Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Raining Hindutva Desi Douchebags... I mean, Criminals

Before I launch into my next screed about the education bubble & college, this is one for all those H1B-wannabes who will 'pay' $20K+ to some dubious Desi so that they can pursue the so-called 'American Dream.'

Here's the message: The hippies in the US government have woken up. Youtube:

And the main story:

"DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) -- Two men, who ran a software company in Clinton, Iowa, are expected to be sentenced on charges they committed visa fraud to bring foreign workers to the U.S.

Fazal Mehmood and Viheet Maheshwari have pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to make false statements and commit visa fraud in connection with several applications to bring foreign workers to the U.S. under H-1B Visas.

Mehmood and Maheshwari ran companies called Worldwide Software Services and Sana Systems.

Federal prosecutors say they applied for H-1B Visas for foreign workers that contained false statements about their jobs and work locations. For instance, they told the government that employees would be working as programmers and analysts, but those jobs did not exist after they arrived in the U.S.

Sentencing is Wednesday at the federal courthouse in Davenport."

(Via 2 men to be sentenced in work visa fraud case - Yahoo! Finance.)

When your Uncle Drunky was in East Asia, specifically China & Japan, he'd be out at night, in the rain, looking for an international phone to call home. 17-19 hour time difference and all.

Anyway, I'd sometimes have pidgin talk with the Philipinas, Africans, Iranians, and other slave labor that these Asian countries would bring in.

Stories like-

"I've got big debt back home with the loan sharks, about US$20K."

"They have my passport and handle everything. I have about four more years to pay off the debt. I've been here for six."

"I can't really talk about it to outsiders. If I do it'll be trouble for me."

These stories and more, being crammed 20 to a 6 person apartment, being moved around a lot, yes, I heard stories. The Jap Yakuza were the worst.

But one thing stood out: these folks chose freely, in their own countries, to be trafficked. And, once in the 'host country,' their choices became severely limited. But yes, some of these folks consented to be repeatedly trafficked. One of the repeaters I knew had a university education.

What I wrote about the Chinese, Japanese, and Indians? And how they deal with each other? Some of it came from these street level experiences back in the day that I'd rather forget.

So when I hear about these Desi Bodyshop Hindutva scum, and what they're doing: To their own people, and the results in my country I think just one thing: Prison or Deportation's too good for them.

Human Traffickers should be dealt with the way the Chinese deal with them: One bullet charged to the family, hold the 'M-1'.

It's also why an increasing number of Americans are raising questions against the Desi Donald Rumsfeld Vivek Wadwha, for promoting tripe like the 'Start Up VISA as if it were the 'American Dream'...

...when it ends in human trafficking and labor arbitrage.

-Drunky out.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby, I Perform this Way (via Al Yankovic)

This is the Drunky Anthem:


-Drunky out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Boomsters and Slavery 2.0: The Musical

This is NOT my 'advice to Indian Youngs and others who can't afford college'. This is just something that's been in my Drafts folder since... last month. Uncle Drunky, you're a lazy fcuk. Aye, guilty as charged. This is more for the Amelickan kids who are being played by Barry O'Blackbush anyway.

So. Here we are: This is Slavery 2.0, and the 'Slumdogs' are the slaves whether they're onshore or offshore. Up to 22% real unemployment in the US, more police powers for the DHS, the TSA at a mall near you, "if you see something say something" Stasi type denunciations ...WTF gives, Uncle Drunky?? Hell if I know. But if I were a betting man-

This is part of a MUCH "bigger idea", it's more of a demographic war on our own young. With a number of scapegoats. There are a LOT of 'Big Lies' going around, and questions you should ask your Hippy Managers:

  • The Indians didn't just up and spontaneously 'invade' us, they were INVITED. By whom?

  • "China, Inc" is no more our enemy than 'Japan, Inc' was in the 90s. But they're CONVENIENT to the Boomsters & their idea of racism. Ask Apple why they don't stop using China for manufacturing.. or WHICH China 'calls the shots' for Apple (Honhai, Taiwan, ROC). And, because of this, Apple gets hit in the tech press by TechCrunch etal.

  • I said demographic, right? Ladies n Gents, Mark Steyn:

    Okay, why is a Muslim who wants to kill Americans holding down a job at a European airport? That’s slightly easier to answer. Almost every problem facing the Western world, from self-detonating jihadists to America’s own suicide bomb — the multi-trillion-dollar debt — has at its root a remorseless demographic arithmetic.

    In the U.S., the Baby Boomers did not have enough children to maintain their mid-20th-century social programs. I see that recent polls supposedly show that huge majorities of Americans don’t want any modifications to Medicare or Social Security.

    So what? It doesn’t matter what you “want.” The country’s broke, and you can vote yourself unsustainable quantities of government lollipops all you like, but all you’re doing is ensuring that when, eventually, you’re obliged to reacquaint yourself with reality, the shock will be far more devastating and convulsive.

    via Arid Uka's Gratitude

    So there it is: In addition to flooding our shrinking birthrate population with less savvy more easily pliant, and oh-so-corruptable 'immigrants' the Boomsters think they can keep all their entitlements. They know that GenX & below won't go along with this, so 'we' have been replaced.

  • The PRC is the 'defined enemy' of this Cold War 2.0. So who's the bulwark / proxy of brown folks to stem 'Yellow Peril 2.0? India. And OF COURSE they have to be financially pumped up. If this was the Boomers' plan, then we're all fcuked.

The Hills are Alive.. but that ain't the 'Sound of Music.'

Unless it's disco.

Fcuking Boomers.

Drunky out.

Monday, April 18, 2011

H1B Slavery: View from the Inside

Hello kids, it's your Uncle Drunky. Live and direct I bring you a unique perspective of Slavery 2.0. From the inside. If you're an American, unless you're a Boomer, sit down and have your painkiller handy.

Sorry for the length, it would have been very easy for me to cut this up into something 'incriminating' ala Fox News. That is not my intent. I want you to see the motivation as to why H1B slaves would come over to the USA -- rushing down the primrose path laid by the Boomers & corrupt Hindutva shills like Vivek Wadhwa and his snake oil selling of Entreporn.

In a nutshell, 'Everybody's doing it, pile on!'::

"This is typical 'Sab kuch chalta hai' desi attitude. I've gone through my share of visa pangs after completing Masters. The same year Infosys applied H1-B visa for a close relative. My relative got the visa with supreme ease and never boarded the plane to come to USA. Infosys applied for a visa 'just in case' a project came up. As much as I respect Narayan Murty and company for the commendable work they have done to make India the most sought after destination for Information Technology services, it makes me terribly sad to see such abusive practices by bellwethers of Indian IT.

Last week I learned about Cognizant's EB1 practices. A namesake Project Manager who over-promised the client (my company) and rode the consultants to breaking point, has no communication or managerial skills whatsoever, is qualified to apply under EB1. For lack of a better word the guy is a thug. He would ask for farmaish of songs (ask his consultants to suggest songs) after 11.00 PM and say things like, 'you are being entertained, so do your work'. All this while I had a balanced thought process and gave benefit of doubt when it came to certain practices. Now, after spending close to a decade in this country with a Masters and advanced management degree I'm still stuck in line for my legalization process, which is held hostile by anti-immigration community or Congress that gives more importance to discussing equine euthanasia over legalizing people like me. And on the other hand these thugs from Infosys and Cognizant who haven't paid taxes for two full years walk away with a Green Card. Every time I hear about EB1 fraud, I feel someone just kicked me hard in my gut.

Ratting people out is not a solution. A relative who is much younger than me (in terms of number of years of experience) is planning to apply under EB1 by claiming that he is a Project Manager. Let alone people management. The guy has not done anything other than coding C++ and SQL. He is trying to play nice with HR so that they can fudge his credentials.

The way I look at it; if you leave money on the table then everybody would want it. That is what has happened with H1-B fraud, L1 fraud, Green card fraud, all those New Jersey and Bay Area consulting company frauds. If we would have known where to draw the line on misusing the system then Senator Grassley and company would have left us alone. Don't blame them because we fucked up. Own up to our mistakes and live with the consequences. These guys are rightfully squeezing our balls. If you shamelessly took state minimum 65K in paycheck and another 40K in cash transactions and not pay taxes on that then you have no fucking right to complain that American system is broken, blah, blah, blah

We behave like locusts. We rape an option that is provided us to us and move to the next one and the next one until all resources run out. And when that happens we start feeding on each other (EB3 porting, Telugu vs. others, South Indian vs. North Indian). Come on guys, there is a limit to being disgusting. This has to stop on multiple fronts. "

(Via B1 Visa Misuse at Infosys - Immigration Voice.)

Hat tip to 'Ankit Prasad' over at Live N Exist for the linguistic insight. I humbly suggest that any American who's 'stay at home' read this entire IV thread. If you wanted to know what 'human trafficking' is, well...there you are.

Sad to say, this attitude of 'self-centered, en masse, like locusts' dovetails perfectly with the white, liberal Boomers that infest the HR offices of Corporate America-in-name-only. We hear far too much from the 'masters'... tho' now that you've heard from the slaves, who were invited, what do you think of this mess??

Now do you see why I show sarcastic contempt for Hindutva Slavery 2.0 Lobbyists like Vivek Wadhwa & collaborators like "Mumbai" Don Tennant?

Next blog entry is my advice to the H1B'ers. And no, it's not just 'stay out of my country.' That's too easy, and caters to the elites.

Drunky out.