Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vivek Wadhwa: Chinese people are Idiots, Indians are geniuses

Did I mention that I'm an old Asia hand? And a hypertribalist? Fraudwa be messin' with my Chinese peoples.

I did a little digging on my buddy Vivek, you know, the Bill O'Reilly of the Hyderabad set, and what do I find?

China’s tech economy is built on copycats that totally lack any sort of innovation, particularly given the amount of money spent on research and development by companies and the government in China, Wadhwa said

[From Vivek Wadhwa: China is NOT the new Silicon Valley - Thomas Crampton]

Buuuut Vivek, aren't these guys from China, with all those 'research offices' in Shanghai & Beijing the same type of geniuses that are leaving Silicon Valley in droves? I thought they were geniuses!

Nonetheless, those good number [of patents from China] hide a total lack of creativity, based on Wadhwa’s qualitative analysis.

Wadhwa said the exact opposite seems to be true in India, where relatively little is invested in research and development. India has fewer patents and papers than China, but the country is building itself into a innovation powerhouse.

The fundamental difference, Wadhwa said, is that Indian engineers are encouraged to think beyond their narrow role and build more innovation into their activities.

[From Vivek Wadhwa: China is NOT the new Silicon Valley - Thomas Crampton]

Noooo, only the *Indians* are geniuses. Because Vivek says so, no figures provided. Damn, I almost fell out of my chair reading that last line. Dude, I want your job. Indians are geniuses because they don't patent or publish. Excellent.

I'm beginning to think that Vivek's idea of genius or 'thinking beyond narrow role' is asking dumbass questions on LinkedIn.

Even the commenters on that poor guy's blog smelled the bullshit:

[1 year ago]
What has India done beyond IT support?

Let's get an impartial person in the room please, this guy is from India...

Lemme tell you something Fraudwa. The US has a loooooooong history with our Chinese friends. ALL of our Chinese friends, from the PRC, ROC, HK, S'Pore, the Phils, etc etc etc. We're all neighbors on this thing we call 'The Pacific Rim'. And the relationship is like marriage.

What the Chinese are doing now, the Japanese were doing 30 years ago. Copying, innovating, improving. First for their own geo. But I know you can't be bothered with, uh, what's the word I'm looking for? FACTS.

Who designed and manufactured my iPhone? And one died for it? Chinese. My iPhone that does 2 versions of Chinese, Japanese, Korean & 20+ more languages but NO SLUMDOG. [Okay, I lied. I see one set of Indian squiggle in there].

Who's always hitting my firewall with hacking attacks? Mah peeps in the Honker Union.

Who has their own OS and multiple data standards so that all their folks can share data back and forth? Bueller?

The Chinese have been doing this for awhile-- maybe one if these days your peoples will get around to double clicking on an *.exe.

The Slumdogs and the Boomers have something in common. They lay claim on something they didn't make and understand very little of.

"Dragon Rising: An Inside Look At China Today" (Jasper Becker)

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