Tuesday, December 01, 2009

EndH1B website threatened by On-Shore H1B Slave Shop

Seems that Indian H1B 'Bodyshops' & their thug owners don't understand blogs or 1st Amendment rights -- because a small slaveholder out of New Joi-sy is pickling off form letters to our friends over at EndH1B.com:

We at www.endh1b.com received this email from what appears to be an Indian bodyshop in New Jersey. They want us to take down a post from Desicruch about the experiences a quest worker had with the bodyshop, and "provide contact details of the individual who posted this legal agreement."   We have not posted a legal agreement and don't have the contact details of anyone of our contributors. We will also protect the privacy of any members of our community.

This is clearly an attempt to apply Indian legal standards to American citizens. We will not be intimidated and are ready to defend our 1st Amendment Rights. If you would like to contribute to this cause, please make a donation that well help us defer our legal costs.

[From Threatening Email From Indian Bodyshop - EndH1B.com Blog - End H1-B ]

Seriously. Drop some coin to EndH1B if you want to help end farces like this.

And Uncle Drunky, what do you mean by 'slaveholder'?? Well. Let Guestworkerfraud be your guide:

India, Inc. organized crime syndicates try to keep workers captive by adding illegal clauses to their contracts which require workers to pay huge amounts of money if they quit or fail to perform. Aside from being unconsitutional, these agreements are unenforceable in court since they impose the penalties for failing to "perform" but don't list the specific duties to be performed.

[From Guest Worker Fraud: Indentured Servitude Is Part Of The Business Model]

So here we are with another lesson in "globalization", kids -- south asian 'guest, in da USA' slave owners caught in the act by their own people who then go on to try and intimidate American citizen bloggers when their inhumane practices are reviewed on a website.

Seriously, I wanted to post a Google Streetview of just how crappy their slave pen apartment *is*. Sadly, even shysters are entitled to their privacy. But trust me kids, it's a real dump, even for New Jersey.

I expect and have seen this kind of crap go down in the 3rd world. But here?? In the United States??

I'm ashamed to say that these shysters are allowed to exist in my country.

What does this say about our government? Will Barry have them over for lunch?

And what of our politicians & bureaucrats that enact and enforce laws that allow human trafficking under the auspices of a 'Guest VISA'??? This is bi-partisan larceny, legalized.

The law is an ass.

Mentok out.

PS. To the slaveholder in question: I've made no direct links to your site. But if you send me, or my ISP anything I will be more than happy to print your concerns here. In my blog. Where all my readers can see.

"Law on the Net (Law on the Net (W/CD))" (James Evans)


Vivek said...

AND what India is really trying to do is to get what was previously unacceptable in America accepted here - namely criminality and organized crime biz practices which are the norm in India. I've had Indians tell me that in India if you want to work for slavemasters, you and your family have to go take out a $50,000 LOAN and put it in escrow. if the employer doesn't like you for ANY reason, they fire you, take the $50K, and then YOU and your family have to pay it back from the lender. Is this what we really want in America? The best thing we can do is all just laugh in their faces and say "Well that may fly in India, but not here" and refuse to sign.

2Truthy said...

". Is this what we really want in America? The best thing we can do is all just laugh in their faces and say "Well that may fly in India, but not here" and refuse to sign." Vivek

Great post, Drunky. You ask "will Barry have them over for lunch" which really does make you wonder how tethered he is to the notion that the American middle class is a great liability to his new DC and SV insider pals and global counterparts.

Vivek, I have never heard of such a thing here, but this doesn't surprise me either, since most gov contracts have been curiously given to Indian shops (you know the ones) and that even given this jobs depression, our political officials are asleep at the switch -- must take a busload of ruppees to get them to flick it off, eh?