Saturday, October 31, 2009

Indians, Chinese, Business, War, "Race"

If you want to really get the skinny on how serious your competition is, delve into the history books and see how they make war.

War. The ultimate sport. Winner take all, including the women.

Seriously, when we thought the Japanese were 'taking over' they had us studying all kinds of strategy, tactics and history about them. I mean, little did we know that they were levering themselves up to their eyeballs and laundering Yakuza money during the last 'Rape of the USA.''

Remember that?

But more about the Japanese later. Or not- this is about our friends the Indians & the Chinese.

True, the Indians have beaten the Pakistanis three times out of three (in 1947, 1965 and 1971). But look at what happened the one time they tried fighting a real army: the India-China war of 1962. India decided that its new status as world power required it to grab a few square miles of Himalayan wasteland from China. They worked themselves up into a war frenzy and attacked the Chinese. The Chinese, who don’t do woofing, made no boasts, tried smoothing things over, and when that failed, quietly flattened the Indian army. It was a rout: mustaches and swaggersticks sprinting downhill so fast the snow hadn’t yet melted on their helmets when they hit 120-degree Delhi. After that, the Indians decided they’d stick to picking on someone less than half their own size: the Pakistanis.

[From War Nerd Called It: Indians And Pakis Too Faggy For War - By Gary Brecher - The eXiled]

I really recommend reading the War Nerd's take on the whole India Pakistani thing if you want to know what kind of crybabies that you're dealing with.

And it's not like this is water under the bridge. It seems that the Indians are gunning for the Chinese again, just a month ago.

And maybe I shouldn't bring up the whole Indian 'Chinky' thing. I mean, the Chinese protect their own. In their own way.

So, youngs, take your lessons from history & war and apply it to what we know now: Who's gonna 'woof'? Who's gonna get flattened?

I really think that China should just annex India. But hey, I'm just a blogger. Do as thou wilt...

Brecher also has a very famous doctrine: "Bribe'em, Nuke'em or Leave'em Alone." Words to live by.

"War Nerd" (Gary Brecher)

Adobe crams public gov't docs into their crappy plugin, calls it 'Open'.

This is Ars. They are polite:

Adobe is pushing hard to get Flash, PDF, and other technologies used to realize recent open government initiatives. The problem is that the technologies fall short of the goal of full accessibility, and cause problems for those seeking to use government-supplied data in any meaningful way.

[From Adobe pushes Flash and PDF for open government, misses irony - Ars Technica]

What, me, polite? Ha. "Adobe's idea of 'Open' is to wrap all public data in the same plugin that 90% of the world thinks is utter shit."

So, after reading some of the hairsplitting, shilling and candy-assing over at Ars, I commented myself.

Originally posted by pebblesonthemountain:
Ars has been traditionally biased against Adobe products, most specifically Flash and PDF. A higher level of interaction between Adobe and Ars would be a great way to dispel myths, misrepresentations and flat out erroneous comments frequently made by the Ars journalism team that obviously never use Adobe products.

I hope to see you and other Adobe personnel in here in the future to pulpit thump for PDF and Flash since both are exceptionally good products that get bad reputations by people that know less than zero about them.

By 'thump' you mean 'shill', right? Wow, that spiel's better than what I've seen from Adobe Marketing...

Some of us have the sad misfortune of knowing better, let's review what we know about PDF and Flash:

1/ Before the Macromedia acquisition, PDF was a format that was actually useful and lived up to its name. Readable, searchable, and sometimes even editable in Adobe's progressively buggier by version app, Acrobat. Heck, Acrobat used to be the buggiest product Adobe made. That's been supplanted by Flash. I know because and persistent crashing of the Flash plugin on my Mac tells me so.

2/ Everyone's consternation started when the MBA decided that his newest acquistion, Fuh-lash, had to be embedded in everything. Flash embedded in PDF. PDF embedded in Flash.

Or in the case of the US Gov't 'Open' [Hah!] site, Flash embedded in PDF embedded in Flash that 95% of everyone will Flashblock.

But tut tut, we must make those numbers to pay for, or at least not become levered up to our eyeballs from the last acquisition. So just embed our stuff, not anything useful.

3/ Did I, and a number of commenters here mention, that the world hates Flash? That it's uniquely suited ONLY for sites like 'hamster dance' or SouthPark?

I predict the same time next year Adobe will be embedding spyware ^h^h^h^h^h^h 'analytics' in PDF, and Leonard will be back here defending PDF as 'Open' blah blah blah.

Leonard's right- The original PDF *was* open and useful. I really miss those two nice ol' guys from Palo Alto and their baby.

The fact that he also has to defend, in the same breath all the crapware tech that Adobe M&A'd and shovels into PDF in the same breath is… well it all kinda leaves me speechless. And shows us how desperate Adobe is to remain relevant when they really haven't innovated anything since those two old nice guys left.

It's kind of an 'oh, how the mighty have fallen' feeling.

PDF is a great format as long as you leave 'the new Adobe' and all their mergers and acquisitions out of it.

Of course, soon the rest of the country will feel the same pain that System Admins and IT Personnel in enterprise have felt for years. I don't know whether to lament or break out the popcorn.

[From Adobe pushes Flash and PDF for open government, misses irony - Topic Powered by Eve Community]

Oh, and for those of my readers on Unix / Linux / Mac worried about Adobe's new acquisition: Here's how to flush that shit:

Open your terminal app.

type 'sudo /etc/hosts'

and your password...

and paste this in on another line of that file: #[Omniture] #[Omniture] #[SphereOmniture] #[Omniture] #[Omniture] #[Omniture]
# [Omniture][Wildcard DNS] #[McAfee.Cookie-Omniture] #[SpySweeper.Spy.Cookie]
# [Omniture via Misc Sites]
# [Omniture via Offermatica]
# [Omniture via WebSideStory]

There ya go. 1.8 billion dollars down the shitter. You other folks on the SlumdogOS are on your own. I don't do crapware.

Vivek Wadhwa: Chinese people are Idiots, Indians are geniuses

Did I mention that I'm an old Asia hand? And a hypertribalist? Fraudwa be messin' with my Chinese peoples.

I did a little digging on my buddy Vivek, you know, the Bill O'Reilly of the Hyderabad set, and what do I find?

China’s tech economy is built on copycats that totally lack any sort of innovation, particularly given the amount of money spent on research and development by companies and the government in China, Wadhwa said

[From Vivek Wadhwa: China is NOT the new Silicon Valley - Thomas Crampton]

Buuuut Vivek, aren't these guys from China, with all those 'research offices' in Shanghai & Beijing the same type of geniuses that are leaving Silicon Valley in droves? I thought they were geniuses!

Nonetheless, those good number [of patents from China] hide a total lack of creativity, based on Wadhwa’s qualitative analysis.

Wadhwa said the exact opposite seems to be true in India, where relatively little is invested in research and development. India has fewer patents and papers than China, but the country is building itself into a innovation powerhouse.

The fundamental difference, Wadhwa said, is that Indian engineers are encouraged to think beyond their narrow role and build more innovation into their activities.

[From Vivek Wadhwa: China is NOT the new Silicon Valley - Thomas Crampton]

Noooo, only the *Indians* are geniuses. Because Vivek says so, no figures provided. Damn, I almost fell out of my chair reading that last line. Dude, I want your job. Indians are geniuses because they don't patent or publish. Excellent.

I'm beginning to think that Vivek's idea of genius or 'thinking beyond narrow role' is asking dumbass questions on LinkedIn.

Even the commenters on that poor guy's blog smelled the bullshit:

[1 year ago]
What has India done beyond IT support?

Let's get an impartial person in the room please, this guy is from India...

Lemme tell you something Fraudwa. The US has a loooooooong history with our Chinese friends. ALL of our Chinese friends, from the PRC, ROC, HK, S'Pore, the Phils, etc etc etc. We're all neighbors on this thing we call 'The Pacific Rim'. And the relationship is like marriage.

What the Chinese are doing now, the Japanese were doing 30 years ago. Copying, innovating, improving. First for their own geo. But I know you can't be bothered with, uh, what's the word I'm looking for? FACTS.

Who designed and manufactured my iPhone? And one died for it? Chinese. My iPhone that does 2 versions of Chinese, Japanese, Korean & 20+ more languages but NO SLUMDOG. [Okay, I lied. I see one set of Indian squiggle in there].

Who's always hitting my firewall with hacking attacks? Mah peeps in the Honker Union.

Who has their own OS and multiple data standards so that all their folks can share data back and forth? Bueller?

The Chinese have been doing this for awhile-- maybe one if these days your peoples will get around to double clicking on an *.exe.

The Slumdogs and the Boomers have something in common. They lay claim on something they didn't make and understand very little of.

"Dragon Rising: An Inside Look At China Today" (Jasper Becker)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Arnold says State Legislature is teh suck in a VETO, retains Germanic sense of Humor.

You have to love our Governator. He definitely has more stones than his 'helpless' predecessor, Grey Matter Davis.

It's also nice to know that his Austrian humor remains intact, despite all the kumbayah'ing with vegetables like Pelosi & Boxer. To wit:

[From Arnold Schwarzenegger's coded F-bomb in veto - courtesy Boing Boing]

Das ist der Hammer, Ah-nold!! I can't think of a more suitable 'thumbs down' to the so-called Boomer "leadership" in the state capital.

It's a shame that Arnold is termed out. If you're going to preside over a failed state and take the blame that rightly belongs with the State Legislature, you might as well be entertaining.

What's next? If you believe the hippies, they want Gavin 'whoaz mah cable snapped' Newsom. And then the transition of California to third world shithole is complete.

I'm sure this is what der Governator feels like every. Fcuking. Day of the week dealing with loser hippies in Sacramento.

"Kindergarten Cop" (Ivan Reitman)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Useless Boomer Hand-Wringing over the Afghan War

I'll let you read the blather over at this 'liberal' blog. Anyway, I had a 'that's all I can stands, I can't stands no more' moment with these flower children:

God, I’ve never read as much Boomer candyassing on both sides as I’ve read here. Time for me to lay some reality on all of you.

For the past 9 years, the Boomer elites have sent our young to the Middle East. Most of these yobs are the same chickenhawks that did not serve themselves. If they did, they’d understand war. And what they’d be subjecting their children to.

Telling a bunch of kids in their teens to 20s to ‘resist!’ after they’ve been thru basic is a lost cause. Didn’t work for you dumb hippies then and won’t work now.

I don’t care what some chickhawk yob who went to Canada says, those kids deserve our support. LibbyLiberal, while I don’t agree with everything he says is dead on. We have a bunch of kids over there now in their late 20s or early 30s who have known nothing but war. To them, that’s ‘normal’.

What you Boomers have done thru Bush & BlackBush *cough* Obama is reprehensible. You’ve basically maimed *your children*. Kids who should be back here jump starting the economy, instead replaced by ‘guest workers’ from the 3rd world, like those grifters from India.

Instead you wage generational cleansing on your own children and hire slaves to take up their slack in a desperate bid to ‘fire the economy’:

And to DavidByron: You live in a fantasy world. Change does not come from the bottom, change originates at the top. And if you’re not shaming Obama, Pelosi and your fellow chickenhawk flower children into ending this war, then you’re just supporting the war by your inaction and all this blathering. It’s because of yobs like you that Bush & Co continue to broker policy to that horse-trading ‘just a guy’ who is our president.

What we SHOULD DO is let Afghanistan implode. We should let China annex India. And we never should have gone into Iraq when they were doing such a good job of crippling each other. [the other being Iran].

What none of you understand is that the world is collectively getting OLDER. We live in the framework of your tired old impractical ideas. You made the hell. And kids in their 20s just barely getting a presence of mind are waking up to this fact.

[From The Seminal » 20 Sobering Statistics/Reasons As To Why We Must End the Wars and Save More of Our Soldier Children and Middle Eastern Citizens From Suffering And Dying]

The only good thing about this is that the Boomer reign of blah in the Whitehouse ends with Barry. And if we elect another Boomer we'll get exactly what we deserve.

Note that I used to say this about NeoCons. Now I say it about Boomers.

I've spoken with folks who have been stop-lossed to Iraq and Afghanistan. They don't like being there, a lot of them don't see the point and just want out. But the military is its own micro-society of material ownership and debt.

Obama was their one hope to end this cycle of madness, and quite a few have said as much to me.

Guess what? Same as the old boss.

"The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower" (Robert Baer)

City Brights: A bracket snaps.. and Yobie misses the Point.

Yobie Benjamin is a bright, somewhat maddening blogger who has trouble getting to the point.

He bombs you with facts, and raises questions. The raising questions part is good, and that's why I read him.

I think he writes his entries deliberately so that the commenters cut to the quick:

Ah, if only the Public knew how effin incompetent Caltrans is from top to bottom, they'd immediately fire every one of them and close the agency forever. And while this may sound racist, dealing with Caltrans is in effect dealing with the Third World. It is over run with engineers from Pakistan, Iran, Phillipines and every other wretched country one can think of and where English is a second (or third) language making communication nearly impossible at time. And it is common to have grossly inexperienced people "running" projects for Caltrans. Private contractors would never dream of allowing such responsibility based on such little experience - but since nobody hears about the gross incompetence w/in Caltrans (until a major accident/failure occurs like this), the Public is blissfully unaware of the billions that are pissed away every year thru gross negligence and outright incomptence. And to compound matters, Caltrans only attracts the worst and dullest - the best and brightest would never even dream of working for such a worthless organization or collaborating with Third World rejects.

[From City Brights: Yobie Benjamin : A bracket snaps and closes SF Bay Bridge... Is everything else OK?]

When I used to bust around SE Asia, I'd hear about stuff like this, in addition to other infrastructure problems like brown-outs. California has already experienced statewide brown-outs due to fraud with Enron under Gray Davis. Now we're experiencing 'structural failures' under Gavin Newsom and his agenda.

I hate to say this, but to the boomer globalist liberal elite, welcome to the consequences of globalization: third world values in regards to human life. As in 'Life is Cheap'.

With respect to Mr. Benjamin, Chinese steel doesn't kill. Third world "Engineers" -- note the quotes -- do. These folks have no stake in our country or way of life. And they retain values which only Boomers seem to embrace.

Folks like Yobie came from the third world -- I'm surprised he didn't pick up on this.

[This doc contains audio of Enron analysts telling plant managers to power down during peak hours, causing the brown-outs in California]

"Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" (Magnolia)

The Boomers ongoing War on their own Young

MParent77772 is a very interesting Tweeter if you're into alternative news. He tends to find things that the MSM 'can't be bothered with'. Like this:

How to Reduce Unemployment, Rebuild the Middle Class and Free Ourselves From Wall Street

So imagine my surprise when Moshe Adler's recommendation is to eliminate our children from the part-time labor force:

Ten million college-age youth (between the ages of eighteen and twenty one) also work, and they fill the equivalent of eight million full time jobs. Five million of these college-age youth do not attend college at all. Finally, there are also four and a half million workers who are sixty six years or older, and they fill the equivalent of three and a half million full time jobs.
That high school students don't belong in the workforce does not require an explanation. Of course, the families of these children need the money they earn, but their earnings are very small, just $19 billion in 2007, and they could be replaced by child subsidies to low income families.

Actually, it does require explanation, Mr. Adler. How can countries like Germany and Japan survive, instilling their youngs with a work ethic so that the next generation? Most of these jobs are on Main Street and not Wall Street.

It's quite simple: They have journeyman and vocational programs so that there are disciplined workers in the pipeline.

So what would be the agenda for such an article? I think this post epitomizes the attitude of Boomers towards their own young -- from the ground zero of H1B action, Craigslist SFBay:

Does the under 30 generation have anything to offer?
Date: 2009-10-22, 6:15PM PDT

You sure sound whiny and entitled, like overpriviledged children really. Your true colors do not endear you to employers, thats why H1B hires are preffered.

Make no mistake, your ascetic liberal commentary is being observed and duly noted.

Good luck. Youll need it.

And this is why I show such bald-faced contempt for baby boomers. You raised your kids in your own image, you think they have all of your shortcomings, and the worst thing is you're not raising them to take care of you-- You'd rather have H1B slaves to wipe your collective asses -- while you ship our best and brightest off to the Middle East to wage wars that you would not fight in your time.

This is treason.

With all due respect Mr. Adler, if you want 'free yourself from Wall Street' you need to take away the slave labor incentives that are the H1B / L-1 programs. In your own little economic parlance you need to 'disincentivize' Wall Street from offshoring and outsourcing jobs that should be here.

That's what every other country in the world does, including China and India.

And if you're one of the neglected 'kids' in their teens to 20s, don't rely on your druggy parents to make opportunities for you. Sad to say, you will have to make your own. Find a main street small business, work for minimum wage, and pay your dues.

You need to eat some crow and get some discipline, to find out where you do not belong. And you need to learn respect for those who do work that you do not want to do.

Get a passport. See the world. Embrace, respect, and take no shit from other cultures. But remember your own.

And then come back and help the rest of us rebuild this shambles of a country.

If you're a GenX'er, and you have the financial wherewithall, DO. NOT. WORK. for treasonous Boomer corporations. Make a small business, make your mark, and see if you can salvage what passes for a society these days.

Dog-earred, and still in my bookshelf:

"Lonely Planet South East Asia on a Shoestring (Lonely Planet Shoestring Guides)" (Kristin Kimball, China Williams, Marie Cambon, Mat Oakley)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Windows 7, Slumdog OS Mk II. Optimized FAIL, Indian 'quality'.

So, looks like Cringely is wondering aloud like the rest of us why MSFT continues the confusing skus and intentionally overcharges for 'upgrades' -- It's easy. MSFT wants you to buy a new PC. And I think he's right. I wonder if he'll publish my comment, where I said:

I find it cute that holy wars are being found(sic, *fought*) over SlumDog OS mk 1 [Vista] and mk 2 [Win7].

The reason Snow Leopard is so cheap is because Apple had a long term plan for it; to get their users off PPC and on to Intel, and to drag Mac users into the 21st century with 64-bit computing.

Whether the users show some ethics and ‘honesty’ and pay more than $30, Apple doesn’t care. This is their retention play for all those users who don’t have the finances now to buy a new Mac. And yes, Virginia, every copy of 10.6 is a ‘full version’. It does NOT check for previous installs.

Lessee, MSFT is now being run by its clueless MBA who has threatened Obama with offshoring the REST of his operation [link], who knew how the upgrades would screw users since July:

Microsoft obviously didn’t budget for upgrade testing or development. The farce of overpriced shrinkwrap just lets them off the hook for any further investigation by the FTC of collusion with hardware vendors.

Seriously folks, go ahead and support the Slumdog corp and their slumdog OS. And then wonder where your jobs went and why you have to call Geeksquad to reformat your PC for the nth time.

I stand by what I say. Apple may get things wrong from time to time, and I have a love-hate relationship with them, but at least they're planning 5-10 years ahead and trying to retain users. And they are a hardware company. Google's doing the same with ChromeOS and Android.

None of the other corps including MSFT are planning for the long term. They can't because they cannot make longterm plans with constantly churning slave labor. You have to retain good people and have them around for 5-10 years, not churn slumdogs every 2. All you can do is what MSFT always does: take the money and run.

There are no customers to retain. Just the same old captive computer illiterate users they've always had. Once you've bought into the slumdog OS that's who will be supporting you.

MSFT is really competing against is the last OS that wasn't slumdogged, that being XP. Lots of folks are going to stay with XP.

Fools and their US$ are easily parted. Will you be one who supports a company that threatens our President over jobs that are mostly overseas anyway?

The only upside is once the dollar crashes I'm betting most if not all the H1Bs will head home. Oh, wait, that's 'already happening' -- most of them are dregs anyway.

If you're a local out of work, don't expect to be for long. From what I can see, WIndows 7 will be an even bigger mess than Vista was.

As a postscript to all my Indian "friends" out there, I've been to your country. How does it feel to have your own standards applied to you yourselves?

"Outsourcing America: The True Cost of Shipping Jobs Overseas and What Can Be Done About It" (Ron Hira Ph.D. P.E. Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Dr. Anil Hira)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Outsourced. Homeless. and blogging....

This guy's story mirrors the stories of the early 90s in the valley when there were no real 'Computer Science Degrees'.. just geeks & hackers learning the craft from O'Reilley books. To start from zero and to build a career. Many folks did it, including yours truly.

The shift in tech to low-price low-quality no-real-innovation hit everyone. Hard. But no one has a story quite like this guy:

He's Outsourced, Unemployed & Homeless- for over a year, and is blogging about it. This pic pretty much says it all:

That's right. This guy lives out of his car with a couple of certs and his library.

Personally? This is how I started my career in IT as a consultant, living partially out of a flophouse & my car and going to clients at o'dark thirty in the morning. Paying dues. For me, this was the early 90s... for a lot of geeks around this time.

But who in this country or any other would want to end their career this way?

Who in any country puts the rights of foreigners before its own citizens?

What's the point of being a citizen of the United States anyway?

No other country behaves this way.

Memo to Professor 'Fraudwa'. What slope is more slippery than this??? Was this guy's job 'saved'? Even your own home country knows the score.

Memo to President Obama: Why do you continue the failed immigration policies of the previous administration? Do we all get to 'go to Canada' like your generation did? We may have to if you keep up these policies.

Memo to all you comfy Boomers: You turned this guy out on the street?? What. The. Fuck. I'm speechless....

Go to this guy's site, and if you have the means, drop him some coin.....there are a LOT of geeks in this situation. What should they do?

Go to a country that appreciates them? Because it's obvious the USA does not, nor cares that our tech is being transferred overseas.

[No Amazon plugs. Seriously, donate to this guy]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh noes! The Indians & Chinese are leaving!

[UPDATE: The guy posing as ‘Chris Paduan’ in the comments most likely is a troll. Most likely the real Chris Paduan comment HERE.]

Another day, another cry.wolf.over.nothing about ‘brain drain’ from the USA of… H1B workers? This by an Indian guy who has no bias whatsoever. *cough*

They weren’t ours to begin with. Most of them are dregs. ….among other comments:

There’s nothing wrong with Americans finally waking up and behaving the way the rest of the world behaves towards foreigners.

Gwailao. Puying. Gringo. Gaijin. Am I missing any?

So if Vivek wants to spout this thin skinned narrative then go right ahead. It’s about as credible as Steve Ballmer telling us he’ll move *the rest* of Microsoft to India. Actually, India can have $MSFT. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

This isn’t a brain drain, because these folks were going to go home anyway. And this article is just a slap in the face because it’s just stating an obvious trend as some type of alarm as if it can be changed or reversed. If you go abroad you ALWAYS end up heading home. Where’s your family, Vivek? Unless your name is Bobby Jindal it’s probably back there.

All this aside, you really can’t blame Indians and Chinese for wanting to better their lives. Or for flooding the US materially or virtually [offshore] with their dregs. They wouldn’t be the first country to do so, nor the last. And like the rest of the world, the US birthrate is falling. So SOME of these folks are needed. However-

You CAN blame the US baby boomers who were managers in the early 2000s, stubbornly clinging to their jobs, and who offshored and outsourced all of our US local tech jobs and DID NOT exercise due diligence when hiring assets offshore that cost 1/5 what a local in the US does.

You wanna know why Windows sucks so much?

Why is updated DAILY?

And why companies would rather lazily pare down some weaker company’s staff than hire youngs? Or open offices ‘offshore’? That steal our tech via government mandate? *cough* China *cough*

Greed. The US baby boomers. You wanted to change the world, eh? Well here it is! You flooded tech with yobs who should have stayed at Frys with fake degrees, and LEFT THEM in positions because they were so cheap.

Consumers aren’t fools. You made garbage, now no one wants to pay for it, or pie in the sky recycled crap like ‘cloud computing’ [the old dumb term / network computer crapola that didnt work in the 90s and won’t work now]. Michael Dell whines that netbooks are killing his bottom line but that’s what the real ‘cloud computer’ is. Oh, and it has enough storage to retain data, so who needs a cloud datacenter in India?

The only companies that are showing any growth are Apple and Google. They exude quality and retain local staff. In all their geos and it SHOWS.

The USA has set itself up for a ‘lost decade’ ala Japan, and it’s not going to end until the boomers move aside and let the youngs rebuild the LOCAL labor pool, including tech. These local youngs haven’t moved up any management track…there are only Boomers, who will probably be managing corps in between diaper changes and power lunches with their AARP friends.

Until local youngs are hired and we go back to the way it was and *is* in every other country, where youngs ‘intern’ or ‘journeyman’ and then move to being folks that can mentor & later retire realistically while the fresh crop brings in new ideas that are refined by their older peers, there will be no new ideas nor refinement. Just the same old Boomer crap that’s been the past 10 years. This basically started under Bush and continues under BlackBush. Sorry, Pres Obama, you’re no Clinton.

If *I* were a foreigner, this would look like a freakshow to me. All I need is an excuse like the weak dollar to head home.

In fact, in any *other* country we’d end up like Argentina or the Weimar Republic. Maybe the Chinese and Indians are just seeing the writing on the wall.

I think the most entertaining thing was all of the trolling by Chris Paduan, who finally got to the point in this comment. He’s about as abrasive as me, but [the troll] I think he’s wrong ass wrong about the Chinese.

If he *does* work for Adobe I guess it’s not a very fun or innovative place right now.

I think this commenter’s got it. Why would you stay in America when there are other places where you can booze and fcuk?

Maybe ol’ Chris should read this book and work on his ‘talking points’:

“Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas” (Lou Dobbs)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

As Adobe flips off Apple, so should it be returned.

[Bynkii’s got a rebuttal & comments here. Read that instead. Thanks, John..]

So, I’ve been following with bemused interest how Apple has been repeatedly flipping off Adobe over Flash on the iPhone, and for good reason. And now Adobe returns in kind.

Of course some think it’s ‘good’ that this can be done, and some like me think it’s ‘bad’, but really, this is an opportunity for Apple to ‘fix’ or make vers 2.0 the AppStore. Hear me out:

If Apple’s preferred dev environments are C/ObjC/CocoaTouch and/or HTML5, then set up source code repositories for the developers that use those technologies. Devs and Apple can actually refer to code inside and bounce shzt back and forth.

Apple can have little greppy bots compiling a list of public and private calls and run Clang or whatever else, the point is that there’s a first filter to kick the dreck back to the newbie coders like I may someday become. You can grep for calls in source and when private call/api combos are found, kick it back to the newb with a wagging finger and no-no-no. Or if you’re Google you get to slide. But I digress. There’s a top level pass/fail so that devs aren’t left in limbo over the painfully obvious.

Next is the reviewer, where code gets audited in its totality ONCE. Now the fun begins. Instead of having this 2 week plus wait over little code or even string changes, the dev checks in the change and a reviewer does a diff and a launch test. In fact, for string changes there’s no wait.

If everything’s kosher that’s it. Right now, if an AppStore dev finds an ohshit bug, in general he’s gotta fix, re submit, and wait 2+ weeks for a review to peer around his blackbox. So remove the black and make it glass box already.

They can also put a label in the AppStore that says to me, an enduser, ‘code audited by Apple’ like some Good Housekeeping Seal o’ Approval. Devs using Apple’s approved tech get preference.

Now, for Adopey, if they wanna compile a binary and spoof a signature and put a black box over the binary that’s fine with me. They can go thru the bynzantine clusterfcuk that is AppStore 1.0. I really don’t want half-assed crap on my iPhone, if I can help it, and I don’t think anyone else does either.

My point is that yes, ‘developers of all levels’ should be encouraged to submit apps. And they should be treated, if at all possible the way devs wanna be treated. In other words, not like the hoi-polloi.

There should be incentives and rewards for those devs who go the extra mile. And there should be an invisible [back]hand that encourages the jailb^h hobbyists to move up the ranks to where Apple wants them *cough* RedLaser *cough* Snapture *cough* etc etc etc.

Apple kinda hobbled their baby, so they kinda have to have barriers to entry to maintain the model. Or it becomes Windows 98^h^h^h^h MacOSX ‘Home Edition’ [no logging, no backgrounding.. yet, etc].. with all those problems we know and lovelike user privacy problems.

And there should be a wall, or every VBScripting phishy moron will contribute to the crap ratio of the store. And, as we know, what Apple’s really afraid of now is trojans and payloads. Two real threats and counting. These guys getting slapped because ‘different content than what was reviewed’ piped thru their crApp.

So audit the code. And for the visigoths & barbarians of Fuh-lash & the ‘Compiled Script Kiddies’, you can make them wait 2+ weeks at the Great Wall o’ Segfault. That’s what walls are for, keeping the riff-raff out. And the current wall works. Just not for the Devs.

If anyone at Apple is discussing this, it’s YOUR IDEA. It just so happened to occur to me. So none of this ‘not invented here’ that you’re so famous for.

Still bashing my head on ch. 7 of this. Laugh your asses off:

“Learn C on the Mac (Learn Series)” (Dave Mark)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Indian non-H1B Veteran Geek smegs on H1Bs

Wow, interesting if true, which it probably is. Old Indian who earned his bones in Silly Valley taking a big dump on his poseur / cheating / fakeass countrymen. Which is, like, at least half of them [pdf]. But hey, it can't be 'racist' if it's your own homies, right?: [until expires]

re:re Indians in Bay Area (sunnyvale)

Date: 2009-10-04, 7:22PM PDT

Indians in Silicon Valley don’t innovate ANYTHING! They are conceited arrogant parasite shysters who have turned good businesses to shit when attempt to manage them. Businesses like Sun Microsystems, AMD, and dozens of others are nothing now because of Indian mis-management. Many of you people are being sold out so fast its enough to make ones head spin. Your future now is next to nil and all you sheeple can do now is bitch about the lamest talking points of the day. Anywhere else people would be in revolt and fighting for their livelihoods yet a healthy majority of Californians’ remain in ignorant bliss like pigs in zen. You should consider changing your state motto to ‘taking it where the sun doesn’t shine’ and deserve the 2nd class citizen future you get for being the apathetic consumer whores many of you have become. What a bunch of dumb ass passive-aggressive pussies the bay area has become.

Downsizing and outsourcing

I have been reading and hearing the stories about outsourcing and downsizing. Here is my story. I want to keep myself anonymous, as my story did not go out of our four walls.

I migrated to US about 22 years ago from India. In India I tried for 6 years to find a job after finishing my Masters degree. Because of rampant corruption, nepotism, political infuences (which I was lacking, and aginst my concious) I could not find a job. Then God listened to my prayers and I got an opportunity to come to this Land of Opportunity. After I came here, I was facinated by computers and technology, which I had never even seen a key board in India, and pursued my career. I worked $3 an hour to finance my ambitions.

I finished my BS, and MS Computer Science and positoned in a good job. I was even pursuing my Ph.D in Computer science. But all of a sudden these Indian labor started flooding here. They do not have a formal degree in computers, all they have is a one month programming training in some garage. Some of them not even have college degree and started making more money ( $80 - $100 an hour). I was frustrated with the situation and questioned myself that why I am wasting time in doing Ph.D, and making much lower salary than those high school graduates, and I dropped out.

In the mean time Indian colleges realized the computer boom and introduced a new program called 'Master in Computer Applications (MCA)' which is a one year diploma after high school. Indians started taking this course, and convinced US corporations that they have Masters degree in computer science. US corporations thought they are getting an MCA (Masters) for cheaper rate than what they are paying to BS computer science programmer, and started replacing them. At workplace where I used to work 9 out of 12 team members are H1-B Indians. They literally shine my manager's shoes. Because the company has to sponsor their green cards. They lie about qualificatins and experience. One guy said he has been in Computer field since 1983 in India. In India there were no PCs until 1987. The term 'computer program' was never heard there until 1988. Another "software engineer's" resume says he has been working as a software engineer since 1995 in Bank One. But his passport shows his date of entry to US as 1998. I have scores of such examples about these so called H1-B software engineers and their qualifications. "An Honest H1-B Indian" is good oxymoran in English language.

My wife and I have two masters degrees each in computer science, and engineering. Our combined salary was $230K till October 2003. One fine morning, the bomb (downsize) exploded- we both got laid off on the same day (we were working for different corporations). Today, our income is 'ZERO'. We could not even find minimum wage jobs. We are victims of outsourcing. No third soul knows about situation. Because it spreads fastly to back home and to old age parents.

I was interviewed couple of times by TCS, and Wipro, and they almost offered me the job. But the minute I told them that I am US Citizen, they said their project was on hold. So far I have not heard even single H1-B guy who is unemployed. Downsizing is effecting only US citizens. In my case, I was replaced by a H1-B. These Indian outsourcing companies are bribing the IT managers and successfully get their job done. The prime element that drove me out of India (corruption), is agin drove me out of my job.

I am ashamed of myself to call I am an Indian

I have now been "unemployed" for 12 months after having been replaced by H1B and L-1 workers at the company I was working.

After working for 18 years as a Senior Analyst/Test Lead Programmer, I was called into my managers office at an Insurance Company in Hartford, and introduced to 5 Indian programmers from COGNIZANT SYSTEMS, INDIA. I was told that I was to teach these people everything I knew about the system I was working on. This same situation was presented to 2 other U.S citizens who started working at the company the same time as me. They too had to "hand over" their systems.

After three months, these Indian programmers were able to run the system without my assistance,...and my job was TERMINATED. These Indian programmers were on L-1 visas and their team leader on a H1B. When I asked management why the jobs of the THREE non-Indian workers (me and two associates), were being terminated, whilst the Indians were being kept on,...I was told to "WATCH IT". (i.e my question supposedly had "racial" overtones). All these Cognizant programmers are still working at the company, and driving brand new Toyota Camry's,..while I sit at home battling to find work and worrying about how to pay the rent.

This state of affairs has continued in full force at United Health Care, where Perm-Staff, Green Card Holders, Naturalized and born U.S Citizens have been replaced by Indians. Even Chinese and Russians workers were given the boot and replaced by Indians. It seems that the only requirement for keeping your job,....IS TO BE INDIAN.
I have written to my State Representatives and Joined TORAW in the vain hope that something be done about this situation.

I think it is NOT just the HIB visa that is killing local employment. It (jobs discrimination against locals) is everywhere.

First of all about me. I am 34, have a 4 yr professional engineering degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and am working in IT since 1995. I started my IT life from repairing PCs (yes I did soldering), then moved to networking in Netware 3.x, then Windows NT/2000, Novell Netware 5.x, 6.0. and Linux/ FreeBSD. I do perl scripting in my spare time as a hobby.I do firewall administration, router configuration, intrusion detection, server migration etc etc. With years of experience, and hands on, you can categorise me as a veteran expert.

For the past 2 years, I am trying to get a new job as I am unhappy with my present job and pay. Expect the result! For the 1000 or so applications I sent out, I did NOT get a single offer for an interview even. Shocked! Later my friends told me that, I need certifications. So I completed my MSCE2000, CNE5, CCNA, MCDBA. (side note: all were easy to me, as I know the stuff. Remmeber I am working for 8 years in IT, and I study one to two hour per day after work. (I like to learn!) I can get more [A-Z][A-Z]...[A-Z] if the new company wants it, in a short notice.

Mm, even now the situation is same. Now if i get a rare reply to my job applications, it is like "you are over-qualified for this job' although I am ready to take that job for THAY pay they give an Indian!.

But, companies are hiring Indians and Indians only. They are young (most in their mid 20s), and are being hired by MNC for good posts like senior consultant etc. If you speak nice to them you will learn that his/her degree is in biology or any and then he did some 6 months course at some 'institute'. I would like to say that in India, you can get an engineering degree at some 'college' no matter your performance in high school provided that you have money. (Exceptions shall be a few like IIT). There is no strict (or even slack) admission criteria for institutions providing degrees in India.

How do they get jobs?

(1) There is a prejudice against non Indians. PHBs think that you have to be an Indian to work in IT.

(2) There are some illegal kickbacks in hiring. Once one Indian friend promised to find me job, provided that I pay the first 4 months salary to the agency. He says, a 'part' will goto the hiring manager of the company.

(3) Once an Indian becomes to a hiring position, he will not hire anyone BUT indians. (This is patriotism as per Indians)

(4) Indians never say 'I do not know'. You ask whether he can do 'ANY JOB', he will boast 'he has been doing it for years' although he may not know what he is talking about. Remeber, even I, after years of experience and learning, say that " I did not do it previously, but I can refer to this and do it. " . Idiot Managers do NOT like answers like this.

TELL ME WHERE SHALL I BANG MY HEAD. For the time being I use my table. Bang, bang!

Sam Prasad.

(I am not Indian, but of Indian root !!!!)


PostingID: 1406588615

Except for his 'age' of '34' which is probably fat fingers [maybe 54?], this sounds like a typical story 'o the valley.

The whole pattern of mainly white, non-technical Boomers hiring jackasses from overseas may smack of what Dave W[h]in[g]er calls 'White Boy Welfare', but it certainly bears what I've seen and heard. Especially points 1, 3 and 4. I actually empathize with 3. Why would you hire other Americans when the guys from #1 would sell out your fellow countrymen over a few rupees? Americans are D-U-M-B and lack ethics. And the Indian guys know it.

But point #4, annoyingly, is 100% true of the outsourced Indians, along with cutting & running when the project gets hard. I can't say this *at all* about the Chinese. The ones I work with work within their skills, and will stick with a project no matter how bad it goes until the end. Just my experience. Yours may vary. But hey, Apple's gotten good results with Foxconn. The ones from the PRC might be 'sporty thieves' with your intellectual property, but then so were the Japanese early on. First you copy, then you innovate. Our frienemies east of Pakistan don't even try.

The question is, who's hiring all these yobs and why? Well, from what I've seen it's Boomers who are one post from retiring from their corps. It's not their 'going concern anymore, and if they can't have their name on the project, why not slap a bandage of Indian & Chinese donkey workers on the problem?

And you commoners wonder why your Windows crashes so much. It's not like Microsoft actually cares about the USA, you even have ol' baldy saying they'd just pack up and move to India anyway. Like they aren't half-there anyway. [Somewhat insightful Digg comments] [like this and this]

So to ol' 'other Steve' I'd say: "Head out, a$$hole!"

Seriously. If $MSFT moves the remainer of their business to Bangalore who would miss them?

"Outsourcing America: The True Cost of Shipping Jobs Overseas and What Can Be Done About It" (Ron Hira Ph.D. P.E. Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Dr. Anil Hira)

Even ol' Lou Dobbs has some type of clue:

"Exporting America: Why Corporate Greed Is Shipping American Jobs Overseas" (Lou Dobbs)