Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dear Hippy-rina: Computer Security 101: SSH breakin attempts

Dear Hippy-rina. This is what a real hacking attempt looks like. This is an email, from me, to the system administrators listed below, after some little yob tried to attack my machine. Yes, they are in Brazil. I hope you can read.

[Seriously folks, if this is what the GOP has become, then we're in for another term with Barry.]

We don't need any more GOP Boomer stupidity like the DMCA. Like any other country cares about that. We don't need your ham handed attempts at explaining the internet, and we don't need a 'War on Users'.

Like any of your other Wars on Terror & Drugs did anything other than line your own pockets. So read:

From: The Drunk One

Subject: SSH breakin attempts from your user / DOS

Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009 02:51:45 -0700



Your user is attempting to breakin my machine. This happened literally 5 minutes ago, Pacific Time.

I love your country, I hate some of your users. Any job openings down


-Drunken Economist,

SSHd log::::

Sep 6 02:30:29 FUCKOFF sshd[99825]: Did not receive identification

string from

Sep 6 02:33:13 FUCKOFF sshd[1111]: Invalid user admin from

Sep 6 02:33:17 FUCKOFF sshd[1152]: Invalid user stud from

Sep 6 02:33:19 FUCKOFF sshd[1189]: Invalid user trash from

Sep 6 02:33:21 FUCKOFF sshd[1191]: Invalid user aaron from

Sep 6 02:33:24 FUCKOFF sshd[1228]: Invalid user gt05 from

Sep 6 02:33:26 FUCKOFF sshd[1231]: Invalid user william from

Sep 6 02:33:28 FUCKOFF sshd[1260]: Invalid user stephanie from

Sep 6 02:33:41 FUCKOFF sshd[1351]: Invalid user gary from

Sep 6 02:33:46 FUCKOFF sshd[1391]: Invalid user guest from

Sep 6 02:33:48 FUCKOFF sshd[1393]: Invalid user test from

Sep 6 02:33:50 FUCKOFF sshd[1430]: Invalid user oracle from

Sep 6 02:34:44 FUCKOFF sshd[1864]: Invalid user apache from

Sep 6 02:34:51 FUCKOFF sshd[1906]: Invalid user lab from

Sep 6 02:34:57 FUCKOFF sshd[1946]: Invalid user oracle from

[snip, about 120 more lame attempts to find a username on my machine, full log sent to *.br sysadms]

Your laws, a 'Cyber Czar' or a cyber-air force aren't going to help with this problem. There are ways of dealing with real crackers [not hackers] and you're not helping. At. All.

Oh, and Hippy-rina? Buy a new keyboard. And a book about computers. Here's one:

"Introduction to Computer Security" (Matt Bishop)

And ORA books are always good, like this classic:

"Computer Security Basics" (Rick Lehtinen, G.T. Gangemi)

Seriously. I'm here to help. Mentok out.

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