Friday, October 14, 2011

OWS's message should be "Fuck the Boomers"

No, seriously. Read this and tell me you don't feel the same:

"Never in the history of intergenerational transfers has one generation left such a mountain of IOUs to another as the baby boomers are leaving to their grandchildren.

When you do the math, there is only one logical political home for today’s teens and 20-somethings ... and that is the Tea Party. For who else is promising to slash Medicare and Social Security and keep the tax burden at its historical average?


As Laurence Kotlikoff and Scott Burns pointed out in The Coming Generational Storm, by 2030 there will be twice as many retirees as there are today but only 18 percent more workers. Unless there is really radical reform of entitlement programs—especially Medicare—the next generation of American workers will be paying roughly double the taxes their parents and grandparents paid. This is what Kotlikoff and Burns mean by “fiscal child abuse.”

(Via Niall Ferguson on a Clash of Generations in Wall Street Protests - The Daily Beast.)

IMHO, the problem with #OWS and the rest of the #Occupied movement is one of message: The Tea Party's message was basically 'fuck these Baby Boomer kids and their spending'.

So I'll raise the question: Who started these wars? WhiteBush & BlackBush, chickenhawk Boomers. Who paid off the Bankers? Same answer. What are the DHS and TSA *really for?* Keeping your non-Boomer ass in line, in a police state, run by... wait for it... Baby Boomer NeoCon and NeoLibs.

Finally, who were the brilliant pebbles who offshored MOST of the good jobs to India and China? TAKE A WILD GUESS.

The message of the youngs who will be paying off the debts of these chickenhawk losers should be much the same: FUCK THE BOOMERS.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sign the Petition to END the H1B Corporate/Bankster Cheap Labor Subsidy!

Want to know why you, or your kids don't have journeyman jobs in the USA? Because of a corporate SUBSIDY/ HANDOUT called the H1B VISA. We have PLENTY of workers in the USA!

We're the ONLY country that GIVES AWAY middle class jobs to China & India.


SIGN THIS PETITION. (link goes to

Your Uncle Drunky thanks you for your time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SHRUG HARDER: "20 Reasons Why Americans Under 30 Are Giving Up On The U.S. Economy"

Hey kids, it's your Uncle Drunky, back to the land of blogging when he feels like it.

This is not the 'review of Tron Legacy & why it's Atlas Shrugged for our time. That may come later.

Now we come to a kid who sounds like every clued 30-something I've met lately. Read his comment here before you launch into my reply:

"Hans, my man, I have some advice to you, and to ANYONE under 40: SHRUG HARDER in the morning! If you’re young, start learning programming NOW. Pick a language. I recommend Python. In 2-5 years of watching shit crash you will become a kickass pentester. Programming is the new ‘bi-lingual’.. so pick up as many natural and machine languages as you can get from the couch.

Start learning about, and using bittorrent. Ignore the pop tripe that will get you in trouble and START looking at TV from overseas. And you’ll see how EVERYONE ELSE regards us: Hint: Nazi Germany 2.0.

Read Snow Crash. Then, bemusedly, watch ‘TRON Legacy’ and see how much the ‘young new director’ filched from it. In particular, dig what Lisberger did with Clu and Kevin Flynn, because HE represents your Baby Boomer Elders. MOST of them are either fiddling while Rome burns (Clu, aka GW Bush or Perry) or waiting for karma (crusty old NoBalls Flynn). Heck, his SON has to force him into some type of action.

If you buy the BS that ‘the Grid’ is some type of Galapegos Islands from the young director then I have a bridge to sell you.

If you have no education, START TEACHING YOURSELF. If you’re in school, DEMAND that your baby boomer teachers TEACH YOU SOMETHING USEFUL. History is useful (learn from the past). Humanities classes are useful (learn about the symbols around you). Math is useful (for that programming that you’ll be learning to craft your OWN environments).

START NOW. And to all the delusional Baby Boomer “Leadership” and where they want to herd you? SHRUG HARDER. THEIR BAGGAGE IS NOT YOUR BURDEN.

Damn, I wish there was something more all-capsy than ALLCAPS."

(Via » 20 Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Under The Age Of 30 Are Giving Up On The U.S. Economy Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!.)

Publish THAT, AlexJonesyBoy! Srsly tho, Alexy won't because none of what I suggest contains the idea BUY GOLD FROM ALEX FUCKING JONES.

I'm serious. Kids today have NO RESPONSIBILITY to continue what the "leadership" started in the last 10 years: War, Debt, and even moar War. So if you want to unseat these charlatans:

  1. Like the #NoAgenda guys say, read Atlas Shrugged -it's gonna be REALLY FAMILIAR SOON.
  2. Don't play the BabyBoomer Elites' game. Every time I hear about a 'Green Movement' or somesuch other Al Gore invention for $$$ I wanna take a royal crap. Every time I hear Lucy Napolitano and 'If you see something say something' I want to tell her where to go. Don't contribute to this bullshit. SHRUG HARDER.
  3. LOOK at what happened to Japan & their 'lost decade.' It's now the USA's turn.
  4. Learn the skills of the NEXT GAME and MARGINALIZE the charlatans. Take a hint from Bruce Sterling-- he also saw this coming YEARS AGO.

I've got one more tip, pretty much only for the young: If US employers don't appreciate your college degree, SHRUG HARDER and OFFSHORE YOURSELF. Teach English in an Asian country like Japan or Korea, pick up a hot Asian boy/girlfriend, and party where the cool kids are at. Unless you like death & taxes in the USSA. Even if you're older, you can do this, but it'll be harder. And if you're a Boomer, you almost have no prayer. Sorry, pay your fucking mortgage off.

I know, Drunky. Sounds really simple, don't it? Now ask me what I've been doing INSTEAD of blogging...

Drunky out.

PS. There is a third segment of Boomers that you should seek for friendship and counsel. In TRON terms, they're like Alan Bradley or TRON, the rare pragmatic mentors now in their 50s - 60s you wished you had. BUT: They are few & far between. I have a number of them in my life, and treasure every moment, and wish there were more like them. We need their counsel NOW.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Mark Sigal's 'The Great Reset' - required Drunky Reading #ITM

Today's required reading comes from Mark Sigal, @netgarden on twitter. It raises the right questions of 'what now' --now that we all have to move on in the wake of three Boomer presidencies, here in the USA. But first, a little refresher about why NO ONE wants to make a business or 'participate' in this mess:

"I remember when I started my first career in real estate back in 1988, and the savings and loan crisis was in full force (it was a much smaller version of our current banking imbroglio).

Then, three things came about in its aftermath:

1. Real structural change.

2. A functioning marketplace for getting rid of non-performing assets.

3. Readily identifiable perpetrators went to jail.

Not this time. Not only did the perpetrators not go to jail or even lose their jobs, but they got raises and got to keep their bonuses. This, even though the "profits" were disproportionately derived from a guaranteed arbitrage gifted by the U.S. government.

Even worse, most would agree that the reforms to the system were largely cosmetic, with the clean up of toxic assets occurring behind the public curtain with even more financial engineering."

(Via The Great Reset: Why tomorrow may not be better than today - O'Reilly Radar.)

I remember the S & L crisis. I even remember many businesses going under because the FDIC came in and broke up the loanees of these toxic banks.

When will the malaise be broken? Refer to history, and to points 1-3 above. Kudos to Mark for writing this.

Drunky out.

PS. We'll talk about flooding the US STEM market with H1B cheap slaves, 'StartUp VISA' charlatans, and 'Dream Act' conscripts for our 'armed forces' later. Honest Injun.

America's Vanishing science jobs - Josh Bloom (

In case you were wondering why I follow H1B 'Immigrant' shills like my little sahib Wadhwa as well as NASSCOM Don Tennant so closely... here's your answer: The decay of American STEM jobs:

"The folks at Scientific American have launched "1,000 Scientists in 1,000 Days" -- a program to bring together scientists, teachers and students to improve America's "dismal" showing among wealthy countries (27th out of 29) in graduating college students with degrees in science or engineering. I'm sure they mean well -- but, at least as it applies to the field of chemistry, "1,000 Unemployed Scientists Living With Their Parents at Age 35 While Working at the Gap" would be a better name.

After earning my PhD, in chemistry, I worked in drug-discovery research for more than 20 years. Aside from being a fascinating profession, it was pretty secure -- until the last decade. Then it became anything but."

(Via [Vanishing science jobs--Josh Bloom -

Josh Bloom's experience on his side of STEM hits REALLY close to home. It pretty much played out the same with MOST of the tech companies in the 90s and 00s.. except for Google and Apple. Now you know why Windows, and most tech inherently sucks. It's the Microsoft model of outsourcing, offshoring, mergers and acquisitions. Mostly due to the 'vision' of Mr. MBA Ballmer.

It's one thing when your cheapy computer crashes. What about your parents, given the "quality" of offshore-researched drugs? America, land of the cheap, reap what you sow, Boomers, yada yada, right?

And what about these out of work STEM folks? As Josh asserts, why aren't they teaching our kids?

"So, what's my solution? Well, Scientific American could tap 1,000 scientists from the pool of the unemployed and bring them into schools. When the kids keep getting the same answer to the question "Where do you work?" they'll figure it out.

We don't need more scientists -- not unless there are jobs for them."

(Via [Vanishing science jobs--Josh Bloom -

I wonder if Vivek Wadhwa can sleep at night, faced with the glaring reality of what STEM in the USA has become, instead of whining about "innovation", tech bubbles & 'startup visas.'

We do not need Fraudy's concept of 'innovation'... unless we'd like to 'innovate' ourselves into the ground. Nor do we need more 'immigrants' who will be discarded as expediently as the locals have before them.

Drunky out.

Boomster Watch- Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda [video]

Believe it or not, you can get news from Fox. Sometimes, when van Susteren meanders off script. Now listen as Grandma Helmethead of the State Department breaks it all down about how we armed the Mudjahadeen:

(Via Planetseeder - Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda.)

Of course, anyone who has been paying attention or who has seen 'The Power of Nightmares' knows that yesterday's Mudjahadeen ('freedom fighters') are today's Taliban & tomorrow's 'Al-CIA-da'.

We Americans are a fearful stupid bunch. The monsters we create today will afflict the world tomorrow. I'm looking at you, globalization shills. No names. This time.

Personally I like Greta.. she's kinda like Nancy Grace, .. if Nancy Grace had a soul and wasn't a shrill droid.

Drunky out.

Boomster Watch- A Hurricane of Debt, Deficit and Demographics is Coming! (

I suppose a whole buttload of GenX'ers and younger will be moving to Canadia after reading this:

"A hurricane of debt, deficit, and demographics is heading to the shores of all developed economies. With it will come high inflation rates, high costs for credit, low growth rates, and weakening developed country currency value. Ben Bernanke in a helicopter will not stop the hurricane’s devastating path. More stimulus packages will not stop it. Blaming the Chinese for lending us too much money will not stop it. Pretending that the storm isn’t coming will most assuredly not stop it.  It threatens to derail the lukewarm economic recovery and to alter forever the heretofore path of robust growth for the developed world. In a sense, debt, deficit, and demographics will reset the world to a “New Normal”. "

(Via Batten Down the Hatches: A Hurricane of Debt, Deficit and Demographics is Coming! :

If you thought the beginning was bad, try the ending:

As the country prepares for retiring Boomers (and the debt and deficits associated with them), it will also need to prepare for changing demographics—specifically, the adverse effects driven by the dramatic decline in the support ratio associated with an aging population. It is projected that the support ratio in developed countries will decline from 3.5 working age adults per retiree to below 2:1 by 2050. In comparison, in 1970, the support ratio was 5.3:1. By 2025, at the height of Boomer retirement cycle in the United States, there will be 10 new retirees for each new entrant into the workforce. Not only does the future appear unenviably poor in aggregate, it also appears predictably unproductive.

(Via Batten Down the Hatches: A Hurricane of Debt, Deficit and Demographics is Coming! :

Of course, none of this will end until the Boomers die alone, in the dark, in between H1B-slave enabled diaper changes. It's what they deserve for shredding the Constitution and getting us into 5 wars on abstraction and counting.

Oh Canadia...

Drunky out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ANOTHER Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal (Human Trafficking)

It's raining EVEN MORE Desi slimeballs in New York -- the official state of Indian corruption, second only to New Jersey. This time? An old 'Indian Innovation' called 'human trafficking' by any other name. But we'll get to that:

"Another Indian diplomat has been hit by charges of forced labour by domestic help taken from India. Prabhu Dayal, India's consul-general in New York, was slapped with a forced labour suit on Monday by a former housekeeper who complained that she was treated like a slave while working for him. Santosh Bharadwaj, 45, has filed for unspecified damages and her passport. Dayal has been consul-general since 2008. "

(Via Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal - The Times of India.)

Another, you ask? Why yes:

"Dayal joins his colleague Neena Malhotra who is fighting a similar battle against her former maid. Malhotra was also posted in the New York consulate. The increase in such cases against Indian diplomats in western countries is prompting MEA to do a rethink on compensating diplomats on overseas postings for their domestic help. "

(Via Indian envoy in New York hit by 'slavery' scandal - The Times of India.)

I've seen this kind of behavior in Japan & China. It's called human trafficking:

Start by posting a 'too good to be true' overseas job. Fly them over. What next?

The first thing done is to confiscate their passport.

The second thing done is to impose bone-crushing, years-long debt on them.

The third thing done is to threaten them to not talk. Usually threats against the family in the old country.

If you really want to get a feel about 'how normal' this is back in India, look to the comments. Try not to be 'blown away' by this version of 'Indian Innovation.'

And in case you were wondering, this is also how H1B 'body shops' retain their slaves as well. All alphabet VISAs aside, this is what you get. DO YOU EFFING HEAR ME USCIS?

Drunky out

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Michio Kaku Joins the Slavery 2.0-"Brain Drain" Movement to Whore his Lame Book (updated)

(UPDATE: So why would Michio McScience big up H1Bs? Why, to increase the sales of his new, "mixed reviews because of filler" book. Don't believe me? Here's the lame talking point right here in the book itself.)

In a move that's rivaled only by the baseless threats of the Goldman Sachs and others who collected bailout & paid bonuses, now we have Michio Kaku carrying water for the Slavery 2.0 / H1B crowd and threatening the downfall of the USA because of that tired mantra, 'brain drain':

"Without the H1B, the scientific establishment of this country would collapse.  Forget about Google!  Forget about Silicon Valley!  There would be no Silicon Valley without the H1B.  And you know what the H1B is?  It’s the genius visa.  Okay?  You realize that in the United States, 50% of all PhD candidates are foreign born.  At my system, one of the biggest in the United States, 100% of the PhD candidates (in physics) are foreign born.

The United States is a magnet sucking up all the brains of the world, but now the brains are going back.  They’re going back to China; they’re going back to India.  And people are saying, “Oh, my God, there’s a Silicon Valley in India now!”  “Oh, my God, there’s a Silicon Valley in China!”  Duh!  Where did it come from?  It came from the United States.  So don’t tell me that science isn’t the engine of prosperity.

You remove the H1B visa and you collapse the economy."

(Via How come the scientific establishment of the United States hasn’t collapsed? Because it has a secret weapon. | SciGuy | a blog.)

Yeah, Kaku-kun, you vill collapse a 3 war no jobs economy if you give up zee slaves.

"I say sir! If you give up the negro slaves in the fields COTTON WILL NO LONGER BE KING!" That's Kaku's argument give or take a hundred years with a different set of serfs.

Vivek Wadhwa was right. The H1B is too toxic to talk about, it's time for a 'real academic' like HorseDeer 馬鹿 Kaku to parrot his talking points about brain so-called drain.

Riddle me this, Dr. Kaku: If all the jobs are taken up by foreigners, why would any American student put money into a STEM education if the resulting debt cannot be serviced?

Why would any American STEM scientist work in in science for a country that has forsaken them for foreigners of questionable ability. Certainly NOT the 'best & brightest?' They wouldn't, and THAT is why you have SO MANY QUANTS on WallStreet. Working on THOSE types of weapons.

"Brain Drain" is a sham, boys & girls. We're not entitled to those brains. As I've said before, there's culture & family that requires these kids to go home and get married. Why would they 'hang around' shriveled old white Boomer managers? Or Oyaji Kaku? To 'do what they're told?' Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

We should be exporting our values when these students graduate & go back to improve their own home countries. I'm looking at you, Chinese, Japanese, and especially you, Indian kids. Your host countries in the West do not need another Groupon or Facebook clone-- or worse-- YOU helping their increasingly repressive governments make more DARPA bullshit technology.

The next drone that kills YOUR OWN people or the next Internet kill switch that prevents FREE SPEECH could be made by YOUR OWN HAND. And chickenshitting yourself a into WallStreet Quant career does not absolve you. On that point I agree with my little NASSCOM sahib Vivek Wadhwa.

That's why I'm pissed off at Horse.Deer.Kaku. He should know better, if senility hasn't set in. GREED certainly has.

The USA's largest export is war. Instead of ideas. Remember when it used to be the other way around? Good times!

Oh, and Michio Kaku? You should be ASHAMED for contributing to this agenda. And doubly ashamed to promote a lame book on the bodies of American STEM workers.

Drunky out.

One. Last. Fucking. From the Boomers? “If you're under 47 - bend over” via ZeroHedge

In other words, Mr Boomer: Your kids are screwed if this bill passes and you do not share in the pain. Oh, you don't want to hear it? Again? Okay, then I'll talk to anyone born after 1964 in the US:

Looks like the Boomers will get one last fuck in on the anyone GenX & under before they move on to bedpans & broomhandles -- and the occasional midnight toke in the nursing home:

"So who are the losers in the Graham, Paul, Lee plan? The answer is that anyone born after 1966. If you’re younger than 47 today, bend over. (the math is off, read below. -DE) The Boomers are going to screw you. You’re going to pay more than you should and you’re going to get less than the boomers got.

How could that possibly happen? Easy. It’s the demographics. Those who will “win” this age war out vote those who will lose. There are some very powerful lobbies at work as well. The AARP has a very big stick; they use their weapons on the Pols very effectively.

I will be sad if this comes about. This would be the greatest “Pass the Trash” for any generation in history. While the proposed changes would take SS off the discussion table for another decade or so it will come back into the headlines in a very big way at some point. There is absolutely no fairness in a plan that protects Boomers at the cost of the rest of society. "

(Via Senators Graham, Paul & Lee on Social Security Reform– “If you're under 47 - bend over” | zero hedge.)

While I disagree with the math, it's anyone born after 1964 who's going to get the screwing, I agree with the article. Anyone GenX'er (face it, there weren't many of us) is going to get screwed by this bill. The Boomers' kids of GenY? Doubly so, as there are no STEM or 'intern' jobs for them -- those are all offshore or H1B'd by their parents. If not that then Vivek Wadhwa's 'entrepreneurs from China & India will save us?' Please.

Personally I wouldn't mind if the parasites who have held the political power for the past 20 years (US POTUS's Clinton, Bush, Obama), who got us into $14 trillion in debt, mostly for war & pet entitlements, who gave us their cold war fear in the form of a "War on Terror" (which I call a war on guys in caves), who gave us a security & surveillance apparatus that dwarfs the Stasi, and a denunciation framework of 'if you see something say something'... and finally who gave us the scam of the century, currently marketed as 'Climate Disruption' ... The 'worst generation' that will be remembered for all these bad, repressive things...

...nevermind all the compliant H1B slaves that they imported, jobs they offshored, or immigration laws that they were 'too busy to enforce...'

Don't you think they could take at least some responsibility for the mess they caused? Maybe sacrifice some of their ill-gotten gains? Or should we just 'toke up' and worship them?

Nah. It'll never happen. Don't trust anyone over 47, folks..

Drunky out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopliftin' Skippy McLogic Vivek McKundra Calls it Quits

It was only a matter of time:

" The first person ever appointed as the CIO of the federal government, Vivek Kundra, is resigning after two and a half years on the job, the White House said Thursday.

There was no hint in the announcement made by Jack Lew, director of the Office of Management and Budget, that Kundra's exit was prompted by a shift in the White House's view on IT.

Lew, who praised the CIO's work, said Kundra was leaving to take a fellowship at Harvard."

(Via Obama's CIO quits - Computerworld.)

So where exactly is Skippy going?

Lew said Kundra will move to Harvard in mid-August to serve as a joint fellow at the Kennedy School and at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. "We are planning for a smooth transition," said Lew.

(Via Obama's CIO quits - Computerworld.)

I mean seriously. Take a look at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society-- it's been a while since I've seen a this much Web 2.0 masturbation.

In fact it reminds me a lot of the questionable things Vivek not Kundra but Wadhwa did to build his cred: Starting from spoiled young desi douchbag roots in Australia to failing as entrepreneur to scummy UC Berkeley lecturer to Duke University Ivyiot 'expert' slash NASSCOM shill.

So. Here we go again. From Skippy's Shoplifting start to being 'put on leave' for bribery on his watch to becoming a Harvard Ivyiot academic fluffer to his pretty much given next move to expert shill/lobbyist, McKundra's moves show that he's following the same path as my little sahib of another surname.

Skippy will have a LOT of company: other shining shining stars of the beltway like Patriot Act co-author Michael Chertoff, former Head of the DHS, who is now employed as a lobbyist by Rapiscan, a division of Hindiot Corp OSI to help them sell cancerous pornscanners to the agency he himself once lead.

Maybe since they now run in the same Ivyiot circles 'the two Viveks' can swap stories about M1 Bullets, cheap labor, and 'questionable desi ethics.'

Remember kids: It doesn't matter that Skippy grew up here or that he's a NeoCon. What matter is the fruit of his (spoiled, negligent, ethically challenged) labors.

Drunky out.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why is NASSCOM Don bagging on the Chinese?

The first rule of NASSCOM lobbying, it seems, is big up the brilliant Indians.

The second rule of NASSCOM lobbying is to 'bag on the Chinese' when talking about your clients isn't working.

And the third rule of NASSCOM fight club is.. well… you know.

Since Don doesn't have much clue about the Chinese, even to bag on them, I decided to comment:
"I'll be brief. And a 'devil's advocate.'
1/ Crossed whose line of decency? "We", after all of our economic debacles, don't seem to have one anymore.
2/ If you're alluding to "decency" for the Chinese, they have different values than we do. On the whole, they're more concerned with JUSTICE, not so called 'decency'. It was that way before the communists, during Mao's regime, and will be evermore after the PRC morphs into some kind of mutant mercantile society sometime in the future.
3/ The Chinese activists are a scant minority in the PRC. Like the Falun Gong, they are seem as a non conformist 'aberration' to be re-educated or rubbed out if they REALLY make trouble.
Cisco makes their kit, and provides configurations to the Chinese.
They also do so to the Indian Bharati regime --the Indians are also looking for state of the art surveillance and an internet kill switch, because they have the same problem as the Chinese:
  • Demographically too many young males, who are "too smart",
  • Less than total control of a LARGE area of the country (tho' China is better at this),
  • Massive potential for unrest in the less prosperous areas.
The fact of the matter is that the United States (corporations) have the rep of 'they will do business with anyone, even to the detriment of their own people'.. and on that basis any moral proselytizing to the Chinese (or any other N or SE Asian) at this point, falls on deaf ears.
This is also why companies (if they're smart) deal with the Taiwanese (Nationalists) and use them as a firewall against 'sour deals' with the PRC. The ROC'ers don't seem too picky about Beijing's record on human rights, at least not where trade is concerned. Suicides up at Foxconn due to Apple, HP, Dell orders behind? Put up suicide nets at the factory & sweep it under the rug. SOP.
The PRC (and rightly so) sees itself as a sovereign nation not subject to the hypocrisy of a nation that, itself has been rather dicey on the same human rights as of late. That's why you hear the PRC retort with 'Gitmo' or 'Torture' when these issues are brought up. The US makes war, the Chinese make 'all weather friends' (a neologism/antonym of 'fair weather friend') in Africa & Pakistan." 
(Via Second Lawsuit Accuses Cisco of Enabling China to Oppress Citizens | Blogs |
So much for being brief...

Like some little lawsuit filed in an activist court in ultra-hippy NorCal is going to change the default behavior of both Cisco & the PRC? Nah, this has been business as usual for far too long. But, if the State of California wants to piss off Cisco (more), they can just lay off more California employees.

Cisco is observing the 'platinum rule' of treating the PRC Chinese the way they expect to be treated. They don't want our (negative) freedom, and some 'activist' with delusions of (positive) freedom? Like that's gonna fly! Money talks, "ideals" walk. And if Cisco won't sell their own kit to China, Huawei or someone else will.

It's not rocket science, boyz n girls… Demographically the world is getting OLDER, and those in power are getting afraid of springtimes: Jade, Arab, and other due to the economic situation. The Chinese are just one national government in a line that are looking for MORE CONTROL over their young, male, tech savvy and INCREASINGLY RESTLESS populations.

Maybe those in the USA would do well to look at what controls have been put in place on our freedoms.. instead of blustering over a sovereign nation like China. Who can take care of their own -- and has for far longer than the US has been a country.

But hey, the US Mils decided that 'China is the enemy', so now US businesses that trade with our 2nd main creditor (after the Fed) are to be frowned on.

Frowny frown frown.

Drunky out.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

NASSCOM Don on why the U.S. Technology Work Force Needs "Asian Influence"

Never waste a good comment, especially if it's from a NASSCOM sponsored blog like Mumbai NASSCOM Don Tennant's so-called 'IT Edge':
"Wow, Mumbai Don sinks to new lows for his NASSCOM employers:
1/ Whoring out his entire family on a shaky premise of 'Asian ethics'.. whatever that is.
2/ Considering Indians 'Asians' when they have more in common with Afghani Pashtuns than Chinese, Japanese or Koreans. INDIANS ARE NOT ASIANS. Figure it out, Donny Boy.
3/ Oh, and then there's the myth that Chinese and Indian universities & schools are 'superior'.. even Vivek Wadhwa can't make that pile of shit stand.
For being a general whore, I now dub you NASSCOM DON. Evermore. You can double down, try to promulgate this tripe, but no one is buying it.
Or forgetting this. Ever. Oh, and congratulations on besmirching whatever 'service' your sons did to this country by being an agent for a foreign power. Because that's what you are, Donny.Boy." 
(Via Why the U.S. Technology Work Force Needs the Asian Influence | Blogs |
The last time we heard this tripe was when the Japanese were high on the yen-weak dollar 90s. Are memories really that short? Do we need to be resold our OWN management practices? Because that's what the Chinese & Japanese use: Peter Drucker etc.

I'm guessing that NASSCOM is about ready to fire Don Tennant, if he's willing to pull shit out of thin air and whore his own family on a public blog. But hey, that's what lobbyists inside the beltway DO EVERY DAY. Some a little more privately than others.

At least with the likes of Indian nationals like my favorite sahib or 'da Jewz' of AIPAC I understand. But Don Tennant? I have nary a clue.

Drunky out.

PS. On behalf of all the 'anti-antis' I'm sorry for slighting the good name of the city of Mumbai. Better to label the foreign agent by his sponsor: NASSCOM. So solly.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Don't Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses" Says Intelligence Squared US Immigration Debate Audience - Business - Press Releases -

Sometimes these blog entries just write themselves. After all, if we must grant blanket amnesty & citizens' rights to lawbreakers in the United States, what's the value of the rule of law?

If we just allow anyone in to lowball the locals in a time of really high unemployment, then what's the value of citizenship?

Like my favorite lobbyist Vivek Wadhwa, the 'immigration at any cost' folks on the panel trotted out their favorite talking points'... and didn't fare so well this time:

"With the first anniversary of Arizona's illegal immigrant law just behind us, last night's debate at Intelligence Squared US, 'Don't give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses', was a rousing, heated exchange on the nation's hottest issue. According to live audience voting, the Kobach/Tancredo team made the more convincing argument by moving the most audience votes to their side at the end of the evening although the Castro/Jacoby team carried 52% of the final vote."

(Via "Don't Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses" Says Intelligence Squared US Immigration Debate Audience - Business - Press Releases -

Despite the encouraging signs among the undecided of the audience in a real sample, I fear that it's too late for anyone seeking work over the age of 45. So maybe the Boomers will have no choice but to be cast aside --as they did to the youngs of our country.

If you ARE a young, no matter where you stand, I encourage you to see this debate. This is what the older lobbyists & politicos are debating in the back rooms of DC. And what, in 3-5 years you'll have to live through when you enter the job market to pay off the sins of the (Boomer) past.

Drunky out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Survey Finds 77% Of IT Staff Say Their Outsourcers Invent Work For Profit - Darkreading

Bearing in mind that "India is the Outsourcing Leader," this comes as no surprise. At all:

"May 11, 2011 - A new survey from Lieberman Software Corporation, taken at the recent Infosecurity Europe 2011 event in London and mirrored at RSA Conference 2011 in San Francisco, shows that the relationship between many outsourcing companies and their clients is at a breaking point. According to the survey, an astonishing 77% of IT professionals who work in organisations that use outsourcing say their outsourcers have ‘...made up...’ work in order to earn extra money."


“Given that the advice came from a ‘credible source’ these executives were able to achieve remarkable reductions in cost and liability for a while, until business challenges began to appear that required flexibility, corporate knowledge, and dedication to the company. The experts never considered dedication and loyalty as elements in their ‘process reengineering’ - it was deemed as not quantifiable.”

(Via Survey Finds 77% Of IT Staff Say Their Outsourcers Invent Work For Profit - Darkreading.)

American tech workers have learned that 'loyalty' has been 'out of the equation' or 'not quantifiable' for a long time now.

-Drunky out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Special Comment on Osama Bin Laden Assassination & Pakistan from KGS NightWatch 20110509 #ITM

So kids, it's your Uncle Drunky again. I found this gem in the early morning, from one of my favorite GOV/Mil/Infosec lists, KGS NIGHTWATCH. If you want REAL NEWS ala Cryptogon, Public Intelligence, or Wikileaks you NEED to be on this list!

Any apologies to KForce Gov or the NIGHTWATCH admin for length of passages.. but the kids need to be introduced to your list, as they will be assuming the debt/running the place in the next few years. Information is power and all that.

Now to the special comment about Osama bin Laden, the guy we've been dealing with, sometimes as a friend, since early Afghanistan-Russia days:

"Special comment: In American jurisprudence, the best evidence rule requires attorneys to provide direct evidence of the commission of an act, civil or criminal. This rule requires, for example, a properly executed deed as the best evidence of real estate ownership. Ownership of an automobile is established by the title. Best evidence of a dead man is always his corpse.

Unidentified US officials chose to sacrifice the best evidence for the sake of honoring Islamic 'burial' practices. That choice put the US in a difficult position because the US has produced no 'proof' of bin Laden's death - just words, also known as testimony. Moreover, since 1 May US officials have stated no less than five variations of the story of bin Laden's death. Pakistanis have issued three versons; Saudi news media have issued an entirely separate version of the death and al Qaida's general command has issued still another.

Without the corpse, it is entirely reasonable to believe that bin Laden could be still alive and in US custody. All of the evidence of his death is testimonial, not demonstrative. Even the acknowledgement by the al Qaida general command is suspect because of the al Watan version of the story that bin Laden was betrayed by his own people in a leadership split. Bin Laden's successors have a motive for declaring him dead quickly, much more quickly than the Pakistani Taliban acknowledged the death of Baitullah Mehsud, for example.

Testimonial evidence - words - is always weaker than demonstrative evidence. No amount of testimony about a person's death can equal the probative value of a dead body. Photos of a corpse, especially digital photos, always are weaker than the corpse itself, in proving death. That is why the best evidence rule exists in US law.

Thus the US has disadvantaged itself by its own choices. Administration luminaries have insisted the US did everything it could to ensure that the world would believe that bin Laden was dead. Nevertheless, they failed. They did everything except honor the best evidence rule which every lawyer in training learns in Evidence class.

(Via NightWatch 20110509 - KGS.)

Long story short: Gee, the 'People who can think for themselves & this kinda sounds like BULLSHIT to me'-ers, uh, 'deathers' may have a point. Why throw jurisprudence out the window? And, WHY should even the American people trust the word of a government that over the course of three presidential terms & two administrations has committed questionable acts, taken away our rights, and put restrictions on our travel? Bueller? Bueller?

But hey, this is how the Boomsters roll. Don't worry your pretty little head about the details. (hat tip to DSquare Digest, who also picked up on this 'deathers' thing).

Now on to the REAL and juicy (hi)story of Pakistan:

As for Pakistan, the US must decide about its relationship. The latest alliance with Pakistan, in a long and often broken line since World War II, is only eleven years old. It is based on coercion of a resisting General Musharraf to work with the inconstant Americans in late 2001, in the Pakistani view.


Pakistani memories are long and mostly unfavorable. For example, older Readers will remember that Pakistan was an alliance partner in CENTO, between 1955 and 1979. Membership in CENTO, also known as The Baghdad Pact, did not benefit Pakistan during the 1965 war with India.

Close ties to the US did not prevent Pakistan's loss of East Pakistan and defeat by the Indian Army in 1971 or in the Kargil war in 1999. A virtual alliance with the US seems to have encouraged the US in making a surprise commando raid against bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad this month.

The US relationship with Pakistan has shallow roots for another reason. An entire generation of Pakistani military officers have received no training in US military schools and courses because International Military Education and Training (IMET) was cut off in 1990. Chinese military authorities know more about the next generation of Pakistani military leaders than the US.

Long after the US withdraws soldiers from Afghanistan, Pakistan will be important to the US because it has nuclear weapons that can be used against India and proliferated to Arab states. Secondly, it has close security relations with China that are not congruent with US interests in South Asia and the Middle East."

(Via NightWatch 20110509 - KGS.)

And this, kids, is why your Uncle Drunky just doesn't buy all the 'Pakistan divorce' crazy talk by that Foreign Policy douchebag Tom Ricks. At all. This is also why I value lower-profile under-the-radar mailing lists over peacock-strutty pro-war buh-logs like Foreign Policy.

The drums of war are beating again. Will you heed the call by the former peacniks in our government? AGAIN?? Fool me twice.....

Drunky out.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Vivek Wadhwa: Strangely 'Right' on Education? A Nice Guy? This time, Yes!

So kids, it's your Uncle Drunky. Yes, THIS is my 'advice to you about education and going to a foreign country' post. Having done it a number of times. The education thing too. This is a loooong one so bear with me.

I'm kinda scratching my head about my favorite little sahib, Vivek Wadhwa. Who'da thunk? He's actually a nice if harmless academic 'in real life' if you go by these tweets (reversed, of course):

.@auerswald I would readily invest my life savings in providing my children best possible education also. Am talking about them taking debt

@qohort Everyone should get education. But if you can't afford $50K/year from Stanford, why not go to Berkeley or SF State?

For the record, I would go into debt to get the best education I could--or my children could get. Even though this isn't cost justified.
via TweetDeck

How is that for contradicting myself real-time? I'm speaking about economics vs. lifetime value.
via TweetDeck

All my usual sarcasm aside, I recommend my younger readers to seriously look at this part of his timeline on Twitter. It's one of the few times we see Vivek Wadhwa the Professor, and not the lobbyist for India, Inc.

When I read these tweets I see the same 'parental calculus' (fancy words for 'oh shit, I don't want to tell the kids that, because it's a trap I faced') that I got from my own elders when I started off. So let me relate what I know, bearing in mind that YOU have to "make up your own damn minds."

There's ONE 'school of thought' that you SHOULD go into debt as soon as possible, because you'll be paying off that debt later with 'cheaper' inflated money. You know how things were cheaper just 3 years ago? Gas? Starbucks? What if you could pay those debts off with 'today's money?' Sounds GREAT, doesn't it? No!

Now I'll tell you why that model falls flat: It's called 'compound interest', boys and girls. Your debt is not 'linear' like owing your friends a bit extra on a loan. They're COMPOUND in that they accumulate every day, POUNDING you into the ground when you don't pay them off, and they grow at an exponential rate. Learn the difference between SIMPLE (linear) and COMPOUND (exponential) interest, and you'll see why anyone with a brain does NOT hold credit card debt. That the US Debt is compounded at US$14T every day should boggle your mind.

Compound interest is how the banks make money out of air off your young backs. It's also how & why American Universities have no problem having an AMEX or VISA rep in front of EVERY college bookstore without fail. "Easy monthly payments" as they're called here in the US. Anything but!

The other thing is that colleges are now strapped for funds (too many perks for useless administrators, no salary for teachers, etc) so your tuition & book prices are hyper-inflated. Last time I went to a small town campus bookstore they were selling a classic programming book from 1988, Kernighan & Richie ANSI C for over $50. I've seen it on Amazon for 10 times less. Other books that were $40 in my time are now $150-- or, generous them, the college will RENT the book to you for $50. It's a scam.

Now I don't want to discourage you from pursuing your dream. But what I *DO* want to say is that this dream better be your obsession. It better keep you up at night.

It *should* be something that can help you and your family achieve growth in the LONG TERM. And that's not some "innovative" Facebook clone or another way to scrape the web of data.

What you are doing in going to college is learning how to think. I agree with Vivek in that you should get a bachelor's degree, or even an associate's. But these degrees are a start to your life. MAYBE after a few years with some practical experience under your belt you may opt for a Master's degree. But mostly you're learning how to re-tool yourself to the new things that are coming.

Personally, I studied East Asian Languages and Economics from a smaller college as Vivek suggests. Some 15 years later I have a solid background in Infosec, some Unix programming, and web development. The rest of that, I learned myself. And college was the start of that. If you have a fire or drive to really be something: a journalist, a programmer, then by all means GO FOR IT!! Many folks do not have the drive and should.. stop and reconsider.

But if you're JUST doing it 'for the money' you're setting yourself up for big time FAIL. There are a number of displaced Americans working off over US$100,000 to $200,000 of compounding debt, never 'getting ahead'. It may take them DECADES to work it off, or they may default on the debt. They'll NEVER have the 'American Dream' of a house because.. um, if you default, you do not get a loan. No loan, no house. Or even car. I know a number of folks back east in this situation.

If you do emigrate to another country, even the United States, expect flack from the locals. This is true in your country, right? Americans are really no different, EVEN IF they behave 'nicely' on the surface. In that we are all the same. As a shining example I give you the mobs that celebrated what's looking like the execution of Usama (Osama, yeah right) bin Laden. Maybe if they were more educated they would not approve. In fact, some do not, and have seen past US globalist deceit when it's SO OBVIOUS to anyone paying attention.

The globalists are intensely lazy. They do not want to spend money going to the 'emerging markets' --they want YOU to COME to THEM -- accumulate debt, and become a wage slave at a fraction the cost of a local. You cannot hop jobs. But you CAN displace a local whether you can do the job or not. This serves NO ONE except the employer.

Whether you get a green card or not? They do not care. THAT is why there are folks here who have been in 'limbo' for years. Some decades.

That is why there is so much H1B and other VISA fraud, including this new StartUp VISA. It will be abused just like the rest at YOUR expense.

That is why the fraudulent 'body shops' ply their trade.

That is why corporations indenture youngs like you because a 'visa' is considered a perk.

And THAT is why I am so much down on this 'nice Professor' whose agenda became leading young from overseas down a primrose path of VISA slavery.

If you could read to the end of this looooooooong screed, you should continue your education. But take the advice of a nice old professor and a drunk uncle-- and more importantly that of your elders: be pragmatic and have some common sense when you go about continuing your education.

Make your dream happen. Help your family, your friends, your town. That's all that really matters in the end.

That's it, kids. Your Uncle Drunky is out!

Long-Prized Tech Visas Lose Cachet -

What with the stagnant economy among other things, it looks like the worm is starting to turn for beleaguered geeks and other victims of H1B slavery. Ron Hira, of the Rochester Institute of Technology, finally getting some press:

At the House Subcommittee on Immigration, a critic of the program, Ronil Hira, highlighted that Indian companies operating in the U.S., such as Infosys, Tata and Wipro, are among the biggest H-1B users, and that they're bringing in foreigners with ordinary skills.

In an interview, Mr. Hira, a professor of public policy at Rochester Institute of Technology, said that 'because of loopholes, employers can bring in cheaper foreign workers to substitute for American workers and undercut their wages.'

His research indicates only about a third of all H-1B visa holders are 'really highly skilled or graduates of U.S. universities who would be eventually sponsored for green cards,' or permanent U.S. residency, by their employers. Employers have said that the program enables them to tap top talent, whom they seek to hire permanently down the road."

(Via Long-Prized Tech Visas Lose Cachet -

Of course, my little sahib Vivek '#Fraudhwa' Wadhwa had his day in the sun. But he didn't say anything we don't already know.

It's a shame. Wadhwa the academic seems to be a nice guy. Fraudhwa the NASSCOM lobbyist? That's another matter.

Drunky out.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Obama murdered bin Laden for a fistful of votes - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Looks like someone over at Haaretz in Israel is paying attention:

"The president, who came to power with liberal slogans and a pose of reconciliation with the Muslim world, speaks like Martin Luther King but operates in the international area like a right-wing/conservative outlaw from Alabama. He may defeat the Republicans at the polls, but he has adopted their ideological path."

(Via Obama murdered bin Laden for a fistful of votes - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News.)

He gets some things a bit wrong, let's see if they publish my comment:

You have a couple things wrong. The 'outlaw' didn't come from Alabama but from Maine via Texas. That, of course was the Boomer fratboy WhiteBush.

Now you have another Bush of another color from the same immature cohort of Baby Boomers.. aka, the hippys, aka 'those who lead from behind' aka chickenhawks.

Look back into the history of the Big Gov, Big Corp "Neo Conservatives" and you'll see that they are mis-named. They were KICKED OUT of the Democratic Party, and took over the once reasonable Repubs like a parasite. They are, in fact by philosophy 'Neo-Liberals' -- which is why they mesh so well with Obama and his ilk.

What's happening in the USA is a demographic war on the world waged by the Worst Generation- The Baby Boomers.

The casualties are anyone under 40, anywhere in the world.

And that's EVERYONE, including our young soldiers & citizens coming back from the Middle East. Forever changed.

The fact that our Constitution has been shredded by two successive Bushes, the recent 'OBusha' one a Professor of Constitutional Law, is the least of our worries.

Drunky out.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Raining Hindutva Desi Douchebags... I mean, Criminals

Before I launch into my next screed about the education bubble & college, this is one for all those H1B-wannabes who will 'pay' $20K+ to some dubious Desi so that they can pursue the so-called 'American Dream.'

Here's the message: The hippies in the US government have woken up. Youtube:

And the main story:

"DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) -- Two men, who ran a software company in Clinton, Iowa, are expected to be sentenced on charges they committed visa fraud to bring foreign workers to the U.S.

Fazal Mehmood and Viheet Maheshwari have pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to make false statements and commit visa fraud in connection with several applications to bring foreign workers to the U.S. under H-1B Visas.

Mehmood and Maheshwari ran companies called Worldwide Software Services and Sana Systems.

Federal prosecutors say they applied for H-1B Visas for foreign workers that contained false statements about their jobs and work locations. For instance, they told the government that employees would be working as programmers and analysts, but those jobs did not exist after they arrived in the U.S.

Sentencing is Wednesday at the federal courthouse in Davenport."

(Via 2 men to be sentenced in work visa fraud case - Yahoo! Finance.)

When your Uncle Drunky was in East Asia, specifically China & Japan, he'd be out at night, in the rain, looking for an international phone to call home. 17-19 hour time difference and all.

Anyway, I'd sometimes have pidgin talk with the Philipinas, Africans, Iranians, and other slave labor that these Asian countries would bring in.

Stories like-

"I've got big debt back home with the loan sharks, about US$20K."

"They have my passport and handle everything. I have about four more years to pay off the debt. I've been here for six."

"I can't really talk about it to outsiders. If I do it'll be trouble for me."

These stories and more, being crammed 20 to a 6 person apartment, being moved around a lot, yes, I heard stories. The Jap Yakuza were the worst.

But one thing stood out: these folks chose freely, in their own countries, to be trafficked. And, once in the 'host country,' their choices became severely limited. But yes, some of these folks consented to be repeatedly trafficked. One of the repeaters I knew had a university education.

What I wrote about the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians? And how they deal with each other? Some of it came from these street level experiences back in the day that I'd rather forget.

So when I hear about these Desi Bodyshop Hindutva scum, and what they're doing: To their own people, and the results in my country I think just one thing: Prison or Deportation's too good for them.

Human Traffickers should be dealt with the way the Chinese deal with them: One bullet charged to the family, hold the 'M-1'.

It's also why an increasing number of Americans are raising questions against the Desi Donald Rumsfeld Vivek Wadwha, for promoting tripe like the 'Start Up VISA as if it were the 'American Dream'...

...when it ends in human trafficking and labor arbitrage.

-Drunky out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby, I Perform this Way (via Al Yankovic)

This is the Drunky Anthem:


-Drunky out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Boomsters and Slavery 2.0: The Musical

This is NOT my 'advice to Indian Youngs and others who can't afford college'. This is just something that's been in my Drafts folder since... last month. Uncle Drunky, you're a lazy fcuk. Aye, guilty as charged. This is more for the Amelickan kids who are being played by Barry O'Blackbush anyway.

So. Here we are: This is Slavery 2.0, and the 'Slumdogs' are the slaves whether they're onshore or offshore. Up to 22% real unemployment in the US, more police powers for the DHS, the TSA at a mall near you, "if you see something say something" Stasi type denunciations ...WTF gives, Uncle Drunky?? Hell if I know. But if I were a betting man-

This is part of a MUCH "bigger idea", it's more of a demographic war on our own young. With a number of scapegoats. There are a LOT of 'Big Lies' going around, and questions you should ask your Hippy Managers:

  • The Indians didn't just up and spontaneously 'invade' us, they were INVITED. By whom?

  • "China, Inc" is no more our enemy than 'Japan, Inc' was in the 90s. But they're CONVENIENT to the Boomsters & their idea of racism. Ask Apple why they don't stop using China for manufacturing.. or WHICH China 'calls the shots' for Apple (Honhai, Taiwan, ROC). And, because of this, Apple gets hit in the tech press by TechCrunch etal.

  • I said demographic, right? Ladies n Gents, Mark Steyn:

    Okay, why is a Muslim who wants to kill Americans holding down a job at a European airport? That’s slightly easier to answer. Almost every problem facing the Western world, from self-detonating jihadists to America’s own suicide bomb — the multi-trillion-dollar debt — has at its root a remorseless demographic arithmetic.

    In the U.S., the Baby Boomers did not have enough children to maintain their mid-20th-century social programs. I see that recent polls supposedly show that huge majorities of Americans don’t want any modifications to Medicare or Social Security.

    So what? It doesn’t matter what you “want.” The country’s broke, and you can vote yourself unsustainable quantities of government lollipops all you like, but all you’re doing is ensuring that when, eventually, you’re obliged to reacquaint yourself with reality, the shock will be far more devastating and convulsive.

    via Arid Uka's Gratitude

    So there it is: In addition to flooding our shrinking birthrate population with less savvy more easily pliant, and oh-so-corruptable 'immigrants' the Boomsters think they can keep all their entitlements. They know that GenX & below won't go along with this, so 'we' have been replaced.

  • The PRC is the 'defined enemy' of this Cold War 2.0. So who's the bulwark / proxy of brown folks to stem 'Yellow Peril 2.0? India. And OF COURSE they have to be financially pumped up. If this was the Boomers' plan, then we're all fcuked.

The Hills are Alive.. but that ain't the 'Sound of Music.'

Unless it's disco.

Fcuking Boomers.

Drunky out.

Monday, April 18, 2011

H1B Slavery: View from the Inside

Hello kids, it's your Uncle Drunky. Live and direct I bring you a unique perspective of Slavery 2.0. From the inside. If you're an American, unless you're a Boomer, sit down and have your painkiller handy.

Sorry for the length, it would have been very easy for me to cut this up into something 'incriminating' ala Fox News. That is not my intent. I want you to see the motivation as to why H1B slaves would come over to the USA -- rushing down the primrose path laid by the Boomers & corrupt Hindutva shills like Vivek Wadhwa and his snake oil selling of Entreporn.

In a nutshell, 'Everybody's doing it, pile on!'::

"This is typical 'Sab kuch chalta hai' desi attitude. I've gone through my share of visa pangs after completing Masters. The same year Infosys applied H1-B visa for a close relative. My relative got the visa with supreme ease and never boarded the plane to come to USA. Infosys applied for a visa 'just in case' a project came up. As much as I respect Narayan Murty and company for the commendable work they have done to make India the most sought after destination for Information Technology services, it makes me terribly sad to see such abusive practices by bellwethers of Indian IT.

Last week I learned about Cognizant's EB1 practices. A namesake Project Manager who over-promised the client (my company) and rode the consultants to breaking point, has no communication or managerial skills whatsoever, is qualified to apply under EB1. For lack of a better word the guy is a thug. He would ask for farmaish of songs (ask his consultants to suggest songs) after 11.00 PM and say things like, 'you are being entertained, so do your work'. All this while I had a balanced thought process and gave benefit of doubt when it came to certain practices. Now, after spending close to a decade in this country with a Masters and advanced management degree I'm still stuck in line for my legalization process, which is held hostile by anti-immigration community or Congress that gives more importance to discussing equine euthanasia over legalizing people like me. And on the other hand these thugs from Infosys and Cognizant who haven't paid taxes for two full years walk away with a Green Card. Every time I hear about EB1 fraud, I feel someone just kicked me hard in my gut.

Ratting people out is not a solution. A relative who is much younger than me (in terms of number of years of experience) is planning to apply under EB1 by claiming that he is a Project Manager. Let alone people management. The guy has not done anything other than coding C++ and SQL. He is trying to play nice with HR so that they can fudge his credentials.

The way I look at it; if you leave money on the table then everybody would want it. That is what has happened with H1-B fraud, L1 fraud, Green card fraud, all those New Jersey and Bay Area consulting company frauds. If we would have known where to draw the line on misusing the system then Senator Grassley and company would have left us alone. Don't blame them because we fucked up. Own up to our mistakes and live with the consequences. These guys are rightfully squeezing our balls. If you shamelessly took state minimum 65K in paycheck and another 40K in cash transactions and not pay taxes on that then you have no fucking right to complain that American system is broken, blah, blah, blah

We behave like locusts. We rape an option that is provided us to us and move to the next one and the next one until all resources run out. And when that happens we start feeding on each other (EB3 porting, Telugu vs. others, South Indian vs. North Indian). Come on guys, there is a limit to being disgusting. This has to stop on multiple fronts. "

(Via B1 Visa Misuse at Infosys - Immigration Voice.)

Hat tip to 'Ankit Prasad' over at Live N Exist for the linguistic insight. I humbly suggest that any American who's 'stay at home' read this entire IV thread. If you wanted to know what 'human trafficking' is, well...there you are.

Sad to say, this attitude of 'self-centered, en masse, like locusts' dovetails perfectly with the white, liberal Boomers that infest the HR offices of Corporate America-in-name-only. We hear far too much from the 'masters'... tho' now that you've heard from the slaves, who were invited, what do you think of this mess??

Now do you see why I show sarcastic contempt for Hindutva Slavery 2.0 Lobbyists like Vivek Wadhwa & collaborators like "Mumbai" Don Tennant?

Next blog entry is my advice to the H1B'ers. And no, it's not just 'stay out of my country.' That's too easy, and caters to the elites.

Drunky out.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Larry Kudlow: Once a Thoughtless Dicknose, Always a Thoughtless Dicknose

You gotta love the dicknose chimpanzee of CNBC, Larry Kudlow. He's only got ONE thing on the brain:
"The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that."
You stay classy, Lar.

-Drunky out.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

ROC Chinese Girls Teach you Japanese <<

Moving right along, if this is Taiwan ROC, I'm packin' my bags...and learning Japanese.

Wait, Japanese? WTF?

Dear Japan: China stole all your sexay & mojo. Go take your Geritol and fix your ratty cars.

Drunky out.

Looks like Fusion Garage's JooJoo is PooPoo.

So, sad Mikey Arrington sold out to AOL. Boooooooring. What about that fight he was having with Chandra DipShitABlowHornCamelCode boy? It’s enough to make someone spend the rest of his life moping in a cube at AOL when the blogosphere uses you as a chew toy.

So, “win the future” happened? It’s ‘JooJoo’ follow up time — and I, your humble Drunky? I’m here to lulz ^h^h^h help.

Okay, here we go:

  1. Mader McChod issues a statement last year: “Poo Poo iz ded”

  2. Oooooh he shipped SOMETHING: Only 64 tablets “shipped”.

  3. It probably didn’t help that Priya Rai ^H ^H ^H okay not THAT gal but some intern at WIRED didn’t like it.

  4. And the ‘federal lawsuit is ongoing’ sez Huffypo.

  5. And the latest is that Fusion Garage is getting spanked over their so called ‘OS’ which is dum DUM DUM! GPL’d code that they don’t wanna share back.

  6. Another fine South Asian product ware o' vapor. So says Wikipedia, so say we all.

Mmmmmm…. Priya Rai. Hey, at least South Asia has ONE EXPORT I want.

-Drunky fap ^h^h^h out.

NPR Foundation Pres says NPR doesn't need Federal Funding #noagenda

(UPDATE: Both video-bobbleheads, 'leaving' Ron Schiller and 'oopsie' Betsy Lilely have been put on 'administrative leave', and NPR states:

"The assertion that NPR and public radio stations would be better off without federal funding does not reflect reality. The elimination of federal funding would significantly damage public broadcasting as a whole."

*cough* Bullshit *cough*) [doff.beanie: TPMMuckraker]

So, Ron Schiller came under fire for 'taking his NPR hat off' and embarrassing the organization. Big deal, I say. The real meat of this punking is that-

  • The former-by-one week 'guy in the know' not only elaborated that NPR would be better off without Federal aid, but also that, (timecode 5:50)

  • That NPR could more than cope without the $90 million every year out of our pockets.

  • ..of the total 'station economy' of $800 million every year that they receive" (including federal funding).

Seriously. Just can't make this up:

The juice, for those in a hurry comes around timecode 5:30, but heck, listen to the entire thing so that you, the public, know what NPR really is.

When you strip all the bluster about Islam, 'Da Jewz', Conservatives (not really), Liberals (not really), and brotherhoods of men(sm) this is all about MONEY. Our money.

By the admission of senior exec Schiller (last week), they don't need the money, right?

This is the USA. Say whatever you want, but don't expect the taxpayers to pay for it, especially if "you don't need the money."

Hat tip with SOME skepticism to The Bookworm Room for this story. Reading is fundamental, kids, and you should read everyone.

My recommendation to NoAgenda listeners is you should read this story stem to stern to see how these little "money plays at the public trough" play out.

Drunky out (totally played, playah!)

Dick Morris Calls Ron Paul "Horrific", Hangs Up On Peter Schiff [video] #NoAgenda

And now you know, you should NEVER buy a book by Dick Morris.

(Via YouTube - Dick Morris Calls Ron Paul "Horrific", Hangs Up On Peter Schiff.)

"We need to drug test every highschool student."
-Dick Morris

"Dick Morris wants to pound this country (the USA) into the ground."
- Peter Schiff


"Dick Morris is a big government Bush/Obama Neo-Liberal Boomster."

Don Tennant & Mindless Zombie Piglets!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that "IT (so-called) pundit" Mumbai Don Tennant would pipe in to regurgitate the NBC GE thing. Not like any of the commenters are having any of it-- especially this guy, 'Doc Savage':

"I am sure back in post civil war America, when the European and Caribbean immigrants were being used to replace the newly freed slaves, as America's primary agricultural workforce, someone was out there talking it up as being the best way to get America back on track to be the most successful Industrialized nation. But Frederick Douglas brought to the attention of the nation through his writings about the issue, that it was harmful to the worker. He referred to this labor type as 'Coolie Labor' and compared it to 'Slave Labor' in it's value and moral corruption.

Don - If you are truly a globalist, then your focus should be for the manifestation of equality for all workers in the world through FAIR TRADE, not free trade, Equal pay for equal work should be your mantra, not the chant of 'MORE NON-IMMIGRANT LABOR'.

If you can't see this then you are as blind as the Indian Agent of the 19th century that believed taking the Native American from his ancestral home and civilize him would mean sustaining their people for generations to come.

We all know how that turned out.

As for the fiery rhetoric of people over this issue, well Don, if the government were to come into your home and replace your wonderful wife with a sow and your kids with mindless zombie piglets, would you consider that fair trade, being that it would be cheaper to have pets than family? Would you not fight against such a fascist idea? Would you not have ripe vernacular for those forcing you to accept such a ridiculous exchange?

Now you can see why people like myself would rather see you and those other pundits of the labor replacement cult hung by your thumbs and see the livestock you are forcing onto us turned into sausages."

(Via Why the Anti-H-1B Argument Isn’t Being Taken Seriously | Blogs |

I'm liking this Doc Savage guy. And recommend you read his entire comment for historic context. Something Mumbai Don seems to lack in his "posts".

Personally, I'm not to partial to sausage tho'. Unless I'm peckish.

Drunky out.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

And now for something COMPLETELY different...

How to survive an Alien attack:

As a former 'alien' / gweilao / puying / gaijin, I find this is hella FUNNY.

-Drunky out.

Why is the DHS Lobbying Against USCIS & Americans over H1B Visas?

Today comes yet another attempt by... well, I'll get to that... but it's to resurrect 'VISA reform' to drive down wages & filler'up with Slaves for the 'new economy. It's a yawner worthy of Vivek Wadhwa until you get to two things: One, the punchline:

"The effort to pass the DREAM Act — focusing on those undocumented aliens seeking to enlist in our armed forces or get an education — was in that same spirit. But with that attempt having failed, the visa cap provides another opportunity."

(Via End visa cap on experts - The Boston Globe.)

And Two, just who is putting their name on this copypasta:
Juliette Kayyem, a guest columnist, is former homeland security adviser for Massachusetts and most recently served as assistant secretary at the US Department of Homeland Security.

Former my green posterior. There is no 'former' when you deal with the Feds.

The plot thickens as Ron Hira, of the Rochester Institute of Technology enters the fray. Even he doesn't buy it:

rhira wrote:
It is remarkable that an "expert" who had a high post in DHS doesn't have the basic facts correct. The public should be skeptical about our best and brightest making phony statements about serious policy issues, especially when they are either ignorant or hoping the public is. Where are the editors in these debates?

See the following two statements:
"There is a hard cap on the number of high-skilled (and often US-educated) workers under the H1B visa system; a cap that was filled by US companies in nine months in 2009, and in a matter of days in more prosperous 2008 and 2007."

This is factually incorrect. There are employers that are exempt from any cap. So, it isn't a "hard" cap.

"At MIT alone in the last decade, 53 assistant professors were able to stay in this country on an H1B visa."

MIT is one of those exempt employers and none of the 53 assistant professors were subject to any cap.

Ron Hira
(via 02/27/2011 10:35 EST

Let that bake as we hear from another REAL STEM person, who has figured out that these H1Bs bring nothing more than 'cheap' to the table:

ronp wrote:
"Juliette Kayyem wants to remove the cap on H1-B visa program because the scientists and engineers on this visa cannot take her job away! I am a US citizen and an experienced PhD chemist. I lost my job in a drug company three years ago. I have not been able to get a similar job. Currently I have a contract job that pays me 25% less than my earlier salary. Most of the good jobs that opened up during the last three years went to H1-B visa holders. Most of these jobs went to docile Chinese who are eager to settle down in USA and hence are willing to work hard for low wages. Yes, the H1 visa is about keeping wages down. Hey, may be the companies should hire foreigners on H1-B visa for the positions of CEOs and other management staff. They can save a huge bundle on salaries and other perks! I wonder what these greedy corporations will do fifty years from now when the foreign scientists and engineers graduate from American universities and go back to their own countries."

(via 2/28/2011 1:09 PM EST)

As I covered back in 2009, these students will go home ANYWAY for marriage or filial piety reasons.

So the real question is, what does the DHS want with foreign students? Who, when they graduate will be saddled with crushing (college) debt? Personally I have my own conclusion, and I do not think you'd like the answer, especially if you happen to be one of these students 'on the hook.'

First we have Vivek Wadhwa shamelessly pushing his tired, old debunked schtick in a PR package for NBC and their parent corp, General Electric, aka 'Generally Outsourcing'.

Now we have the DHS, a Federal agency pretty much in lockstep doing the same. Is this really America?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls.. Citizens & Immigrants... we are being played. Students are not being sent home to spread our values, instead they are RETAINED here as slaves while we EXPORT our soldiers to 'spread our values' at the end of a gun.

This is NOT 'win the future'.. this is WIRED TO FAIL.

Drunky out.

P.S. Don't tell me it's just her opinion. These things have to be cleared, "former" nothing)

P.P.S. The tie-ins with NBC - GE's other property 'Outsourcing' are there and desperate. Given that it's so offensive to normal Americans it's hardly surprising that many think it will be cancelled.

P.P.P.S. Why are GE and NBC so desperate? The answer as always is M & A, bad money after bad.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wannabe 'Expert' Vivek Wadhwa smears Quora. Humiliated by a *Real* VC!

Perhaps you're wondering who pissed in my little sahib's cheerios this morning. Maybe it's all the flack he's gotten over a half-assed smear piece he wrote about Quora, in order to 'establish' himself there.

Well, since I'm just as much of a partygoer with QA-fora as the next John Galt, I chipped in that I know about my wuvable little sahib:

When dealing with any Vivek Wadhwa post, nay, any post from an academic it helps to read it like a book report: beginning and punchline:

Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not writing this in my capacity as a university professor or researcher; I don’t claim to be an expert on social networking; and I will be happy to be proven wrong—

..and yet he commits poison pen to paper. Or finger to keyboard. Okay, TL d' DR... until we get to the punchline:

Why do the Silicon Valley elite believe that everyone will flock to a U.S.-based tech site like Quora?

Please note that the italics are his and not mine. The whole point of his book report was to hit quora because it did not come from India or China.

That is, if it's not from Hyderabad, it's...bad. He basically made up this straw man about HIS "expectations" of Quora and then knocked it down -- like the last time he tried to do anything in SV.

Wadhwa is the Cramer of Tech. Arrington gave him life, and he's been 'prolific' ever since.

Other than that: You guys still take Scoble seriously. Cute.

(via Uncle Drunky's answer to the obvious tag/pageview whoring on Quora)

I suppose we shouldn't get into using your own students to impersonate Quora users or flagrant violations of their TOS. But hey, even SV heavies like Michael Wolfe ain't buyin' it. Srsly, everyone including Fraudy's students should read this utter pownage of my little sahib:

"I’m not comfortable with this kind of tone and try to avoid it, but I thought that if I were ever going to try it out and see what kind of reaction it got, this would be the place to do it.

(And now that I’ve seen Robert Scoble’s severed head on Quora Review, I’m a bit less worried that I’ve crossed a line!)

My irk is this:

Vivek has a tremendous platform: his TechCrunch distribution gets him in front of millions of users, and his academic credentials give him authority and credibility (maybe not to you guys, but you have some background here). But he starts the article with a half-assed disclaimer ‘I am not an expert’ that let’s him cave later if he is wrong, write a poorly-reasoned piece, but still leverage his enormous pulpit.

He then makes no effort to make his article even internally consistent. He does none of the background research or anticipate any of the obvious counter arguments, then lays out a blanket insult of all of SV as being clueless dilettantes out of touch with what plays on main street, right after he himself essentially says main street is too dumb to spend time reading, research, writing, and upvoting good content.

There are good arguments against Quora, but he makes none of them."

(Via A response to Mr. Wadhwa « The Quora Review.)

Serious confidential to my little sahib: You've been doing this for years. When are you going to settle down to a tenured position in Berkeley with a wife & kids & the curry colored picket fence? Will Berkeley not have you?

-Drunky out.

PS. Love that image of Scoble's severed head. I'm liking this Wolfe guy already.

My Little Sahib Vivek Wadhwa: Keepin' it Classy with ETHICS

Shock! My little sahib! (Feigned) outrage over teh Ethicks!

@RickBullotta Reason for anger in my tweets - implications I had done something unprofessional/unethical. I would never compromise ethics. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck in reply to RickBullotta

Oh really? After this, this, oh heck, et's just bomb the keywords THIS?

Hey, let's not forget my FAVORITE one, about teh M1 Bullets, life in danger schtick. Or maybe this time-tested 'Is it a PhD, or 8th grade on the Flesch reading scale?

But hey, let's hope you can squeeze in 5 more non-tenured positions by the end of the year, eh?


"The Elements of Style (4th Edition)" (William Strunk, E. B. White)