Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Twatting about that $AAPL POS, the stock #iPhone

[Addendum: Yes, folks, as some of you say, this was not true in iPhoneOS1. And yes, it went downhill in OS2. And now we're at firmware 3.1.POS. I think I'm staying on 3.01 for a long time. Like Apple will ever clean up their act.

Seriously, and repeat this meme far and wide: iPhone 2009 == Windows 98.]

Sometimes I can't believe that Apple makes both Mac OS X and the iPhone. As a public service here's my twatting about it in reverse order:

Okay, let's rip on the POS that is the #iPhone for a while. It may be [ed: have been] built on MacOSX, but it's anything but.

Stock #iPhones have no backgrounding, no logging, and no /var/vm/swap like desktop OSX or any other Unix.

Memory management is teh suck, so Apple only allows one app running in the foreground. Unless you're #iPhone, *iPod*, MobileMail, or MobileSafari.

On the Mac, Apple HIG demands consistency. #iPhone? if you try to do the same you get rejected by the cr #AppStore:

Snow Leopard is as good as security gets on the desktop; the #iPhone is insecure and violates your privacy:

Snow Leopard is secure out of the box, #iPhone is like a router with default passwords that must be hacked to secure:

Only when you #jailbreak your #iPhone and get logging, password security & backgrounding back does it feel like an $AAPL product. Crazy, eh?


The #iphone #AppStore is $AAPL's #Vista. And #Schiller is their #Ballmer. Well at least they kept the #fail off my desktop! #Boomer #mistake

From what I'v been reading, the way the AppStore is run really reminds me of what I used to hear about the clusterfcuk that is Microsoft.

Dear Apple: Stop running the iPhone like the platform we all love to hate. It'd also help to stop employing failed $MSFT & $MACR employees. The AppStore reeks of them & outsourcing, no matter what your marketing bunny says.

Actually, it's time for Apple to find another whipping boy because nobody believes what he says anyway.

I mean seriously: Eucalyptus was almost banned from the AppStore for a over thousand year old book that was translated in 1883. You either employ Indians or Victorians --or the worst of both.

You violate the Apple way of 'consistent UI everywhere' - the Human Interface Guidelines - when you flunk apps like 'Chess War' for doing the right thing.

Maybe it's time for the creator to speak for the monster.

Jobs is probably the only Boomer I don't want to GTFO stage, but if this is his bad, then maybe it's time. [Actually, it's probably time. Memories are short, Jobs has been ousted before for 'being himself'.]

Seriously, he's the only guy who could get things done at 1 Infinite Segfault, but if he's pulling a King Lear, maybe it's time.

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