Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Judge rules in favor of Indian H1B Bodyshop against US Citizen Bloggers

Now I've seen everything. Once again, a US judge oversteps the 1st Amendment. You may remember my post EndH1B website threatened by On-Shore H1B Slave Shop. Well. I received this information just tonight:

An Indian staffing company, Apex Tech, has gotten a New Jersey judge to order Yahoo, Facebook, Comcast and other companies to shut down the blogs of several American I.T. web sites that had been re-posting personal testimony about an Indian H-1B worker mistreated by Apex.  DiscountASP.NET has already, without warning, shut down

Indian bodyshops have intimidated Indian H-1B sites for warning Indian H-1B workers about mistreatment at companies like Apex.

Now Indian bodyshops are using the same bullying tactics against American I.T. workers who dare to reveal this vicous 19th century exploitation. American I.T. workers will stand up for internet freedom and the freedom from exploitation.

The order also gives Yahoo, Facebook, and GoDaddy five days to turn over the personal information of three John Does named in the injunction.

Here is a summary of case:

Read the injuction here:

judge's order

EndH1B now does not resolve, so I can only assume it was one of the affected sites. More information is available from this Reddit link:

Hmm, is this still the United States of America? I'm beginning to have my doubts. I really can't blame this one on my little sahib -- I'm just wondering if this is the kind of America he's used to living in....

I also wonder if the EFF will come to the rescue on this one....

Mentok out.

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James said...

This judge is dreaming. EFF will be all over this and there will be lawsuits. This has already been settled by case law previously (see the cases on EFF's website). They can't silence political speech. As for defamation, case law clearly says the plaintiff has to prove the statements made were false, not the other way around. Once EFF wins this one, it will open the floodgates on the net for people to expose the India, Inc. fraud/crimes.