Sunday, November 07, 2010

"New Delhi" TV aka NDTV. Stirring the Pot from.. the USA?

So, as almost everyone knows, the stories about Pasha Barry's Fabulous World Slavery 2.0 Tour and its "move a 0 million, move a 0 billion" originated from NDTV and MAYBE 1-2 other media sources.

From just a little bit of digging, it turns out that NDTV has as much success in 'embedding reporters' as CNN does, this taken from blogs reacting to coverage of Mumbai's "26/11" fiasco:

Barkha Dutt and NDTV: A Terrorist's DREAM COME TRUE

Mumbai attacks ! Shoddy Journalism .for example our star person Ms. Barkha Datt

and just for comedy's sake:

Barkha Dutt's " c*cks..." blooper on NDTV

Judging by the above posts you'd almost think Barkha was on the other side. In fact NDTV looks like a curried-up version of CNN or FOX, right down to the somewhat interesting Desi "Rupert" character that owns it.

So NDTV has a history of spilling the beans & gaffery. But fabrication? I guess no more than CNN or FOX.

Hmm, let's do a whois on NDTV:

   Administrative Contact:
      Bedi, Kawaljit  
      NDTV Convergence
      207, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-3
      New Delhi -110020
      New Delhi, New Delhi 110020

Okay, that looks normal enough. There should be an Indian tech contact as well..let's look at their technical contact:

   Technical Contact:
      Hostmaster, Comcat               
      7109 Timberlake Road
      Suite 201
      Lynchburg, VA 24052
      434-239-4272 fax: 215-489-8867

Yup that's right, Lynchburg, VIRGINIA, the Home of all Spooks(sm). Comcat, when it resolves, points to a web page that looks like it hasn't been touched since 1995. I guess they've been... uh, 'busy.' It may not even matter except that no other Indian media outlet (like TimesOfIndia) hosts in the USA. Why would they?

If you listen to 'No Agenda' sometimes you hear Curry & Dvorak floating the idea that sometimes the POTUS is in conflict with the CIA... Well. If you wanted to troll Emperor Barry, stir the pot, how would YOU do it? Probably using the media, and maybe a CIA/RAW connection.

Makes you wonder why Barry needs all that security if the 'threat' is akin to "10 men in inflatable speedboats".

-Drunky out

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa, "Hacker", Flauntin' n Flautin' Chicom Law : UPDATE

UPDATE: Mess with the best, die like the rest! My little sahib's twit-tah is back to normal, but:

In Malaysia , out of the clutches of the wretched Chinese firewall! Happy Diwali.

Mysteriously, my laptop stopped working after all my attempts to get around China firewall. Win 7 won't load! Fortunately I have backup.

Moral of the story: Take that little Chinese boy with you. He can fix ur Windows!


You have to hand it to my little sahib, he's a citizen of the world, and no 'Great Firewall of China' nor outting a Beijing University student is going to stop him from twatting. Read from the bottom:

Smooth move, my little Ex-Lax Sahib. And I thought you were a 'geek.' Methinks "Vivek" also means ├╝ber.Dumb in Hindii. Either that, or 'Economic Hitman without a clue.'

Here is a prime example of Indu 'Superior Intellect'. And how good Indians are with infosec:

You think Chicom SysAdms cannot correlate logs to public twats? Or that they will be 'delayed' by bureaucracy? Nuh-Uh. Some ex- or current- Honker Union gangsta's prolly on those logs. Right. NOW. So what if you're using a cell.. actually Echofon? An iPhone? With aGPS? Wow, you are *dumb*. Here's a little hint: iPhone, UUID, aGPS. Cell tower triangulation. Your timestamped public twat(s) mentioning a localized area. Dum dum DUM!

Word to the NSA. You wanna see what Chicom dissident proxy-punched Twitter home pages look like? Now's your chance. Get it while it's DUMB.

Oh well, maybe Barry can bail him out on the way to Japan. Big pimpin in AF1, yo! You can meet up with Vivek Kundra! A Vivek bifecta!

-Drunky, friend to Chinese but not all Chicoms, including ones who help your sworn enemy. OUT.

"Snow Crash (Bantam Spectra Book)" (Neal Stephenson)

Taxpayers to Pay Nearly $1? no! $2 BILLION For Obama's 'Slavery 2.0 Tour'

Ah, it looks like Obama is going to move his ENTIRE caliphate as well as 215 US CEOs to Mumbai for 4 days in November. From SHTFPlan:

As tens of millions of American families struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table, President Obama and about 3000 of his closest friends and security personnel will spend an estimated $200 million dollars per day when he visits Mumbai, India for four days from November 6th through November 9th.

Though the total won’t exactly reach $1 Billion dollars for his four day stay, it comes pretty close, and with government being government, we can always add a good 20% to 30% to estimates they put forth.

[From Taxpayers to Pay Nearly $1 BILLION For Emperor’s Visit to Mumbai]

As one of my readers astutely wrote to me, it would seem that "Vivek" (Kundra or otherwise) really DOES mean 'Fraud' or 'Shoplifter' in Hindustani. Now ask either the Caliph or his underling about their 'carbon footprint' of hauling around "40 planes & 6 armored cars". UPDATE: We have an answer from 'Watts Up With That? :: 8,469 metric tons of the stuff you exhale. Oh Barry, hast thou remove-d thy GreenShirt? Seems so.

UPDATE: How could so much money be spent and on what? Here's your answer:

"With trade high on his agenda, some 200 odd top US business chiefs, including soft drink giant Pepsico's India-born CEO Indra Nooyi, are expected to join US President Barack Obama on his India visit next month."

Actually, the number, cited elsewhere, is 215 executive slaveowner asses that must be wiped with the finest silk. (you really have to follow that link, commenter 'Satish Chandra' is a hoot!).

UPDATE2: Every junket needs a trade show, right? Here it is:

That's right, boyz n girlz.. you're being sold down the road at 'The US-India Business & Entrepreneurship Summit' courtesy of the Hindustani version of AIPAC, aka the USIBC. Let's just call 'opening markets' what it really is-

Slavery 2.0: This time the slave is... YOU!

And they say "da Jewz" control everything? Please. Israel got nuthin' on Bharat or their new BFFs: Barry & Duh CEOs.

Oh, and hark: It's a 10 day junket according to reader Frank Flag:

@drunk_economist Thanks "Drunky." Nice blog post. Thanks! The trip is 10 days. Official estimate $200M/day cost. ALL 10 days "count."

Mumbai just bein' a 4-day 'whistle stop' foar the Pimpsta in Chief! Even if it's cheaper to gaffe, bow & scrape to allies than the 'superior Industanis' Barry's still gonna pimp $2 Billion OPM--- iz 10 Day Azn pimp Tour, yo!

Now we know one major reason for TimTim's QE2. Walkin' around money! Gaffsta in Chief gotta have wurds to the client-states about them eevil Chinese!

SemiSeriously. $2 Bil almost buys India HALF of its first rusty Russian aircraft carrier. Or it could feed a lot of serfs at home.

Boggle.Poggle.Mind. Sorry!

-Drunky out.

"Sorry" (Hasbro Games)

(as heard on NoAgenda. Frequently. Read it, learn it, live it)

"Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century" (Thomas E. Woods Jr.)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanks CAGW, but China already owns us...

Saw this on TV the other day. Very powerful, very apropo, tho' the source is questionable:

Thanks for trying, CAGW, but I think you're a bit too late. Just another day in Weimar Republik 2.0, spinning up the proles for a war with creditor numbah one.

Ooopsie, CAGW is pro-Microsoft, anti-Open Source Software. China is of course anti-Microsoft, pro-Apple, anti-Indian. Why else do you put permanent bases in Pakistan?

What a delightful pro-Indian anti-Chinese dovetail you have there, CAGW. You stay classy.

If you guys're really into squicking 'waste' maybe you should have wurds with Vivek Kundra and his pornmonkeys in the public sector.

-Drunky out.

Vivek Kundra's 'Missing Servers' FOUND.. Continuously Downloading PORN

If you really want to leave the USSA without leaving the country, fire up bittorrent and download media from other countries. But if you work for the government it’s probably NOT a good idea to do this at work. Or to leave machine on, day & night doing this for days on end.

And certainly not files that match the terms ‘Asian’ and ‘Teen’. And not even Pentagon PedoPorn, but the ‘normal’ “adult” stuff.

Let me tell you something: US Government employees LOVE THEIR SMUT. Don’t believe me? Think the *fap* *fap* cases at the Pentagon & the SEC put a stop to that? ORLY? Take a look at Uncle Drunky’s block log:


[day.month.year.PacificStandardTime] [DHT] {the ip range blocked} was in the range {their name}

US Public School Administrations:

[16.10.2010 03:31:38] [DHT] was in range WV Department of Education : -

[16.10.2010 03:44:55] [DHT] was in range New York City Public Schools : -

[16.10.2010 04:59:33] [DHT] was in range Federal Agency of Education : -

[16.10.2010 07:37:05] [DHT] was in range Mountain Brook City Schools : -

[16.10.2010 09:59:43] [DHT] was in range Kings County Office of Education, Fresno County Of : -

US State City Councils:

[16.10.2010 10:21:27] [DHT] was in range CITY OF RICHMOND : -

[16.10.2010 10:22:30] [DHT] was in range City of Gainesville, North Central Florida Regiona : -

[16.10.2010 10:24:25] [DHT] was in range State of South Carolina : -

[16.10.2010 09:31:21] [DHT] was in range City of Elberton : -

[16.10.2010 04:40:22] [DHT] was in range City of Riverside : -

16.10.2010 06:07:14] [DHT] was in range Ventspils City Council : -

Tex-Ass Donut Eaters:

[16.10.2010 04:27:39] [DHT] was in range TWC-CENTRAL-TEXAS-DIVISION—-RIVERSIDE-HUB—-KORCE : -


[16.10.2010 05:34:33] [DHT] was in range DoD Network Information Center : -

[16.10.2010 05:56:38] [DHT] was in range DoD Network Information Center : -

[16.10.2010 04:22:28] [DHT] was in range DoD Network Information Center : -

[16.10.2010 09:24:04] [DHT] was in range DoD Network Information Center : -

So, boyz n girlz, what are we seeing here? Well. Your Uncle Drunky had a few smut files running in Vuze; which has an IP Blocklist *and log* of domains that, uh, should not be torrenting. This is from a 8-odd hour block with ONLY smut files. No ‘normal’ files to speak of. The blocklist is updated every couple days, so the nameblocks should be valid.

I also cut out all the other countries government offices, like the Muslim countries, the UK, the kinky Japanese, and our Chicom friends in high places. You were all there, yo. But I’m interested in the ugly ‘mericans, so you gets off.

I understand that the mil types are in Muslim countries and that downloading is die rigeur for ‘the moral of our troops. To that end I’ve cut all the listings except for the useless REMFs at the DoD.

Heeeey, Vivek Kundra! Uncle Drunky ‘found’ some of your errant ‘data centers’…. downloading “teh smut”.

What I do not understand is why Departments of Education for Public School Offices like West Virginia, New York and Kings County, you know, that deal with KIDS are downloading teh *fap* *fap* via bittorrent. Day and Night. Oh, and city councils in the deep south? Same-o.

I also do not understand why domestic ‘cyber security’ organs like the DoD (hah!) need to *fap* off. Is this what ‘Cyber Defense’ is? Oh.

And here’s a special one: Tata Consulting in the US? Who does IT for the US public & private sectors? Ever wonder what they’re doing instead of their jobs? That’s right, even Desis have the *fap*:

[16.10.2010 09:55:10] [DHT] was in range Verestar, Tata InfoTech Ltd, Software Devlopment U : -

And the interesting thing? I have a country block on India. And Tata InfoTech STILL showed up. Our Desi friends are nothing if not tenacious. About getting their fill of porn.

And what were the files? Hint from the Bloodhound Gang. Yeah, Chinese girls. Xie Xie! Sai Jian!

-Drunky out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa's Anticlimatic Anti-American Tour! In November!

Now that his newly hyphenated country seems to be waking up to his blatant lies on this side of the ocean, Vivek Wadhwa, India Inc's lobbyist in American residence, if not their most prominent "Economic Hitman" wannabe is taking his message of "India good, all others bad" on the road. At least if you judge him by his twats. He seems to have a very full November in places that do not share US interests:

Accepted invite by Pres. of Okinawa Institute of Science and Tech to visit on Oct 6/7. Look forward to meeting Japanese followers there!

Ah, so the first whistle stop on the India Inc tour is those Ryuukuu residing rabble rousers. Ah, Okinawa, the thorn in Japan's side, the final nail in the coffin of the previous PM of Japan -- for not pushing the USA to remove military bases fast enough despite having a mischievous neighbor to the north & west who lobs missiles into the Sea of Japan... a great place to start stirring the pot, if not pro-India, then anti-America.

Tip for making friends: Ask the locals what a 'Soapland' is!

Also accepted invite to give a keynote at NASSCOM in Bangalore in Nov. First time I am meeting NASSCOM people or attending their events.

Ah, it seems that the NASSCOM Don of the main Bharati Mafia finally wants to meet India Inc's first native EHM (Economic Hitman) face to face and cheek to cheek!

We've all seen 'The Godfather' enough to know why my little sahib is going to see his masters in the flesh: he's risen to prominence and is up for promotion. Summoned to the Main Office. A doff of my skullcap to you, my little sahib. But I think you'll be headed back to the Bangs after your next stop:

Teaching a class on entrepreneurship at Tsinghua University in Beijing in November. Hope to meet Chinese followers while I am there!

No doubt my little sahib will try the EHM thing on the Chinese, but hist! I think those tales of 'Chindia' will fall on slightly more seasoned, bemused, hand-picked ears. Be sure that you do not tell them about the JooJoo! Mum!

The Chinese probably also promised not to bring up why Apple won't use India for R, D, or manufacturing. But it'll be a nice little junket for you, my little sahib: Now you get to see why China will use India to wipe the floor of the world.

Don't believe me? Pick up this month's Economist. The China-India special is to die for.

Ah, America. There was a reason Australia kicked my little sahib to the curb. But we proud Americans, & her back east / beltway Ivyiots like Mumbai Don Tennant never learn. Le Sigh.

-Drunky out.

[Really, really recommend this as inflight reading for my little sahib]

"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" (John Perkins)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa: Fraudy Cat scared! Selling his iPad! Linkbait! Drama!

You just can't make this up. The Hindustani PT Barnum of our Time(sm), Vivek Wadhwa is officially scared.

Of his own iPad. And Apple fanatics. A sharp-eyed Drunkeh reader points your bad uncle Drunkeh to this gem:

Dear friends, No you can’t have my iPads. They are for sale! can J Apple fans are more fanatical than the xenophobes I get death threats from. Expecting some scathing comments!

[From Vivek Wadhwa Tries Linkbaiting With The Help Of iPads]

This is a wonderful dissection of my little sahib by someone other than yours truly. If you do not read Mr. Punkish then, by Vishnu, the terrorists & $AAPL fanboys win!

Just one question: What's a 'can J'..? Blue J? J League? J Crew? These are all very scary things indeed containing this menacing letter *J*.

Oh, my little Sahib. No wonder you're seeing things. First Apple fanboys, and now unicorns in the mail. That, and I guess you'll have to find a new schtick because even those hicks in Nyew Yawk ain't fallin' fer it.

Le *sigh*. Carry on, sally forth, and 'bolster' yourself, my little Sahib. And remember to use the same interns you use to sanitize your dissertations when you submit 'linkbait' to TechCrunch.

Doff of my cap and a spill of wine to Mr. Punkish for posting the original gem, later sanitized by one of Arrington's little flunkies. The funny is powerful with this one. Albeit unintentionally.

Drunky out.

[If at first you do not succeed.. misconstrue misconstrue misconstrue again....]

"How To Win Friends and Influence People" (Dale Carnegie)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa: Fraudy Cat! "M1 Bullets!" FBI! Unicorns!

Aw, it looks like my little Sahib Vivek has been busy Dude! So busy that the Fraudy One's LIFE IS IN TEH DANGER!! ... even I can't resist blogging this /OPINION/ from "Local Tech Wire -- sayeth the Fraudy-Cat:

“As I mentioned in my last email, I gave the lunchtime keynote at the ImmigrationWorks conference in Seattle on Thursday,” Wadhwa wrote. “One thing I didn’t say in my e-mail, at the request of the FBI, was that speakers to this event received letters telling them that if they attended ‘the biggest gathering of traitors of the century,’ they would do this ‘at their own peril.’”

To bolster the threat, Wadhwa pointed out:

“Attached to the letters were M1 bullets (a carbine used in semi-automatic weapons by government and paramilitary forces). Security at the event included FBI agents and Seattle police in plain clothes, and a big bouncer at the door.”

How crazy must people be? This is absurd.

[From High-tech visa debate generates deadly threats :: The Skinny at Local Tech Wire]

How crazy (foar teh bullshit) must people be? Let's find out:

* Why are there no Seattle papers running this tripe^h^h^h^h^h story? They seem to know better.

* "M1 Bullets" - You mean .30 calibre generic plinkers that bounce off trees? That you can get from Sears? Ooooooh, SCARY. There's a UNIQUE BULLET foar the 'M1'. You learn something new every day.

* Speaking of which, Fraudy-Cat, um, the M1 Carbine (and variants) have been replaced like, twice over. They're a training gun used by retirees and 12 year-olds to shoot cans off logs. Don't believe me? J.F.Wikipedia.It. Paramilitaries? What, do you think this is India? Bwahhahahahahahahah!!

* Dude the FBI said teh no say the anything!!! Referz u to 'at request of the FBI' partz ofz schitck. Sorry, went a little 'GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD' there. Hard, HARD to resist. Much love to dat shawty!

Finally, and most damning, um, I do not think the US Postal Service would allow live ammunition through the mail. We're not like your native India that allows 61 trucks full of high explosive to up and go poofsie.

You would have been better off saying the gun was a t-16 and that your name was Vivek Womp-rat. Noooooo, and Twit-tah too? Say it isn't so, my little Womp-rat!

Oh snap! And only ONE BLOG in North Carolina picked up this story? Probably because everyone remembers this one:

Mouth piece: Vivek Wadhwa's talent for trumpeting his company shines, but observers want to see another kind of performance. (Feature).

Ah, my little Sahib. Always the showman. Seriously, you were barred from Australia for having brown skin? *Shock*

In Season 1, you shined, everyone believing your lies and damned statistics. Tag teaming with has-been pro-globalista wannabe lobbyists like Mumbai Don Tenant.

Season 2, you grew the beard, like every other actor facing the cut.

Now in Season 3, with your ratings down, your 'life is in danger.' Somebody call that 24 guy!

T'heck with retribution. THERE WILL BE COMEDY.

YOU CANNOT RUN FROM THE FUNNY OF THE FRAUDY-CAT. Or his absurd lies. Stay bolstery, my little Sahib!

Memo to Rick Smith: Did you even vet or source this?? Oh wait, this Boomer-joker is writing about vapor like the 'immernet.' Like that even rolls off the tongue.

"This is absurd."


-Drunky out.

"The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead" (Max Brooks)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Been Tumblin...

Over heah:

Yeah, Fraudwa's back in the game. Gonna sit back and see how much jackass he'll dish.

Drunky out.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman RIP- World's Gonna Miss You, Arnold Jackson

This apocalypse tag is dedicated to the memory of Gary Coleman, who everyone remembers as 'Arnold Jackson' on Diff'rent Strokes. Gary made it to his 40s, and had the rocky life of most El Lay actors.

It's too bad he'll never evolve his 'Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?' line into what the world needs today -- something more like-

'Da fuck you talkin' about (politician, CEO, BP spokesperson, MMS Gal, Rahm Emmanuel)?'

Believe me, it was beginning:

What really gets me is that despite all the 'experts' there on Insider that were there to douchetalk him down.. NOBODY picked up on that bigass vein on the side of his head and said, 'Maybe Gary needs to get to a doctor, like NOW.'

Nah, they were too busy douchebagging about 'how dangerous he was'. Because even the world needs to be afraid of a 4'8" black man. Gary didn't need that noise. Who would?

Shows you what droids these 'journalists' of the Insider really are.. and why Gary was fully justified in telling them to Bartz off. Wouldn't you?

So, alla you angry manchildren & womanchildren out there. Of whatever color.

Remember Gary Coleman well. You will be judged by the content of your character.

And the next time you see an Andersen Cooper Vanderbilt or Joy Behar off the handle.. and..

Be sure to tell them to Bartz off. In his memory. Or, where Gary was going-

'Da Fuck you Talkin' 'Bout, (asshole, Boomer, politician, lobbyist, BP, etc).'

-Drunky out.

"Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete First Season" (Leslie H. Martinson, Ellen Falcon, Dolores Ferraro, Lee Lochhead, Selig Frank)

Reading's Fundamental, Comments're Boring, Popcorn Tubs & the USCG

Since I'm getting tired of dumping my comments from other buh-logs that may be pruned, it's time to get Disqus'd:

Witness the top most comment, that doth not appear (anymore) in the Fake.Steve Blog. Guess Lyons doesn't like being embarassed. Pish.

Also, crib notin' to Tumblr. Just because:

I'd blog some moar, but I'm too busy polishing off the OILY BUTTERY TUB of popcorn that has British Petroleum's logo on it. Top kill = yeah right.

There's SO MUCH that's already blogged elsewhere. Like Vivek not Wadhwa but KUNDRA, and his lil' klepto family keepin' it REAL (over at

That, and Mumbai Don? Refuting what he usually takes as gospel about H1Bs?

My popcorn tub. The US Coast Guard. Something in common at last! Boggle poggle goes mah brain.

-Drunky out.

"Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA" (Tim Weiner)

"Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America" (Russ Baker)

iPad, Xbox Turn Obama Into A 'Distraction'

[I posted this like 2 weeks ago.. So much for Bloggah]

Aw, Barry ain't showin' the love to tech-- according to a speech at Hampton College, to a buncha computer literate kids according to the H. R. Puffinstuff Puffy-po:

"You're coming of age in a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don't always rank that high on the truth meter," he told the students. "And with iPods and iPads, and Xboxes and PlayStations -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation. So all of this is not only putting pressure on you; it's putting new pressure on our country and on our democracy."

[From Obama: iPad, Xbox Turn Information Into A 'Distraction' (via Huffington Post]

Yeah Barry. We can't have the kids using information appliances with no bias, bypassing the lamescream media and diluting yer so-called message of DOPE. I mean, 'HOPE' of offshoring and jobless recovery.

We know that you just want us to give our iPhones, iPads and game consoles to India. All our game are belong to THEM.

"They recognized, as Frederick Douglass once put it, that 'education means emancipation.' They recognized that education is how America and its people might fulfill our promise," said Obama, the first black U.S. president.

[From Obama: iPad, Xbox Turn Information Into A 'Distraction']

And since we shouldn't be using iPads or other information appliances we should what? Whack down some more trees? And if I didn't know any better, I'd think Frederick Douglass was George Orwell. Stay classy, Barry. I gonna be yo' fan on da Facebook.

Wanna be a slave? Keep looking at TV and buying Rupert Murdoch's muckraking rags and boosting the lamescream media.

And believing that Barry is a leader and not Jimmy Carter 2.0. George tried this crap during his regime and where did it get him?

Now ask, yourself why Barry's pulling the same crapola. November can't come fast enough.

Drunky out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Brian X Chen should Apologize to Apple for Writing this Tripe

Once again, Brian 'No I ain't Malcolm by a long shot' X Chen makes a dufus of himself. In a moment reminiscent of John Dowdell's classic 'How I want Apple to Talk' the TIRED clubkid gives the Adobe shill a run for his money:

Reasonable people can disagree over whether it was ethical for Gizmodo to purchase the lost iPhone prototype, but the police action — kicking down Jason Chen's door to seize his computers — was overboard. It was self-evidently a clumsy move: After damaging Chen's property, the police paused the investigation to study whether the journalists' Shield Law protected Chen.

The proper action would have been to issue a subpoena to get Chen to talk about the device first. Apple, which instigated the police action by filing a stolen property complaint, should publicly apologize to Chen (no relation to the author of this post) and reimburse him for the damages.

[From 5 Things Apple Must Do to Look Less Evil - ABC News]

No Chen, 'reasonable people' would know that the the proper thing to do was file a police report, and the D.A. did the rest. What I really want to know is how does the shield law (protection of sources) protect the journalist himself? When he goes on Youtube and blabs that he has a stolen iPhone? He already did his 'talking' there!

Waaaaay past ethics and into a criminal proceeding when your fellow Chensta paid $5K for a stolen property. But it seems that the surname 'Chen' can't be associated with 'attention to detail' let alone 'ethics' these days.

Or the fact that Gawker is not rushing to their employee's defense, yo' buddy the other more stupid Chenster has retained his OWN criminal attorney.

But on this both Gawker and you are mum.

The proper action (for you) would be to go back to what you're starting to FAIL on. Which is slamming Apple and giving us all a good laugh every time to spout this tripe. And it was SO BAD this time that WIRED spooled to to those clueless retards at ABC.

Drunky out.

[This seems to be the 'Foar Dummies' book that the Chensters need]

"Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century" (Christopher Burgess, Richard Power)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Sony, Losing their Touch: Re-invents a Clock Radio with Failbook

Sheesh, the Japanese goombas who run Sony are really losing it. I mean, is this the best they can come up with? A freaking clock radio? WITH FACEBOOK? Cue post-Apple-a-long time ago lame hipster-kinda music and break out the popcorn, kids. This is going to be a painful watch:

From what I hear, they're gonna price these at $199 each. Priced so that I go thru three of these plastic little cheapies pounding 'snooze' when some asshole 'superpokes' me at 3 am.

Seriously. Sony. The PSX Mafia. And this is the best they can come up with? Really??

Anyone who was on the team making this retard clock radio need to fall on their family swords old school Shogun style because this blows. According to David Pogue, this wasn't even designed in Japan, it was outsourced to pot-smoking monkeys in California. Seriously, California has enough of a smoke problem with Shantanu Narayen & his ilk.

Akio Morita must be spinning in his grave. No wonder Uncle Steve and other founders stick around. Look at the alternative.

-Drunky out.

[Seriously. Anjin-san would have never gone to a Japan this lame]

"James Clavell's Shogun" (Jerry London)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Adobe: Desi Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap!

[UPDATE: Even Robert Reich, former Sec of Labor under slick Willy can't stand the stench of this, says 'Hands off Apple.' Heck, even the Brads call Bullshiat with 'How to Alienate a Fanbase.' ]

Big BIG surprise. Shantanu Narayen says, "let the customers decide" -- and then promptly goes to the US FTC to complain:

U.S. antitrust enforcers are considering an investigation of Apple Inc. following a complaint from Adobe Systems Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.

Adobe says Apple is stifling competition by barring developers from using Adobe’s products to create applications for iPhones and iPads, said the people who spoke on condition of anonymity because they aren’t authorized to discuss the case.

[Exec Summary courtesy Daring Fireball, originally Bloomberg]

Stifling competition? Oh Adopey CEO figurehead who knoweth not the Mac used to work for Apple (I know, WTF??), how can you say that, when so many UI Designers use Photoshop and Illustrator to do iPhone User Interface work? Where do all those pretty little icons come from? From Developer Tools for UI Designers that Adobe provides! You're on the iPhone & iPad in that way.

It's just your crapware little plugin and equally shitty what-you-think-is-an-IDE-but-isn't that are not up to snuff. That Apple justifiably turns down because you can't even reach the bar. As we've said before. Repeatedly. And no Mac user wants Flash on their iThings, after having to suffer through it on the Mac desktop. As we've said before. Repeatedly.

I mean seriously, you have so many OTHER platforms that you can ruin (eventually, if you ever ship) with Flash, Actionscript, and AIR (Adobe Integrated Craptime) in the mobile space:


Windows Mobile.

And, as you said, a man of your word (HAH!) "let the customers decide." First a dinner guest of President Obama & India, Inc at the Whitehouse, now a whiny tattle-tale to the FTC when "the customers have already decided."

Shantanu Narayen, for these and other Desi Deeds Done Dirt Cheap(sm), not only are you in the Hall of Monkeys, but you're nominated for Drunky's Desi Douchebag of the Millenium Award. This is gonna be pretty hard to top, even by 2099.

Me, I still see things differently and want to see the future in 2015.

-Drunky out.

PS. To Uncle Steve: Go go Apple Legal! Save the day! Keep that TRash off my Apple kit!

PPS. Sharp eyed readers point out this write-up of the Obama-India, Inc Lovefest here.

Monday, May 03, 2010

'Apple Is The New China'....? Mmkay, Adobe is 'teh New Suck'

So the while the negativity over Apple's success on the iDevices continues in blustery Business Insider, of course your Uncle Drunky has to weigh in. I do hate repeating myself, so go go copypasta!

There's another reason Steve Jobs doesn't want to be 'at the mercy of a 3rd party vendor'.. as politely as I can put it, Adobe has lost their technical mojo. Let me explain.

The iPhone and iPad use a very.. concise version of Mac OSX. It's very light, a lot that does not pertain to the hardware has been REMOVED and optimized. There's no web server there, no file sharing, no.. you get the idea. Programming for it requires you to learn MORE than just programming for the Mac (you have to learn about touch, GPS and these other new functions). You even have to learn a superset language called Cocoatouch!

It's a lot like riflery (ed: duh, meant gunnery). Rifles and cannons are big and simple. Pistols, while smaller require a level of complexity and are very unforgiving. Cannons and rifles may misfire. A pistol may blow off your hand. And compared to cannons, everyone seems to have a pistol. High adoption rate, at least in the US.

As almost every Mac user knows, Flash utterly blows. After 10 years of promises, IT STILL BLOWS. So now Adobe just up and wants to be on my iPhone? My iPad? And my parents, friends, and their friends are interested in the iPad...

So. Here we are. Adobe can't even get Flash right on the Mac. They've been promising full Flash on mobile devices for YEARS now. Based on that track record, and the insulting remarks from the CEO (it must be MacOSX that is the problem) I can only say two things:

THANK YOU to Steve Jobs for refusing to have snake oil on the iDevices, and SHAME ON YOU to Shantanu Narayen for not putting your money where your mouth is. Long ago, probably before the Macromedia acquisition, Adobe used to be just like Apple. Produce and THEN tell us, and we were always pleasantly surprised. Now they're all bluster with nothing to show for it other than abuse of the word 'ubiquity'.

Through offshoring, unwise M&A, and laying off the wrong folks Adobe has lost their technical depth. Or maybe they're just a Windows shop now. Either way, what we've seen is that they cannot produce on any other platform other than Windows. And, once again, it's being reported that Apple has to 'assist' Adobe on the Mac by opening APIs that other more capable developers do not seem to need.

I guess first you need to re-learn how to walk before you can run. I still DO NOT want Flash anywhere near iDevices that I will be supporting.

[From Apple Is The New China]

Apple's not winning because of anything superhuman or any RDF this time. They're winning because everyone else is sucking soooo bad in the mobile / device space. Even Microsoft is slooooowly getting with the program, figuring out the Cloud, and not tousling with the current market leader.

The other disingenuous thing in this article is Apple's purported conduct as a platform vendor. Other VERY successful companies like Sony and Nintendo exert this kind of control over their game platforms, and just will not allow application developers who are not up to snuff on the platform. How much crap is there in the Nintendo Wii Store? NONE. It's all good! Apple is behaving as any good platform vendor should.

When a platform vendor raises the bar, the only whingers are those who cannot reach that bar. Which is why Apple 'helping out' blustery little Adobe (1/3 market cap) comes off to your Uncle Drunky as either very generous, or very stupid (based on their previous conduct).

I warned Adobe that they should SHUT UP and get back to something that passes for work. As others have said.

But it's amusing to watch them disregard good advice, and abuse terms in describing Flash: Ubiquity (bullshit) and Platform (it's a plugin). Even Microsoft's folks are wise enough not to rub that old Windows rhubarb. If Apple is the new China, then Adobe is 'teh new suck.'

Adobe? Go ahead. Keep doin' what you do. I still have a lot of popcorn, and you're making quite the show.

-Drunky out.

PS. Imma let Mr Rixstep finish.

[Seems Adobe needs to edumacate their offshore peons. Start here!]

"Beginning Mac Programming: Develop with Objective-C and Cocoa (Pragmatic Programmers)" (Tim Isted)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Team Aaaaaaapple, Fuck Yeah! Platform Police, Yo!

Over at the NoAgenda fora they're talking about the latest move by 'Team Apple...fuck yeah!'.. my take:

Some devs and I are twatting about this; from me twatting-

1/ Apple's like China during the Opium War. Take your Flash Opium & GFTO of our country. Issue was Opium but other trade was hurt. (in other words, there's going to be collateral damage, but it's negligible).

2/ If Apple 'wins the war' then Flash goes the way of Opium. If Apple loses the war, then Apple goes the way China did after the Opium War. (either Flash dies, or Apple is forced to open things under duress ala MSFT anti-trust MUCH later).

3/ That's what all the Flash & VB script kiddies who now call themselves 'Devs' are scared shitless of. Being the next MIDI or animated gif. (and magazine / blog content bunnies. They knew about this dick move weeks ago, hence all the iPad hateration).

3/ Sure it's a dick move by Apple. Either way, in a Jon Nash way of looking at things (game theory) Apple 'wins'. To NOT make the move = lose.

4/ That's why when companies get to a certain size, if they DON'T make dick moves like this, they invariably fail. MSFT did it. IBM did it. etc

5/ Apple didn't do it last time, guess what? We all run Windoze. YUCK. If Apple doesn't do it this time, we all get iPhone spinlock via Flash. (Mac's been second class to Windows. That was a mistake that Uncle Steve just ain't gonna repeat.)

Any Mac or *nix user who's had to deal with Flash or VB is applauding this move by Apple. All the bluster is coming from Flash (junk, porn site, crap video) or Mono (MSFT Visual Basic) "Developers". Who are interested in Apple being second banana (devtalk: make it in x, port to iPhone).

Apple doesn't wanna be second banana. They want to BE THE BANANA (devtalk: No, make in iPhone programming language 1st, sloppy seconds to whoever, we don't care).

You may be uncomfortable about it, but if you're an Old, you're marveling at Apple's stones. It's like the trainman all up in Neo's grill -- 'I don't care WHO you are. I built this place.' And since it's their platform -- and not some sh*tty browser plugin.... they're right.

Lastly: Only founders -- generals, emperors, presidents -- make moves like this. Caretakers & bean-counters like lieutenants, yes-men, MBAs running the company they acquired.. are risk averse and would not do this.

[From Applicability of the term douchebag to Apple]

Just remember kids: There are dicks, assholes and pussies. Better to be an onshore dick than an offshore pussy. Or asshole. That, and money talks and non-dick bluster walks.

Drunky out.

[For all you Flash & Mono 'non-dicks' in Chindia]

"Beginning Mac Programming: Develop with Objective-C and Cocoa (Pragmatic Programmers)" (Tim Isted)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Ages of Doctor Who actors on their debuts « The Reinvigorated Programmer

Here's an interesting point to the whole 'gee, there's a new Doctor Who' thing: Ages of Doctor Who actors on their debuts-- to whit: They're all getting younger. I have some yen, which I dropped as a comment over at RP:

Um, just a couple thoughts from a ‘yank’ across the pond who used to see Doctor Who on Public Telly here — since everyone else has tackled the non-fiction angle I thought I’d take a stab at the fiction one:

1/ Um, they’re called *TIME* Lords. It’s all about non-linearity of *time* including concepts of ‘age’. And along that line,

2/ What if ‘youth’ is their version of ‘growing old’? Seems to me the symptoms are much the same coming from one end and going to the other. Maybe the Time Lords (who live in and out of time in a non-linear fashion) would see this paradox more as a rite of passage or something even less.

3/ Why do I suspect that this was *planned* from the very beginning?? I predict that the next Doctor will be even younger, and by 2050 Doctor Who will *really* be a chidrens’ show.

I think the only thing that would really distress me is if they made Doctor Who some type of ‘hipster’ or trendoid. But that’s just me.

[From Ages of Doctor Who actors on their debuts « The Reinvigorated Programmer]

I really do enjoy Doctor Who, if only for the fact that except for one dark moment, it remains un-poisoned by the hentai tentacle rape that is Hollywood.

-Drunky out.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Valleywag joins the Big MSM Whinge against the iPad

I see that whiny little Ryan Tate continues the contraction of Valleywag with more tripe about Apple and the as of yet UNRELEASED iPad. Yeah, whatever. Apple tit. MSM tat. Of course I comment.

To quote Owen Thomas when I handed him some Flash dirt soo long ago — NOBODY CARES about Adobe, Flash, or this crap.

I see that Valleywag is joining the anti-Apple dogpile, totally missing the point of the iPad’s market. Willfully. Just like TIRED, just like the rest of Gawker.


This is the 80-20 rule all over again. There’s more than 20% that Jobs can pursue, and all the whinging from the MSM now that they actually have to sweat details isn’t going to change that.

“Fewer apps means less energy and excitement around the Apple products.”

Hogwash. Fewer CrApps means less consternation and more ad revenue (via admob, etc) from non-CrApp developers, and the jokers and wannabes banished back to making trojans, popunders and other cheap parlor tricks that only work on the other prevalent platform, Windows (DT, mobile).

Apple. Judge, Jury, System Administrator to their own platform. And if you don’t like it, whinge to TIRED and Gawker.

[From How Apple Is Dogfighting To Control Your News - ipad - Gawker]

Yes, the Flash heavy MSM is lazy. Like Adobe, they put all their eggses in oneses basket, Gollum, and now they’ll pay for it. Even MSFT wasn’t this stupid. You don’t see them desperately pitching Silverlight instead of working on a technical workaround, do you? No, they’re just serving Silverlight via IIS in a form the iHardware can digest. And, since I’m in a sober punchy mood today, let’s continue:

@GoddamnSexualTyrannosaurus: If you enjoy ‘building your own systems’ then get a Dell Mini10(v), make it a Hackintosh, and install Click to Flash. Then open up your fav PDF book in ReadRight (JFGI) or in The PDF rendering you’ll see is a lot like what you see on an iPhone, and what you’ll see on an iPad.

Then you’ll have what most of the commenters here want, a complete system and not what they think is ‘an oversized iPhone’.

Don’t underestimate this new descendant of the Newton. What the Newton lacked was connectivity (I know, I had a MP 2000 for a long time). It was a PITA to get books on, or anything on.

So, now I’m potentially going to have a device, more than 3x the screen of my iPhone, WITH Eucalyptus, GoodReader (large PDF reader with OCR/text conversion), DropBox, iTeleport (VNC with ssh), iChm *and* my between a larger screen and my Mac? Basically all the Apps I bought for my iPhone will go straight to the iPad, and many will be native ‘universal binaries’. (iPhone, PPC/Arm; iPad, Intel based A4).

So. Why would I even *buy* a Kindle at this point? When I can transfer my Apps (which will be optimized to iPad) and then let my parents read news on a device which approximates the weight and size of a hardcover book?

Like you, for myself, I’ll probably wait a generation or two like I did on getting an iPhone 3GS (my first iPhone).. but for my parents? They’re getting an iPad.

There are a LOT of retirees from the Boomster demographic on up. They don’t care about whinging dead tree hucksters or their equally whinging sponsors, the whingy lazy software company that bet the farm on flying baloney and offshored everything to India.

Seriously. They. Don’t. Care.

[From How Apple Is Dogfighting To Control Your News - ipad - Gawker]

Gawker and TIRED sitting in a tree. W-H-I-N-G-I-N-G. Seriously, like every other on.line.rag, the commenters are far more interesting.

Ironically, the smaller papers who didn’t drink the Flash Kool-Aid are in a better position to party like the web is 1994 — which is what most if not ALL of the olds purchasing an iPad want their reading experience to be.

-Drunky out.

[Charlie Miller, that ex-NSA 'brainy cunt' has a book. Who'da thunk?]

"The Mac Hacker's Handbook" (Charles Miller, Dino Dai Zovi)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

TUAW & Muckraking, Charles Miller & Apple, Crapware & a Bag o' Chips

TUAW is always a head smack in the morning along with my coffee. Go ahead and skim 20 zero-day security holes in Mac OS X to be revealed and revel in the circus of FUD that is TUAW and their bloggahs. So, duh, I comment:

*sigh* Here we go again. Look, here's the deal. NO software is perfect, and any piece of software, whether it's made by $APPL, $MSFT or even $GOOG or $ADBE is filled with 100s of minor bugs and even a few major ones even at ship. That's the nature of the sausage factory.

1/ Charles, like every other security wonk out there, is out to make a name for himself. One of the ways that you do this is to pick a fight. With someone bigger. So, Apple. He's considered a 'personality' (read: a jerk) but being ex-NSA, he can back it up.

2/ Apple (and other vendors) know about CanSecWest and DefCon, and... and they normally drop updates. Charles may have found 20 bugs, but he'll have to contend with the updates as well as justifications for what he found, because normally what these wonks (like Charles) find are 'edge cases', as in, the hacker would have to have physical access to your Mac to execute these on Safari, etc. My reaction is: 'What, he only found 20??'

To say ' There's no question about it, Apple should have caught these holes in the first place..' is irresponsible. Nice hack job there, TUAW.bloggah. You're muckraking like everyone else who picked up the story.

If these holes are edge cases or the fact that 'nobody's perfect' you have to acknowledge some things: Again, people --who make and test software --aren't robots with perfect information, and also: The world needs jerks like 'brainy cunts' like Charles Miller to keep Apple on their toes. (the "brainy cunt" post got deleted, hah. -DE).

The real story will come AFTER CanSecWest. Let's find out what's real and what's 'claim chowder' from Charlie Miller.

[From 20 zero-day security holes in Mac OS X to be revealed]

The thing is all software companies KNOW THIS and there's a 'code of silence' of sorts about picking on each other's security unless, as a vendor they're a major liability to the other --like Apple NOT letting Flash on the iPhone and when Adobe complains about it calling them 'lazy'.

One thing that's going around the industry is how 'evil' Apple's becoming. What a load of bunk. On the iPhone, their crown jewel, as pervasive as Windows of is on PC-- they are judge, jury, and system administrator. I say GOOD. I don't want crap on my iPhone, and I don't want Apple wiping vendor ass, including updates for buggy software they have no control over. Apple vetting software on the iPhone is far better than what MSFT did on Windows letting any old crapware on. Apple saying NO is a good thing in this case.

The other thing is how little Apple (and Google) seem to offshore their staff compared to other companies in the same industry --and how those two companies are really innovating compared to the ones that are up to their ears in Indian and Chinese offshore 'assets'. At this point Google is the only 'worthy competitor' to keep Apple on their toes, and again, I think Apple is tired of wiping the asses of the less-than-worthy.

Make no mistake. Charles Miller acting like a jerk to Apple is a GOOD thing. It keeps Apple on their toes and will keep them from turning into Microsoft. But it also, in a small way shapes how tolerant Apple is about crapware on their platforms and how much bullshit they'll take FROM-- and are willing to take FOR-- other software companies who not only cannot innovate but don't currently have the depth to.

But I'm just an Apple fanboy, right? In the morning...

Drunky out.

"Beautiful Security: Leading Security Experts Explain How They Think" (O'Reilly Media)