Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Other Stupid - Weepy H1Bs and Shoddy Factchecking at

[UPDATE: Yup, this commenter confirms that the WSJ op-ed is Stuart Anderson copy-paste, and that he’s his own ‘foundation’. Actually, here’s the skinny from a UC Davis Professor.]

And the stupid continues, this time in the WSJ. Cry, cry! for the poor little Indian ‘temporary workers’ who think they’re entitled to citizenship. Cry also for the Journal that they would stoop to PR copypasta:

A former official at the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Mr. Anderson focuses on foreign nationals from India, who fill nearly half of the annual quota for H1-B temporary work visas. Indian professionals who want to become permanent U.S. residents face a wait time of at least 12 years and as long as 20. “To put this in perspective,” says the report, “children today in kindergarten may graduate from college by the time Indians who file new applications for an employment-based immigrant visa would receive a green card.”
[From The Other Immigrants -]

The H1B ‘Guest Worker VISA’ is, by definition, NOT a gateway to citizenship. Re-read what it is. Do it again until it sinks in. In any other country in the world, a guest work visa DOES NOT GUARANTEE a path to citizenship, in fact, you can be expelled at any time. And in India, China, Malaysia, and Japan expelling ‘guest workers’ is common.

Ah, well, I made my opinion known, as did a number of other WSJ commenters who didn’t fall for the bull. I’ve worked in other countries on guest worker visas and guess what? It’s an unstable temporary-as stated gig, and for those who want to settle in a host country the gears of bureaucracy are unsympathetic and SLOW.

Only in the land of the stupid & the home of the broad-brush, where Boomers feather their stagflated retirement funds on the backs of overstaying under-skilled slaves, are guest visas used in this way.

Did I say slavery? I’m sorry, I should be using the new polite term: “labor arbitrage”. It seems to be the new dirty word of the naughties [’00s].

The fact of the matter is that America’s H1B process has been broken since the 90’s and now Congress is just waking up to the amount of fraud and graft in the system. I’m not holding my breath for reform.

I wish the WSJ hacks would read what they copy and paste from whoever, in this case a lobbyist for India Inc, Stuart Anderson, sole member and proprietor of the “National Foundation for American Policy” which does nothing more than push the Un-American agenda of H1B Body Shops. No, really, “foundations” can be one demented guy.

Seriously, WSJournos, a little fact checking before copy and paste wouldn’t hurt. I remember when you guys used to do that before Ruppy came in and turned you into the print version of CNBC.

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Vivek said...

It's obvious the U.S. gov't is sending the message to all Indians to GO HOME. "We'll hold up your GC for 20 years so you might as well forget it". it's the gov't's way of gently "encouraging" Indians to give it up. Problem is, slumdogs are SO stupid that they don't get the message: they actually think they are still needed/wanted in the America and they are in denial about where they are, who they are, and where they belong.