Saturday, January 23, 2010

News Spreads about H1B Bodyshop and NJ Court shutting down Blogs

This in from a reader of mine. Evidently the fact that the 1st Amendment does not exist in New Jersey DOES NOT sit well with bloggers inside & outside the United States. Special thanks to Agent A for the links and the italic'd bylines...

As part of a libel lawsuit, a court issues takedown orders to hosting and domain providers for, and Apex, an IT consulting company, claims the sites are engaging in false and defamatory statements about Apex's employment agreement..

Corporations abuse the letter and the spirit of the law, and the judges comply hand-in-hand. The corporations ARE YOUR FOURTH BRANCH OF GOV’T! They buy and sell the other three branches too! If this isn’t fascism, then what is it? The jails-for-profit, oppressive drug laws and judicial system, rampant abuse of consumers in the name of ‘copyright’, the news media that only spews propaganda, the constant beating of the war drums, ALL IN THE NAME OF PROFITS FOR THE CORPORATE MACHINE!

An Indian staffing company, Apex Tech, has gotten a New Jersey judge to order Yahoo, Facebook, Comcast and other companies to shut down the blogs of several American I.T. web sites that had been re-posting personal testimony about an Indian H-1B worker mistreated by Apex.

A Middlesex County judge granted Apex's request to remove the postings from three sites on a temporary basis. The judge also ordered Comcast Cable Communications, Yahoo, and Facebook to provide information about the anonymous poster to Patrick Papalia, a member of the Hackensack law firm.

Should the folks at decide that Apex has overstepped their bounds, I could foresee a very monstrous string of posts about Apex that would simply be to massive for Apex to fight legally.

This is so wrong on so many levels. a company has filed in a court that it could be hurt by these sites and they are removed instantly from the Internet. Goody bye Godaddy for many i bet, i mean Christ stand up for your customers, demand an appeal for them and then take the site down if you loose again. I bet what your seeing here is one of them new laws that has come out over their thats suppose to stop terrorists. But is infact breaching YOUR human rights instead. Shocking this story, really shocking.

A New Jersey judge has ordered the shutdown of three H-1B opposition Web sites and seeks information about the identity of anonymous posters.

The larger issue is the use of H1B to bypass American workers and abuse of H1B employees with illegally binding contracts.

<<the playing field for all of us will be just a little less tilted?>>

Not really. The field will stop being tilted when the politicians

live up to their promises to penalize those companies who stick it to American workers by outsourcing jobs to India and other places.

I hope that these stories give a little bit of pause to my little sabhib Vivek Wadhwa and Mumbai Don.

My little sahib: Don't wear out your welcome in this, your most generous, tolerant host country.

Don Tenant: Remember which country you live in. Now please crawl 'Back Under your Rock'.

Mentok out.

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