Friday, November 27, 2009

Microsoft punks Adobe on the iPhone - Silverlight serves HTML5 via IIS?

In the kingdom of the slumdog software purveyors, the one with clue is king. And if by ‘worked with Apple’ —you mean— ‘didn’t piss them off with weasel workarounds and bluster’ —then the title is quite apropo.

Seriously. Go to this address NOW: with either a Mac or your iPhone. Be impressed, be VERY impressed at the adaptive streaming, even over AT&T’s lackluster 3G, of the Silverlight ‘Media Server’.

It seems that Microsoft, having a clue as to what ‘cloud computing’ is has punked that other company that put their entire fate on a web plugin. The fact that MSFT is doing it with IIS, which is considered a dog among webservers..well.. that’s just salt on the wound:

LOLZ. Yeah, I realize this is a ‘snub Adobe’ article, especially about concepts such as ‘cooperation’ and ‘trust’.. lots and lots of TRUST, since there’s none of that between Adobe and Apple at this point.

But seriously: Adobe done got PUNKED. Client side, server side, who cares? It. Got. Done.

Apple doesn’t get their platform diddled with by some buggy plugin that they don’t wanna track, and MSFT gets to sell a solution that keeps the content firmly in the control of the creator. On the serverside.

You’d think that Adobe would sex up their ‘Flash Media Server’ but.. what? Adobe has one of those? New to the entire world. Guess marketing has some work to do.

Honest to gollyGolly, you’d think that ADBE would have some clue with SAAS, and the whole app on a webpage dot com, and all the other fluff on their website but noooo.

That’s okay, seems MSFT *does* have the clue and now Silverlight content will exist. On everyone’s iPhone.

Meanwhile, Adobe tries to compile Flash into ARM compliant code. Good luck with that, they can’t even get local policy right in Actionscript:


First you have to walk.. badly? Before you can even run.

[From Microsoft ‘worked with Apple’ for Silverlight on iPhone, says Goldfarb | Web Apps News - Betanews]

Seriously. Apple imposed the rules on its platform and MSFT got their ‘solution’ working on the iPhone — note Goldfarb doesn’t call it a ‘platform’ because he knows what the word means. Silverlight-served content renders on the only real platform that matters.

And Apple was cool with it because MSFT understood and abided by the rules. Fancy that. So I’ll be seeing Silverlight content on my iPhone without installing anything. Pretty elegant: MSFT 1, ADBE, still a big fat 0 for ‘Flash plugin needed’ messages in my MobileSafari.

Thank. You. Microsoft. Never thought I’d hear myself say that.

Meanwhile Adobe crowdsources their buggy client “solution” to webmasters who may not even have control over their servers (most likely the ISP does, right?) to bear with with their local policy bug. No wonder Apple doesn’t want Flash on the iPhone.

Where did all your brains go, Adobe? Where’s your common sense? I’m thinking the 9% walked out the door in the last layoff, and now you’re left with offshore and stuffed shirts.

Heed my words: ubiquitous, that favorite word of RIA- and Flash-tards everywhere has nothing on the word elegant.

Mentok out.

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