Monday, November 23, 2009

Uncle Drunky's Hard-Knock Review for Monday, 11/23/2009!

Because retirees end their week on a Monday let's see what you youngs have learned:

Sarah Lacey spews Pro-India Anti-China piece on a Camel. A couple weeks before her boss fell out of love with South Asia, Sarah Lacey waddles around with Vivek Wadhwa. Once you're Lucky, Twice you're pushing it, Thrice It's the Walk of Shame, Baby...

Mad Max 2 Weltanschauung Checklist. Where is the USSA? Probably ticked at point #3. You have to admit, the soundtrack is pretty kick-ass.

President Obama's Chambermaid Bow to the Japanese Emperor. Always trying to one-up the Bush family in gaffes, Barry ignores his protocol folks. Comedy ensues.

Tour d' Gaffe update: Obama Pushes for Internet "Freedom" in China. Not content with a scullery maid bow to the Japanese Emperor, Barry's follies continue in the "Middle Kingdom."

Windows-like Flash 'sploit Found, Adobe Says No Fix. Ubiquitous Adobe, not content with offshoring, crowsources their GIFAR type bug to the world. 0-day stupidity, every day.

Chinese Court bends Microsoft over IP Rights. $MSFT swallows a bag of stupid at the hands of the People's Republic of China.

The Other Stupid - Weepy H1Bs and Shoddy Factchecking at the WSJ. Insipid WSJ piece that shows how big the WSJ is on copypasta and little else.

Star Wars CGI. From 1977. Wherein we find out where the Death Star Plans were. And that computer graphics used to require patience and love.

It's been a week. Dranky-time!

Mentok out.

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