Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Uncle Walty Rantpuppet: Anti-Flash Crusader MUST BE STOPPED

If there's one thing funnier than me going off on the cargo cult that is Flash, it's watching the Uncle Walty RantPuppet doing me one better. I bow to the superior intellect that is Uncle Walty RantPuppet:

He's probably talking about remarks from one ex-Engadget dude Ryan Block:

  1. Ryan Blockryanblock Flash's pervasiveness is a legacy web
    symptom: we need to move towards new, open web standards, and away from--not further towards
  2. Ryan Blockryanblock Funny seeing Adobe get petty about Flash on the iPhone. Maybe if Flash wasn't so godawful it wouldn't
    be so hard to justify its inclusion.

Now ask yourself why Adobe's getting all desperate and blustery over one little handset.


Mentok out.

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