Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sorry South Asians, "Slumdog" is your Badge of Shame

[UPDATE: Thanks so much to Khalid Shaikh not Mohammed, for reminding me that Pakis can be worse than their Indian brethren]

So, Drunky, why the hell have you declared war on the poor widdle South Asian Indians & Pakis? You're a racist! How do you sleep at night?? Very well, thank you very much.

Lemme let you in on a little secret. We're ALL racists. Actually if you wanna get technical, tribalists. And we're all big on 'guilt by association.'

I want to apologize to my Indian friends, but I'm not gonna candy-ass you. And I insist that you keep reading.

I'm an old Asia hand. I've been up and down NE & SE Asia. I even know the difference between the two. And I can tell you that 'South Asians' are not Asian like the last two.

Vivek 'Fraudwa' certainly does not know -- or maybe even care about cultural differences. He thinks the Chinese are just stupid -- but will ride their coat-tails in his never-ending quest for H1Bs for hiz little Indian homies back in the old country & his corporate benefactors.

As an ex-ex-ex [I've lost count] Expat, I can tell you that the first thing that's gonna happen when you come to any new country and pull crap like this:

You're gonna get shit from the locals.

Especially if you're a troublemaker or a crook. And you deserve it!

Gringo, Gaijin, Puying, Gweilao, Yank. It's all the same: 'Ugly American' / Long-Nose Barbarian / Potato.

Any American who goes overseas has to get past the bullshit generated by the last guy to burn the locals. This is something the locals in the USA doesn't even know about, because like the rest of the world they just stay home & speak one language.

Except when they go on vacation. And be 'Ugly'. And then expats like me get to clean up after their shit.

To my Indian friends, you now know what this is: You're paying your dues because the last 1000 H1-Bs behind you were shysters in my country. Or,

The Hyderabad yob who is running an American company into the ground opened up another research office in, guess where? And another 300+ local techs are out of work. Or,

Vivek Wadhwa opened his yap on this auspicious day.

Locals don't trust "your kind" because of the actions of a few. It doesn't even matter if you were born here or or you immigrated. Am I right? To all American / Brit 'lifers' [expat residents in China, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan], you guys feelin' me?

Is it fair? No!

We Americans [and Brits] know this well. Usually some young American backpacker gets into trouble with the locals, and then gets all uppity and we hear the Ugly American's Lament[tm]:

"But I'm American! You can't do this to me!"

"Why am I in jail? All the natives have weed, why did they pick on me?"

"This is not how we do things in the United States."

And the answers are even more predictable:

"We don't need your 'freedom' here."

"I don't want my country to look like some bumfcuk Wal-Mart."

"Leave your [fcuking foreigner] attitude at home."

"Off with your head."

"You are off to Labor Camp 666 for corrupting the morals of our people."

...and so on.

Do any of these lines sound familiar? To expat Americans sadly they do. It's our burden. It's a royal pain in the ass to deal with our own dregs who come over a the host country and then poop & crap all over the place. Doubly so when they're on a 'guest worker' VISA.

So, of course, now we come to our Indian friends.

Do I think that the 95% of non-technical India deserves the badge? No.

Do i think that folks like citizen Dr. Ron Hira, who unashamedly calls it like it is deserve this shit? No. In fact, fcuk no. But he'll catch some anyway.

Do I think that Indians who actually LIVE in our society and really contribute to it, have been here before I was born deserve this crap?? See above.

How about Vivek 'Chinese don't Innovate' Wadhwa? Hells yes, people. Shyster be burnin' the locals -- that being *us*. Oh, and Vivek, they're coming for you next! Seriously Indian folks, why do you let this guy speak for you? He's a combination of Elmer Fudd and Bill O'Reilly, and not even a good one.

And how about the rest of those "from Hyderabad" MBAs who are using my country like some ATM? Do I even have to spell it out for you?

So, to my South Asian friends: Welcome to the ugly foreigner club. Enjoy your stay.

"Born a Foreigner: A Memoir of the American Presence in Asia" (Charles T. Cross)

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Vivek said...

Outstanding mind, thanks for the link to GWF. Sun is one huge joke. Now that Indians and Chinese have invaded and cleaned out SV and collapsed CA's economy, it's kind of hard for them to continue to deny facts that are in plain view of every American: 3rd worlders, through the modern communism called globalization have been living off the work of Americans for over a decade now and - if that's not bad enough - have systematically denied jobs to the very Americans who created the SV miracle.

As someone who lived and worked in SV for 16 years and saw what went on before being run out by the Indians and Chinese, I have to disagree with you that it's not the majority of Indians - at least those in America. In IT 90% of them are bad. Maybe 10% of them are honest, good, and productive rather than just being here to steal our wealth. Hira, I believe was born here. Wadhwa, of course, is the prototypical Indian conman. A 2-time failed loser who had to take refuge in academia rather than face the uncomfortable prospect of having to go back to the mud puddle. He's only been in the U.S. since 2000 if I am not mistaken, but he acts like he's some expert on Silicon Valley.

Don't worry tho - those of us in the insurgency have a very very nice surprise for Fraudwha coming to a webpage near you very soon.