a score of script kiddies and their PCs is *not enough* to ‘fail whale’ twitter.

The reason your theory didn’t make it into the MSM is because it was patently WRONG.

2/ You also have a fundamental mis-understanding of the follow / tribe model in Twitter. You SEEM to think it’s Facebook, where ad-crap is constantly pushed to the user via ‘beaconing’ of their private info / preferences /etc.

But it’s not. If you don’t like the working girls, informerical, spammy stuff then UNFOLLOW it. Simple as that. That is why Twitter is stomping FaceBook into the ground.

There are no real tribes. Maybe I’d call it ‘transient, multi-threaded, mailist type, tribing. I ‘follow’ developers and bloggers that I read. If they become too chatty then I can unfollow in seconds.

I can click on a #hash to try out different threads of thought, but I’m not restricted in any way like I could be in Facebook.

Bottom line: Script Kiddies, those little pukes that double click on, but don’t make exe files did not bring down twitter. Your grandma, whose PC was ‘running slow that day’ along with a few other thousand PCs in a botnet *did*.

The originator of the event, a ‘bot herder’ probably in the Ukraine got paid handsomely, end of story.

You also have a fundamental mis-understanding of Twitter. Edu-macate yourself.

Finally, if you really want to see ‘hackers’ in action then check out what has been done to SECURE the iPhone. Google ‘Jailbreaking’. That’s where the real hacking scene is at.

Finally finally, the old saying is that ‘the net sees {x} as cancer and routes around it.’ That applies to crackers, botnets, and Boomer idiocy like the DMCA. That Twitter went down is more a testament to their *lack* of preparedness. Which they seem to have rectified.

That 8% of the US population lives in such ignorance *and* dictates US policy at home and abroad should give anyone — but a Boomer — pause. The Boomer too busy looking in the mirror asking themselves if they’re still the pretty one.

And now here's something I like, that you might too. An old that I respect, someone who passed too soon -- I'm reading this right now:

"Brain Droppings" (George Carlin)

Boomers 'the angriest generation'? Please.

In response to this:

I wrote this:

You're 'here'. You're 'angry'?

You have only yourselves to blame.

YOU put yourself exactly where you are. Obama is YOUR president.

What you should really be asking is, 'haven't you done enough damage for one generation?'

That thing you're feeling is not anger. It's typical Boomer narcissism-superiority over your kids and their kids.

Your generation, the generation of George Dubya Bush and Joe Biden, deferments all around will NOT be remembered kindly. Change the world? Give me a break, you guys ARE the world, and everything wrong with it.

Who sent my job to India? A moneygrubbing Boomer.

Who wants to censor the Internet and control our lives? See above.

Who expects us to pay off all their debts with China? See above.

Who turned the California Central Valley, that once fed 1/5 of the world to a desert and is happy to keep doing so? Boomers.

The generation of peace? Give me a break, we've been in 2 wars and overextended our armed forces due to the policies of .. wait for it... chickenhawk Boomers.

It took over 100 years to make California from a desert into a farmland. It took 1/2 a generation of Boomers to take it back to desert again.

Again, it's time for your feeding tube, get the hell off the stage and let the youngs clean up your mess. Lest you make it even worse. Oh, and since California can't grow its own food anymore you can either get your veggies from Mexico or eat at Burger King.

PS. Please print even more money. That's sure to help. Not!

Let's see if the self-serving --aren't they all? -- hippychick prints it. [Update: She didn't. But she did melt down on Twitter. A number of times.]

Update: She erased the twats. Will she erase her account next? For entertainment just search for: "My Life With a Twitter Stalker"

Update: My bad, Joe Biden is not a Boomer. He's a 5-Deferment chickenhawk like Dick Cheney. Again, my bad.

Regardless, the crux of the matter is, if anyone is leaving the hapless Boomers to swing in the breeze, it's basically OTHER Boomers doing it.

If you think that's a piece of tripe you should read how she thinks that the GOP and her generation are 'saving Twitter.' *eyeroll*