Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ANOTHER Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal (Human Trafficking)

It's raining EVEN MORE Desi slimeballs in New York -- the official state of Indian corruption, second only to New Jersey. This time? An old 'Indian Innovation' called 'human trafficking' by any other name. But we'll get to that:

"Another Indian diplomat has been hit by charges of forced labour by domestic help taken from India. Prabhu Dayal, India's consul-general in New York, was slapped with a forced labour suit on Monday by a former housekeeper who complained that she was treated like a slave while working for him. Santosh Bharadwaj, 45, has filed for unspecified damages and her passport. Dayal has been consul-general since 2008. "

(Via Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal - The Times of India.)

Another, you ask? Why yes:

"Dayal joins his colleague Neena Malhotra who is fighting a similar battle against her former maid. Malhotra was also posted in the New York consulate. The increase in such cases against Indian diplomats in western countries is prompting MEA to do a rethink on compensating diplomats on overseas postings for their domestic help. "

(Via Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal - The Times of India.)

I've seen this kind of behavior in Japan & China. It's called human trafficking:

Start by posting a 'too good to be true' overseas job. Fly them over. What next?

The first thing done is to confiscate their passport.

The second thing done is to impose bone-crushing, years-long debt on them.

The third thing done is to threaten them to not talk. Usually threats against the family in the old country.

If you really want to get a feel about 'how normal' this is back in India, look to the comments. Try not to be 'blown away' by this version of 'Indian Innovation.'

And in case you were wondering, this is also how H1B 'body shops' retain their slaves as well. All alphabet VISAs aside, this is what you get. DO YOU EFFING HEAR ME USCIS?

Drunky out

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Michio Kaku Joins the Slavery 2.0-"Brain Drain" Movement to Whore his Lame Book (updated)

(UPDATE: So why would Michio McScience big up H1Bs? Why, to increase the sales of his new, "mixed reviews because of filler" book. Don't believe me? Here's the lame talking point right here in the book itself.)

In a move that's rivaled only by the baseless threats of the Goldman Sachs and others who collected bailout & paid bonuses, now we have Michio Kaku carrying water for the Slavery 2.0 / H1B crowd and threatening the downfall of the USA because of that tired mantra, 'brain drain':

"Without the H1B, the scientific establishment of this country would collapse.  Forget about Google!  Forget about Silicon Valley!  There would be no Silicon Valley without the H1B.  And you know what the H1B is?  It’s the genius visa.  Okay?  You realize that in the United States, 50% of all PhD candidates are foreign born.  At my system, one of the biggest in the United States, 100% of the PhD candidates (in physics) are foreign born.

The United States is a magnet sucking up all the brains of the world, but now the brains are going back.  They’re going back to China; they’re going back to India.  And people are saying, “Oh, my God, there’s a Silicon Valley in India now!”  “Oh, my God, there’s a Silicon Valley in China!”  Duh!  Where did it come from?  It came from the United States.  So don’t tell me that science isn’t the engine of prosperity.

You remove the H1B visa and you collapse the economy."

(Via How come the scientific establishment of the United States hasn’t collapsed? Because it has a secret weapon. | SciGuy | a blog.)

Yeah, Kaku-kun, you vill collapse a 3 war no jobs economy if you give up zee slaves.

"I say sir! If you give up the negro slaves in the fields COTTON WILL NO LONGER BE KING!" That's Kaku's argument give or take a hundred years with a different set of serfs.

Vivek Wadhwa was right. The H1B is too toxic to talk about, it's time for a 'real academic' like HorseDeer 馬鹿 Kaku to parrot his talking points about brain so-called drain.

Riddle me this, Dr. Kaku: If all the jobs are taken up by foreigners, why would any American student put money into a STEM education if the resulting debt cannot be serviced?

Why would any American STEM scientist work in in science for a country that has forsaken them for foreigners of questionable ability. Certainly NOT the 'best & brightest?' They wouldn't, and THAT is why you have SO MANY QUANTS on WallStreet. Working on THOSE types of weapons.

"Brain Drain" is a sham, boys & girls. We're not entitled to those brains. As I've said before, there's culture & family that requires these kids to go home and get married. Why would they 'hang around' shriveled old white Boomer managers? Or Oyaji Kaku? To 'do what they're told?' Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

We should be exporting our values when these students graduate & go back to improve their own home countries. I'm looking at you, Chinese, Japanese, and especially you, Indian kids. Your host countries in the West do not need another Groupon or Facebook clone-- or worse-- YOU helping their increasingly repressive governments make more DARPA bullshit technology.

The next drone that kills YOUR OWN people or the next Internet kill switch that prevents FREE SPEECH could be made by YOUR OWN HAND. And chickenshitting yourself a into WallStreet Quant career does not absolve you. On that point I agree with my little NASSCOM sahib Vivek Wadhwa.

That's why I'm pissed off at Horse.Deer.Kaku. He should know better, if senility hasn't set in. GREED certainly has.

The USA's largest export is war. Instead of ideas. Remember when it used to be the other way around? Good times!

Oh, and Michio Kaku? You should be ASHAMED for contributing to this agenda. And doubly ashamed to promote a lame book on the bodies of American STEM workers.

Drunky out.

One. Last. Fucking. From the Boomers? “If you're under 47 - bend over” via ZeroHedge

In other words, Mr Boomer: Your kids are screwed if this bill passes and you do not share in the pain. Oh, you don't want to hear it? Again? Okay, then I'll talk to anyone born after 1964 in the US:

Looks like the Boomers will get one last fuck in on the anyone GenX & under before they move on to bedpans & broomhandles -- and the occasional midnight toke in the nursing home:

"So who are the losers in the Graham, Paul, Lee plan? The answer is that anyone born after 1966. If you’re younger than 47 today, bend over. (the math is off, read below. -DE) The Boomers are going to screw you. You’re going to pay more than you should and you’re going to get less than the boomers got.

How could that possibly happen? Easy. It’s the demographics. Those who will “win” this age war out vote those who will lose. There are some very powerful lobbies at work as well. The AARP has a very big stick; they use their weapons on the Pols very effectively.

I will be sad if this comes about. This would be the greatest “Pass the Trash” for any generation in history. While the proposed changes would take SS off the discussion table for another decade or so it will come back into the headlines in a very big way at some point. There is absolutely no fairness in a plan that protects Boomers at the cost of the rest of society. "

(Via Senators Graham, Paul & Lee on Social Security Reform– “If you're under 47 - bend over” | zero hedge.)

While I disagree with the math, it's anyone born after 1964 who's going to get the screwing, I agree with the article. Anyone GenX'er (face it, there weren't many of us) is going to get screwed by this bill. The Boomers' kids of GenY? Doubly so, as there are no STEM or 'intern' jobs for them -- those are all offshore or H1B'd by their parents. If not that then Vivek Wadhwa's 'entrepreneurs from China & India will save us?' Please.

Personally I wouldn't mind if the parasites who have held the political power for the past 20 years (US POTUS's Clinton, Bush, Obama), who got us into $14 trillion in debt, mostly for war & pet entitlements, who gave us their cold war fear in the form of a "War on Terror" (which I call a war on guys in caves), who gave us a security & surveillance apparatus that dwarfs the Stasi, and a denunciation framework of 'if you see something say something'... and finally who gave us the scam of the century, currently marketed as 'Climate Disruption' ... The 'worst generation' that will be remembered for all these bad, repressive things...

...nevermind all the compliant H1B slaves that they imported, jobs they offshored, or immigration laws that they were 'too busy to enforce...'

Don't you think they could take at least some responsibility for the mess they caused? Maybe sacrifice some of their ill-gotten gains? Or should we just 'toke up' and worship them?

Nah. It'll never happen. Don't trust anyone over 47, folks..

Drunky out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopliftin' Skippy McLogic Vivek McKundra Calls it Quits

It was only a matter of time:

" The first person ever appointed as the CIO of the federal government, Vivek Kundra, is resigning after two and a half years on the job, the White House said Thursday.

There was no hint in the announcement made by Jack Lew, director of the Office of Management and Budget, that Kundra's exit was prompted by a shift in the White House's view on IT.

Lew, who praised the CIO's work, said Kundra was leaving to take a fellowship at Harvard."

(Via Obama's CIO quits - Computerworld.)

So where exactly is Skippy going?

Lew said Kundra will move to Harvard in mid-August to serve as a joint fellow at the Kennedy School and at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. "We are planning for a smooth transition," said Lew.

(Via Obama's CIO quits - Computerworld.)

I mean seriously. Take a look at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society-- it's been a while since I've seen a this much Web 2.0 masturbation.

In fact it reminds me a lot of the questionable things Vivek not Kundra but Wadhwa did to build his cred: Starting from spoiled young desi douchbag roots in Australia to failing as entrepreneur to scummy UC Berkeley lecturer to Duke University Ivyiot 'expert' slash NASSCOM shill.

So. Here we go again. From Skippy's Shoplifting start to being 'put on leave' for bribery on his watch to becoming a Harvard Ivyiot academic fluffer to his pretty much given next move to expert shill/lobbyist, McKundra's moves show that he's following the same path as my little sahib of another surname.

Skippy will have a LOT of company: other shining shining stars of the beltway like Patriot Act co-author Michael Chertoff, former Head of the DHS, who is now employed as a lobbyist by Rapiscan, a division of Hindiot Corp OSI to help them sell cancerous pornscanners to the agency he himself once lead.

Maybe since they now run in the same Ivyiot circles 'the two Viveks' can swap stories about M1 Bullets, cheap labor, and 'questionable desi ethics.'

Remember kids: It doesn't matter that Skippy grew up here or that he's a NeoCon. What matter is the fruit of his (spoiled, negligent, ethically challenged) labors.

Drunky out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why is NASSCOM Don bagging on the Chinese?

The first rule of NASSCOM lobbying, it seems, is big up the brilliant Indians.

The second rule of NASSCOM lobbying is to 'bag on the Chinese' when talking about your clients isn't working.

And the third rule of NASSCOM fight club is.. well… you know.

Since Don doesn't have much clue about the Chinese, even to bag on them, I decided to comment:
"I'll be brief. And a 'devil's advocate.'
1/ Crossed whose line of decency? "We", after all of our economic debacles, don't seem to have one anymore.
2/ If you're alluding to "decency" for the Chinese, they have different values than we do. On the whole, they're more concerned with JUSTICE, not so called 'decency'. It was that way before the communists, during Mao's regime, and will be evermore after the PRC morphs into some kind of mutant mercantile society sometime in the future.
3/ The Chinese activists are a scant minority in the PRC. Like the Falun Gong, they are seem as a non conformist 'aberration' to be re-educated or rubbed out if they REALLY make trouble.
Cisco makes their kit, and provides configurations to the Chinese.
They also do so to the Indian Bharati regime --the Indians are also looking for state of the art surveillance and an internet kill switch, because they have the same problem as the Chinese:
  • Demographically too many young males, who are "too smart",
  • Less than total control of a LARGE area of the country (tho' China is better at this),
  • Massive potential for unrest in the less prosperous areas.
The fact of the matter is that the United States (corporations) have the rep of 'they will do business with anyone, even to the detriment of their own people'.. and on that basis any moral proselytizing to the Chinese (or any other N or SE Asian) at this point, falls on deaf ears.
This is also why companies (if they're smart) deal with the Taiwanese (Nationalists) and use them as a firewall against 'sour deals' with the PRC. The ROC'ers don't seem too picky about Beijing's record on human rights, at least not where trade is concerned. Suicides up at Foxconn due to Apple, HP, Dell orders behind? Put up suicide nets at the factory & sweep it under the rug. SOP.
The PRC (and rightly so) sees itself as a sovereign nation not subject to the hypocrisy of a nation that, itself has been rather dicey on the same human rights as of late. That's why you hear the PRC retort with 'Gitmo' or 'Torture' when these issues are brought up. The US makes war, the Chinese make 'all weather friends' (a neologism/antonym of 'fair weather friend') in Africa & Pakistan." 
(Via Second Lawsuit Accuses Cisco of Enabling China to Oppress Citizens | Blogs |
So much for being brief...

Like some little lawsuit filed in an activist court in ultra-hippy NorCal is going to change the default behavior of both Cisco & the PRC? Nah, this has been business as usual for far too long. But, if the State of California wants to piss off Cisco (more), they can just lay off more California employees.

Cisco is observing the 'platinum rule' of treating the PRC Chinese the way they expect to be treated. They don't want our (negative) freedom, and some 'activist' with delusions of (positive) freedom? Like that's gonna fly! Money talks, "ideals" walk. And if Cisco won't sell their own kit to China, Huawei or someone else will.

It's not rocket science, boyz n girls… Demographically the world is getting OLDER, and those in power are getting afraid of springtimes: Jade, Arab, and other due to the economic situation. The Chinese are just one national government in a line that are looking for MORE CONTROL over their young, male, tech savvy and INCREASINGLY RESTLESS populations.

Maybe those in the USA would do well to look at what controls have been put in place on our freedoms.. instead of blustering over a sovereign nation like China. Who can take care of their own -- and has for far longer than the US has been a country.

But hey, the US Mils decided that 'China is the enemy', so now US businesses that trade with our 2nd main creditor (after the Fed) are to be frowned on.

Frowny frown frown.

Drunky out.