Sunday, November 15, 2009

President Obama's Chambermaid Bow to the Japanese Emperor

Sorry, I just had to comment on this piece of presidential stupid over at ABCNews:

What. The. Hell.

Obama is acting like a chambermaid in this pic. He might as well have gotten down on all fours and banged his head on the tatami for doing this.

This bow makes Bush 41 puking in the lap of the PM look like pure gold, that's how bad this gaff(sic, gaffe) is.

[From On President Obama's Bow to the Japanese Emperor, An Academic Friend Writes That Both the Left and the Right Are Wrong - Political Punch]

Seriously, I thought I had seen the most stupid of the night. But here is Barry the Boom-Boom president, not being presidential in the least, gaffing away. Again. Seriously sonny, if you need to bow, let Tricky Dick or any of the Japanese you didn't see in the street behind those tinted windows be your guide.

Seriously, Barry, as CiC-POTUS you have access to the DLI, where they sell this book. I recommend you BUY IT before you go overseas again, along with Culture Shock! China & Culture Shock! India.

Oh, and confidential to the ABCNews Jake Tapper: Japan hasn't been 大日本帝国 [The Great Empire of Japan] since like, 1945? And we don't call'em 'orientals' either. Just sayin'.

"Culture Shock! Japan" (Rex Shelley)

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Vivek said...

Just more proof that the goal is to make USA look weak and subservient to other nations.