Thursday, December 03, 2009

Deluded "Senator" Boxer thinks "UK" is "USA" - Leaked emails are 'crime'

This has to be the most demented Boomer delusion at taxpayers' expense that I have read yet. But this is so typical of the druggy hippy Boomsta' liberals that infest the Bay Area of California.

Kudos to and courtesy of the StoneHeads ( 頑固者 )blog:

So, California junior senator Barbara Boxer has decided that it is a crime to blow the whistle on a massive fraud. According to The Hill, Boxer is planning to hold criminal investigations into the hacked emails depicting the cover-up, lies and manipulated data produced by the University of East Anglia's global warming factory.

[From StoneHeads ( 頑固者 ): Boxer: Leaked emails are 'crime']

All political considerations aside, let's review what we know:

East Anglia is located in the United Kingdom, a sovereign state not subject to US Law.

East Anglia is located in the United Kingdom, a sovereign state not subject to US Law.

East Anglia is located in the United Kingdom, a sovereign state not subject to US Law.

Let that sink in. I wrote it thrice for all the thick Baby Boomers in my readership like Hippy-rina.

Why is the USA devoting time to what is definitely a British internal matter?

Scotland Yard? MI5?

What are we going to do? Invade the UK searching for 'weapons of mass disruption?'

What an outstanding use of American Taxpayer Money, once again, not used to the benefit of Americans in the United States. For an extra-territorial boondoogle that will go nowhere.

Chronologically Boxer's not even a Boomer, but for this leap of ego & insanity she gets the honorary badge.

Barry won't listen[1] to his protocol people[2] and Barb won't listen to her geography teacher. Gankomon goes on:

Every member of the bureaucracy, just like every elected official, takes an oath to uphold that laws of the United States. Isn't it time that we demanded that they actually adhere to the oaths they willingly take, instead of preferring to cherry-pick the ones they wish to follow?

[From StoneHeads ( 頑固者 )]

First we need to find officials that can comprehend an oath. As well as read a map.

Seriously Barb. East Anglia is nowhere near Oakland.

Mentok out.

"International Relations: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)" (Paul Wilkinson)

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がんこもん said...

Must point that there is a US-speciifc problem involved here that DOES demand investigation. The East Anglia doctored data was used by the IPCC ( to create their report, which in turn was used by the EPA in their finding that CO2 is a pollutant. So yes, there SHOULD be an investigation as to why US laws and regulations are being based on foreign research which appears to be fraudulent. But your other points are only too salient.