Sunday, November 07, 2010

"New Delhi" TV aka NDTV. Stirring the Pot from.. the USA?

So, as almost everyone knows, the stories about Pasha Barry's Fabulous World Slavery 2.0 Tour and its "move a 0 million, move a 0 billion" originated from NDTV and MAYBE 1-2 other media sources.

From just a little bit of digging, it turns out that NDTV has as much success in 'embedding reporters' as CNN does, this taken from blogs reacting to coverage of Mumbai's "26/11" fiasco:

Barkha Dutt and NDTV: A Terrorist's DREAM COME TRUE

Mumbai attacks ! Shoddy Journalism .for example our star person Ms. Barkha Datt

and just for comedy's sake:

Barkha Dutt's " c*cks..." blooper on NDTV

Judging by the above posts you'd almost think Barkha was on the other side. In fact NDTV looks like a curried-up version of CNN or FOX, right down to the somewhat interesting Desi "Rupert" character that owns it.

So NDTV has a history of spilling the beans & gaffery. But fabrication? I guess no more than CNN or FOX.

Hmm, let's do a whois on NDTV:

   Administrative Contact:
      Bedi, Kawaljit  
      NDTV Convergence
      207, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-3
      New Delhi -110020
      New Delhi, New Delhi 110020

Okay, that looks normal enough. There should be an Indian tech contact as well..let's look at their technical contact:

   Technical Contact:
      Hostmaster, Comcat               
      7109 Timberlake Road
      Suite 201
      Lynchburg, VA 24052
      434-239-4272 fax: 215-489-8867

Yup that's right, Lynchburg, VIRGINIA, the Home of all Spooks(sm). Comcat, when it resolves, points to a web page that looks like it hasn't been touched since 1995. I guess they've been... uh, 'busy.' It may not even matter except that no other Indian media outlet (like TimesOfIndia) hosts in the USA. Why would they?

If you listen to 'No Agenda' sometimes you hear Curry & Dvorak floating the idea that sometimes the POTUS is in conflict with the CIA... Well. If you wanted to troll Emperor Barry, stir the pot, how would YOU do it? Probably using the media, and maybe a CIA/RAW connection.

Makes you wonder why Barry needs all that security if the 'threat' is akin to "10 men in inflatable speedboats".

-Drunky out

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa, "Hacker", Flauntin' n Flautin' Chicom Law : UPDATE

UPDATE: Mess with the best, die like the rest! My little sahib's twit-tah is back to normal, but:

In Malaysia , out of the clutches of the wretched Chinese firewall! Happy Diwali.

Mysteriously, my laptop stopped working after all my attempts to get around China firewall. Win 7 won't load! Fortunately I have backup.

Moral of the story: Take that little Chinese boy with you. He can fix ur Windows!


You have to hand it to my little sahib, he's a citizen of the world, and no 'Great Firewall of China' nor outting a Beijing University student is going to stop him from twatting. Read from the bottom:

Smooth move, my little Ex-Lax Sahib. And I thought you were a 'geek.' Methinks "Vivek" also means ├╝ber.Dumb in Hindii. Either that, or 'Economic Hitman without a clue.'

Here is a prime example of Indu 'Superior Intellect'. And how good Indians are with infosec:

You think Chicom SysAdms cannot correlate logs to public twats? Or that they will be 'delayed' by bureaucracy? Nuh-Uh. Some ex- or current- Honker Union gangsta's prolly on those logs. Right. NOW. So what if you're using a cell.. actually Echofon? An iPhone? With aGPS? Wow, you are *dumb*. Here's a little hint: iPhone, UUID, aGPS. Cell tower triangulation. Your timestamped public twat(s) mentioning a localized area. Dum dum DUM!

Word to the NSA. You wanna see what Chicom dissident proxy-punched Twitter home pages look like? Now's your chance. Get it while it's DUMB.

Oh well, maybe Barry can bail him out on the way to Japan. Big pimpin in AF1, yo! You can meet up with Vivek Kundra! A Vivek bifecta!

-Drunky, friend to Chinese but not all Chicoms, including ones who help your sworn enemy. OUT.

"Snow Crash (Bantam Spectra Book)" (Neal Stephenson)

Taxpayers to Pay Nearly $1? no! $2 BILLION For Obama's 'Slavery 2.0 Tour'

Ah, it looks like Obama is going to move his ENTIRE caliphate as well as 215 US CEOs to Mumbai for 4 days in November. From SHTFPlan:

As tens of millions of American families struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table, President Obama and about 3000 of his closest friends and security personnel will spend an estimated $200 million dollars per day when he visits Mumbai, India for four days from November 6th through November 9th.

Though the total won’t exactly reach $1 Billion dollars for his four day stay, it comes pretty close, and with government being government, we can always add a good 20% to 30% to estimates they put forth.

[From Taxpayers to Pay Nearly $1 BILLION For Emperor’s Visit to Mumbai]

As one of my readers astutely wrote to me, it would seem that "Vivek" (Kundra or otherwise) really DOES mean 'Fraud' or 'Shoplifter' in Hindustani. Now ask either the Caliph or his underling about their 'carbon footprint' of hauling around "40 planes & 6 armored cars". UPDATE: We have an answer from 'Watts Up With That? :: 8,469 metric tons of the stuff you exhale. Oh Barry, hast thou remove-d thy GreenShirt? Seems so.

UPDATE: How could so much money be spent and on what? Here's your answer:

"With trade high on his agenda, some 200 odd top US business chiefs, including soft drink giant Pepsico's India-born CEO Indra Nooyi, are expected to join US President Barack Obama on his India visit next month."

Actually, the number, cited elsewhere, is 215 executive slaveowner asses that must be wiped with the finest silk. (you really have to follow that link, commenter 'Satish Chandra' is a hoot!).

UPDATE2: Every junket needs a trade show, right? Here it is:

That's right, boyz n girlz.. you're being sold down the road at 'The US-India Business & Entrepreneurship Summit' courtesy of the Hindustani version of AIPAC, aka the USIBC. Let's just call 'opening markets' what it really is-

Slavery 2.0: This time the slave is... YOU!

And they say "da Jewz" control everything? Please. Israel got nuthin' on Bharat or their new BFFs: Barry & Duh CEOs.

Oh, and hark: It's a 10 day junket according to reader Frank Flag:

@drunk_economist Thanks "Drunky." Nice blog post. Thanks! The trip is 10 days. Official estimate $200M/day cost. ALL 10 days "count."

Mumbai just bein' a 4-day 'whistle stop' foar the Pimpsta in Chief! Even if it's cheaper to gaffe, bow & scrape to allies than the 'superior Industanis' Barry's still gonna pimp $2 Billion OPM--- iz 10 Day Azn pimp Tour, yo!

Now we know one major reason for TimTim's QE2. Walkin' around money! Gaffsta in Chief gotta have wurds to the client-states about them eevil Chinese!

SemiSeriously. $2 Bil almost buys India HALF of its first rusty Russian aircraft carrier. Or it could feed a lot of serfs at home.

Boggle.Poggle.Mind. Sorry!

-Drunky out.

"Sorry" (Hasbro Games)

(as heard on NoAgenda. Frequently. Read it, learn it, live it)

"Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century" (Thomas E. Woods Jr.)