Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sign the Petition to END the H1B Corporate/Bankster Cheap Labor Subsidy!

Want to know why you, or your kids don't have journeyman jobs in the USA? Because of a corporate SUBSIDY/ HANDOUT called the H1B VISA. We have PLENTY of workers in the USA!

We're the ONLY country that GIVES AWAY middle class jobs to China & India.


SIGN THIS PETITION. (link goes to

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SHRUG HARDER: "20 Reasons Why Americans Under 30 Are Giving Up On The U.S. Economy"

Hey kids, it's your Uncle Drunky, back to the land of blogging when he feels like it.

This is not the 'review of Tron Legacy & why it's Atlas Shrugged for our time. That may come later.

Now we come to a kid who sounds like every clued 30-something I've met lately. Read his comment here before you launch into my reply:

"Hans, my man, I have some advice to you, and to ANYONE under 40: SHRUG HARDER in the morning! If you’re young, start learning programming NOW. Pick a language. I recommend Python. In 2-5 years of watching shit crash you will become a kickass pentester. Programming is the new ‘bi-lingual’.. so pick up as many natural and machine languages as you can get from the couch.

Start learning about, and using bittorrent. Ignore the pop tripe that will get you in trouble and START looking at TV from overseas. And you’ll see how EVERYONE ELSE regards us: Hint: Nazi Germany 2.0.

Read Snow Crash. Then, bemusedly, watch ‘TRON Legacy’ and see how much the ‘young new director’ filched from it. In particular, dig what Lisberger did with Clu and Kevin Flynn, because HE represents your Baby Boomer Elders. MOST of them are either fiddling while Rome burns (Clu, aka GW Bush or Perry) or waiting for karma (crusty old NoBalls Flynn). Heck, his SON has to force him into some type of action.

If you buy the BS that ‘the Grid’ is some type of Galapegos Islands from the young director then I have a bridge to sell you.

If you have no education, START TEACHING YOURSELF. If you’re in school, DEMAND that your baby boomer teachers TEACH YOU SOMETHING USEFUL. History is useful (learn from the past). Humanities classes are useful (learn about the symbols around you). Math is useful (for that programming that you’ll be learning to craft your OWN environments).

START NOW. And to all the delusional Baby Boomer “Leadership” and where they want to herd you? SHRUG HARDER. THEIR BAGGAGE IS NOT YOUR BURDEN.

Damn, I wish there was something more all-capsy than ALLCAPS."

(Via » 20 Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Under The Age Of 30 Are Giving Up On The U.S. Economy Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!.)

Publish THAT, AlexJonesyBoy! Srsly tho, Alexy won't because none of what I suggest contains the idea BUY GOLD FROM ALEX FUCKING JONES.

I'm serious. Kids today have NO RESPONSIBILITY to continue what the "leadership" started in the last 10 years: War, Debt, and even moar War. So if you want to unseat these charlatans:

  1. Like the #NoAgenda guys say, read Atlas Shrugged -it's gonna be REALLY FAMILIAR SOON.
  2. Don't play the BabyBoomer Elites' game. Every time I hear about a 'Green Movement' or somesuch other Al Gore invention for $$$ I wanna take a royal crap. Every time I hear Lucy Napolitano and 'If you see something say something' I want to tell her where to go. Don't contribute to this bullshit. SHRUG HARDER.
  3. LOOK at what happened to Japan & their 'lost decade.' It's now the USA's turn.
  4. Learn the skills of the NEXT GAME and MARGINALIZE the charlatans. Take a hint from Bruce Sterling-- he also saw this coming YEARS AGO.

I've got one more tip, pretty much only for the young: If US employers don't appreciate your college degree, SHRUG HARDER and OFFSHORE YOURSELF. Teach English in an Asian country like Japan or Korea, pick up a hot Asian boy/girlfriend, and party where the cool kids are at. Unless you like death & taxes in the USSA. Even if you're older, you can do this, but it'll be harder. And if you're a Boomer, you almost have no prayer. Sorry, pay your fucking mortgage off.

I know, Drunky. Sounds really simple, don't it? Now ask me what I've been doing INSTEAD of blogging...

Drunky out.

PS. There is a third segment of Boomers that you should seek for friendship and counsel. In TRON terms, they're like Alan Bradley or TRON, the rare pragmatic mentors now in their 50s - 60s you wished you had. BUT: They are few & far between. I have a number of them in my life, and treasure every moment, and wish there were more like them. We need their counsel NOW.