Wednesday, November 04, 2009

GUESTWORKERFRAUD: Apple to Adobe: 'You're lousy at programming'

Am I even surprised? Nah. Flash is a steaming POS on my Mac, why would it be any different on the iPhone, which runs a light version of Mac OSX? This from

We all know by now that once-great Adobe has been taken over by invading incompetent guest workers such as Acrobat Project Manager Lily Tran or Engineering Manager Anil Bhavnani (not to mention the incompetent Indian CEO who presided over the CS4 disaster).

But now new evidence is coming to light that Adobe's Flash for iPhone was so bad, Apple told them to go back and rewrite it. This is one reason Flash still isn't available for iPhone yet: Adobe's best and brightest imported guest workers don't know how to code!

Now that's what we call "keeping America competitive".

[From Guest Worker Fraud]

I didn't have to work very hard to get the whiny little 'blame Apple' message on my iPhone. How could Adobe even hope to get on the iPhone when they can't even get it right on my Mac?

Please Apple, for the love of Allah, keep. that. shit. off. my iPhone. Do not want.

I wonder if Adobe's Flash "engineers" even know C. I'm thinking.. nope:

"Learn C on the Mac (Learn Series)" (Dave Mark)


Vivek said...

C? Are you kidding? I WORKED at Adobe in late 2005. Marble-mouthed Anil Bhavnani didn't even know where to get the MSDN DVD from (he had to ask an American who got laid off 2 months later). Viet Namese witch Project Manager Lily Tran who can barely speak English sent all the Acrocrack work to India where the slumdogs tried to rewrite it all in Java because they didn't know C (version 5). That little project failed so bad they had to bring all the work back and Acrocrack is still screwed up 7 years later.

Anil laid me and 500 other Americans off in Dec. 2005. Not a single H-1B or foreign worker was laid off. 100% Americans. Now Adobe is dying.

And don't forget MANPOWER. I was a contractor for Adobe via manpower and a week after Anil laid us off, I get this call from Manpower asking "Can you come back to work for one week only to train your Indian replacement"? I told her "Sure - $3000 an hour".

I went right home and sent Anil an email telling him if he's going to play the Indian IT griftology racket, at least learn to get Americans to train their replacements BEFORE laying of Americans whose knowledge they need. This guy is a dumb as they come. In his blind hatred for white people he couldn't even see that he was too hasty in laying off Americans who built the company. Anil had a hissy fit and sued Manpower for RACISM because of my email. Oh yeah - and I cc'ed Digby Horner - one of the VPs complicit in this whole illegal affair. I laughed my ass off for a week.

Don't forget brain trusts like Chris Paduan who work @ Adoooooobe who are morons.

Mark my words - another few years and Adobe will end up just like Sun - filled with slumdogs and losing $150 million/month.

If you want to read the real Adobe dirt, go to:

Vivek said...

518 more layoffs @ Adobe today. And I just learned from someone there that Bhavnani had been laid off in LAST year's rounds of layoffs - he's working for WIPRO now. LOL. I hope he learns the Indian IT griftology racket better than he did it @ Adobe or Premji will shitcan his ass. The best and the brightest America can't do without.

DWBjr said...

Vivek, its not surprising Manpower was sued for your racist message. I read the story at the link you sent. I think you may have legitimate gripes but you're a bit tone deaf on collateral damage... and its NOT all about being "PC". It's about being racist.

#1.) Being American doesn't mean your WHITE. It doesn't. So, never say a sentence that assumes anyone thinks this is true. "In his blind hatred for white people he couldn't even see that he was too hasty in laying off Americans who built the company." Make up your mind. Is the person hating WHITES or AMERICANS. Choose one and run with it.

#2.) On the story from that website link, one sentence says: "One was of Chinese descent but the other 4 were Americans - U.S. Citizens." That's where your credibility erroded. Simply being of Chinese descent... GASP... doesn't mean you're not a U.S. citizen. If the sentence wasn't intending to use "American" to mean "white people", you could have said either, "All for were American AND one was asian." or maybe you meant, "One was a resident alien and the rest were Americans". My guess is that you didn't know his/her legal status, so you'd just prefer to put that person in a different category... even though one of your 'American' co-workers could be a non-citizen from Canada."

I hate it when people undermine otherwise worthy arguments about the workplace and problems associated with globalization and workers rights. Racism becomes a dirty lens that makes it hard to see anything clearly.

Mentok said...

For what it's worth, I don't think that Vivek 'undermines' his argument one bit, for a couple reasons:

1/ In any other country in the world, Vivek would not have to 'water down' or 'dumb down' his message, because it seems that Americans are the most thin skinned of racists. You'll notice I didn't mention anyone's color. Why is that?

2/ Instead of being disingenuous Vivek called it like he saw it, how it happened. I'd rather have the story straight than 'watered down' by PC speak. Of course he has his bias, but everyone does.

The fact of the matter is that race DOES PLAY a big role in globalization and 'labor arbitrage'. Here's one to bake your noodle: If slavery were around today in our so-called PC 'can't see things in context of race' do you really think it would be abolished?

Guess what? It *is* around today. The names, faces and colors have changed. The same concepts and systems 'still work' 150 years later. Only this time the 'slave' goes to a 'focal review' with his overseer. And others are denied work over dodgy 'qualifications' that their guest-working 'competition' doesn't have.

These dodges and cons have gone on for decades if not longer in South- and SouthEast Asia, and now America gets to have a taste of this bitter 3rd World corruption in the form of 'globalization' and 'competition with the rest of the world' while those countries hide behind protectionism.

And this charade continues because Americans have thin skins & guilt, and allow themselves to be exploited over something as trivial as skin color.

James said...

What I was trying to point out was that it's nearly all white Americans who are being targeted for layoffs by angry foreign Imdian managers. Yes there was one Chinese and she was an American born here, but so what? She *was* the only non-white laid off. Out of 500 Americans. Total. How by any measure can anyone say whites are not being targeted by Indians when the company is full of all nationalities but 499 out of 500 layoffs are white Americans. Is Adobe really stupid enough to think that no one will notice if they throw one token American into the mix who happens to be an American but of Chinese descent?

The point which is very clear is that white American IT workers are being targeted en masse by invading Indian managers who hate whites because Indiots are still hung up on the British invasion thing 200 years later. 499 white Americans out of 500 laid off at a very diverse company. Come on, you can't possibly deny this is racism against whites.

Americans (whose population is still 76% white) were kind enough to allow these people into the U.S. to work to begin with but now the invaders have turned on us and are keeping us out of our own job market. So don't come crying 'racism' to me. Americans are the least racist people on earth.

Heck, in India it is ILLEGAL to work unless you are an Indian citizen. How's that for racism?

But no matter. Bhavnani is such a stupid moron that he lost his job because he sued Manpower. Any idiot who sues his employer's only contracting agency should know he's going to lose his job over it. But apparently Anil really is that stupid. Bwahahaha...

BTW Drunky, you can now follow Bhavnani in his griftology exploits on LinkedIn - just do a search on his name and see which company he bounces to next for a year or so before his game is found out.

Angel said...


Anil Bhavnani is not in Wipro.He has joined Yahoo! India after Adobe and is my Ex Manager.