Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does Vivek Wadhwa write his own Stuff? PhD = 8th Grade?

Y'know, after reading ol' Vivek's meltdown in Techcrunch, it goe me to thinking. His writing, compared to all the copypasta that he circulates in the various rags is, well... juvenile. Seriously, maybe the reporters massage his quotes?

Anywho, here's a little homework assignment for you. First, go to the link where poor widdle Vivek melted down, calling normal Americans 'xenophobes'.

Copy the link above, and find a Flesch reading scale site. This one ain't bad. Or use Flesh.app if you're on a Mac.

Now paste the URL into the form and look at the results.... Lessee, kids start reading Dr. Suess when? 2nd Grade? 6 years of schooling and ... okay, 8th grade. Hah.

Gee, Vivek Wadhwa says he has a PhD. A 'Fellow' at a number of bumfsck universities that sport thick sheepskin. A failure of very high regard, to say the least.

But judging by the constant copypasta and lack of originality, as well as the Grade 5-8 writing (depending on the scale you use) I'd say one of his younger colleagues, say in high school is writing most of his bluster. Maybe Sarah Lacey? Her style's about the same, and she's a juvie in a cranky 30-something cat lady's body. Run her tripe through the grinder if you feel so inclined, but to me she's a yawner.

Maybe someone should plug Vivek's 'dissertations' into one of the many plagiarism engines that are used with high powered corporate VC law students who don't know law and other cheats. What would we find?

The mind boggles. Seriously, a PhD looks like a big-ass case of 'diminishing returns' if ol' Vivek is any indication. On the other flipper, condensing 'xenophobe' nuance from the vapor of 'angry, displaced local techie' -- that takes the cunning of a jackal. With a sheepskin. Guess I have to give my little sahib props on that one.

Mentok out.

PS to Wadhwa fans: Machines don't lie.

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2Truthy said...

"And no, I’m not pregnant. I’m just exhausting and living in between vastly different cuisines and time zones."

Haha, Sarah-copycat-cudwa and the Fraudwa ARE like two bhurthas in a pod. She says she is EXHAUSTING, as is her insufferable screed that shares her most personal emesis moments. At least Sarah-cudwa told the truth in the excerpt above.