Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rupert's Slumdogs at the WSJ don't like it when you make fun of them.

So, it's been a week since I've even posted a comment to the WSJ, when what greets me:

Hi, We discovered a problem with your profile information and need to confirm your name. Please send your login username and your real first and last name to: journalcommunity@wsj.com and a customer service representative can set up your Journal Community Profile. Thanks, The Journal Community Team

Judging by the complete command of English as well as my previous experience with the journal -- as in, their 'sales & billing staff' is offshore, guess where? this is par for the course. Guess they didn't like my last comments about how shoddy the WSJ has become after being acquired by Ruppy.

A lot has changed at the journal since ol' Rupert 'Slumdog them. All of them' Murdoch took over. Not the least of which is, the offshore peons run all the low level stuff like billing.

You know, where your credit card data goes-- to a BPO ['Business Process Outsourcing'] firm that will probably steal your identity. Seriously, Ruppy, just hire Nigerians. They ALSO have lots of experience with other people's data.

Cheaper, too.

Seriously, try to get a refund out of the journal. I dare you.

Me? I used to subscribe. For *years*. Now I don't even trust'em with my real name.

Neither should you.

Mentok out.

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