Sunday, November 01, 2009

Why the Chinese ain't on my Shitlist..

Some competitors -- oh, and your main creditor, Americanski slave -- just will. not. candy-ass you. You gotta give props to the Chinese, in a 100 years they're gonna own all of Asia. Can't say that for their neighbors further east.

Yeah, over at GuestWorkerFraud seems they just throw anyone from the third world in the bitbucket of Slumdog. Unfair, I say:

At one Indian/Chinese-run company I had a QA Manager who was from China look me right in the eye and say "Our goal is to EXTRACT your knowledge and give it to our workers here".

[From Guest Worker Fraud]

No bullshit. That's mah Chinese peeps. And if you're an American worker what do you do?

Why, hand them a gift-wrapped jar o' Vaseline and bend over.

Can you really blame them for what happens next?

By the way, do you see any Chinese faces on TV begging for H1B Visas? Crying Wadhwacism? Didn't think so.

Mentok out.

"Dragon Rising: An Inside Look At China Today" (Jasper Becker)

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