Wednesday, December 09, 2009

MacWorld flips off former darling Adobe, awards Eddy to a Bug Fix

The The 2009 Eddys are out, and there are NO ADOBE or Microsoft crApplications. None.

I'll spoil it for you. A Flash Blocker won a Eddy.

The winners??

Font Explorer Pro. Oh wait, ATM is totally gonzo.

More? Painter & Acorn, no Photoshop or Lightroom. Freaking Picasa. Lulz.

Logic freaking Express.

PDF Pen. almost 1/10th the price of that other buggy POS.

and the kicker? Do you think the ubiquitous Flash won? Nopez.

#7? Click to Flash. A Flash blocker. That's right, a countermeasure, a bug fix won an award. How will the government be 'Open' when most folks block ubiquity? Because of privacy issues?

If that's not a grand Obamaesque flip-off to the slum pit that used to be the hub of DTP I don't know what is. And they want to output to the iPhone? Um.. good luck with that.

Seems like their "Programmers" could benefit from some serious clue.

Stay tuned. Silverlight will go nowhere next year and they're next for the grand kicking.

But seriously, $ADBE. You been done OBAMA'd. Nobel Peace Prize and waging a war.

"Learn C on the Mac (Learn Series)" (Dave Mark)

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