Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sarah Lacey spews Pro-India Anti-China piece while on Wadhwa's Camel

[UPDATE: I was joking about her dating Vivek Wadhwa. But it looks like he found her an elephant to ride. Ah, first comes seduction, then comes rejection. Enjoy your meetings with NIIT & TiE, princess clueless!]

I don't know what else to call it. Sarah Lacey, the darling of internet "journalism" (not!) has fallen back on the occupation of all failed journos: getting wined & dined (or in this case riding camels), writing puffy PR pieces for whoever has the lowest agenda. At the blog that's light on tech and crunching on India Inc. Again.

And so, here's another 'tripe sandwich' about the almighty Indians. You know: fluff, tripe, trivial fluff. A real yawner that I skimmed until I got to the meaty 'tripe' in the second to the last paragraph:

It’s a dramatic difference from China, where most entrepreneurs are building businesses that are aimed squarely at the top of the pyramid or the burgeoning middle class. But since India is a democracy—and not an authoritarian one—it doesn’t have the same social safety net of other emerging worlds. It’s fitting that it’s trying to use a free-market economy to solve its social ills instead— something American do-gooders could probably learn from. After all, we’ve got our own digital divide.

[From How to Profit off the Poor… and Keep Your Soul ]

India good! China bad! Take dictation from Vivek Wadhwa! Honeybunny! Yoni & Lingham jokes to follow shortly.

It's not like we expected anything different from the girl who botches live interviews with her own age group, throws tantrums at South American countries, and is totally smoking hot. For a white girl.

Vivek, old chap, you've scored your own 'Mumbai Rose'. TechCrunch, BollyCrunch thou art evermore. Sarah not quite Palin, sneaketh thou hither to Goa and scoreth some weed.

Seriously, go Google some pics of her hawtness. Just don't burn your eyes on her drivel [vid].

I *guess* it's apropo, by her twats she's in the land of not hot & cold running dysentery. Sounds like Stage 1 Culture Shock to me...

Sarah, you needs this. Badly:

"The Elements of Style: The Original Edition" (Jr. William Strunk)

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