Saturday, October 31, 2009

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If you want to really get the skinny on how serious your competition is, delve into the history books and see how they make war.

War. The ultimate sport. Winner take all, including the women.

Seriously, when we thought the Japanese were 'taking over' they had us studying all kinds of strategy, tactics and history about them. I mean, little did we know that they were levering themselves up to their eyeballs and laundering Yakuza money during the last 'Rape of the USA.''

Remember that?

But more about the Japanese later. Or not- this is about our friends the Indians & the Chinese.

True, the Indians have beaten the Pakistanis three times out of three (in 1947, 1965 and 1971). But look at what happened the one time they tried fighting a real army: the India-China war of 1962. India decided that its new status as world power required it to grab a few square miles of Himalayan wasteland from China. They worked themselves up into a war frenzy and attacked the Chinese. The Chinese, who don’t do woofing, made no boasts, tried smoothing things over, and when that failed, quietly flattened the Indian army. It was a rout: mustaches and swaggersticks sprinting downhill so fast the snow hadn’t yet melted on their helmets when they hit 120-degree Delhi. After that, the Indians decided they’d stick to picking on someone less than half their own size: the Pakistanis.

[From War Nerd Called It: Indians And Pakis Too Faggy For War - By Gary Brecher - The eXiled]

I really recommend reading the War Nerd's take on the whole India Pakistani thing if you want to know what kind of crybabies that you're dealing with.

And it's not like this is water under the bridge. It seems that the Indians are gunning for the Chinese again, just a month ago.

And maybe I shouldn't bring up the whole Indian 'Chinky' thing. I mean, the Chinese protect their own. In their own way.

So, youngs, take your lessons from history & war and apply it to what we know now: Who's gonna 'woof'? Who's gonna get flattened?

I really think that China should just annex India. But hey, I'm just a blogger. Do as thou wilt...

Brecher also has a very famous doctrine: "Bribe'em, Nuke'em or Leave'em Alone." Words to live by.

"War Nerd" (Gary Brecher)

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