Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last of 2009: The Joke's on You, Boomers (and Millennial Kids)

After reading this, if you’re a GenX’er, you gotta feel a little sorry for the Boomers. But only a little, because in the next decade this post really sets the tone for what will become of the most chickenhawk generation — you see, a good number of their spoiled spawn have woken up to the screwing of their future. What of it there is:

DAMN BOOMER MUSIC SUCKS (journey sucks, reo speedwagon sucks)
Date: 2009-12-30, 7:04PM PST

What’s up with the most worthless generation in the history of mankind?
Bush was a complete idiot, and Obama is no better. Couple of worthless boomers trying to conquerer the world. This shit just makes me laugh. You baby boomers will be the laughing-stock of human history when you all die off. And it makes me happy that every minute of the day, a baby boomer dies, thus saving trillions of dollars in health care expenses. And, with this generation dying out, I hope they stop playing Pink Floyd, REO Speedwagon, Elton John, John Cougar Melloncamp on the radio, because all boomer music sucks.
Most of you probably ditched the draft, started to dress like gay transvestites and took your pathetic pussy asses to Canada, instead of having the balls to go to Vietnam to fight and to risk dying with pride while being shot in the back 15 times by the enemy.
I have no remorse for this generation. The generation that invented AIDS, crack, and the internet is slowly dying off. I hope the death of this generation is a lonely, painful one.

Yes this is blather, and the kid has clue. LOTS of clue. But obviously this is not from a GenX’er.

Because as an X teenager I used to enjoy John Mellencamp, Pink Floyd (Roger Waters), some Elton John, yeah even Michael Jackson before he become a pedomutant. My Uncle,, had a really cool record collection.

I can see the hippies shoving this pop down their kids’ throats ‘trying to be young’ while we moved on to Bauhaus, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Circle Jerks.. right, my GenX brothers & sisters? Hell, ‘GenX’ was Billy Idol when he was good. And hungry.

But what’s even more telling is a Boomer’s response, so telling in the contempt and narcissism, of abandoning their kids like they abandoned their ideals in the 70’s to become the generation of chickenhawk death that sends their kids to faraway places and replaces them with compliant H1B slaves from India — hell, this Boomer even knows that the kid is a Millennial.. one of his own:

Re: DAMN BOOMER MUSIC SUCKS! (Welcome to your world!) (Sucks to be U!)
Date: 2009-12-30, 11:45PM PST

Aren’t you up beyond your bedtime? If brains were dynamite you couldn’t blow your nose. Your generation, sonny boy, has not done anything except continue to build on what we “Boomers” started.
As for the whole scary “Death’s Door” thing, a well turned phrase borrowed from a previous generation, Are you so dense as to believe in your own unrealized life expectancy to represent the actual living of a life? Yes, granted you don’t snuff yourself out by splitting lanes on your Hayabusa Suzuki or die from H1N1 because you decided you could beat this infection or you think that food processing has improved the content and saved you from an ecolli death from the McDonalds Happy Meal your Mama bought you today.
You may live long enough to watch as Climate change raises the level of the ocean, Winters get colder and the area of hot, arid land below the Sahara grows enough to power super Tornados that devastate the Gulf Coast, Gas prices advance to European levels, China becomes the most powerful nation in the world (oh yeah, this already happened!), You live to see the re-emergence of Tuberculosis, the Spanish Flu and Africanized Killer Bees kill off the honey bees responsible for 90% of our agriculture, You live to file more than one medical bankruptcy, Your kids call you a “tard”. Yeah my biggest regret is I won’t be here to watch your grandkids dump your useless ass off at your Convalescent Home where you can remember the good old days when you ruled this world.
At least my generation learned from history before becoming it. So think of me when you can’t afford your botox and that hot 50 year old woman you were dating dumps you for an energetic 60 year old and you pay out $20.00 a gallon for gas, because you didn’t see any reason to invest in developing alternative energy sources since that was a Boomer idea (Jerry Brown) and you would rather be extinct than do something about anything farther from your recliner than you can spit.
The biggest disapointment of my generation is giving birth to your worthless ass! [ed: emphasis mine]
I know how to live to grow old, your obese ass just won’t cut it. Your generation is reporting shorter life expectancies due to your overeating, smoking, drinking & drugging and of course your neverending drive to win the multiplayer version of the “Darwin Awards”. Why don’t you do the math chump? Your days are as numbered as mine, maybe more since we “Boomers” tend to learn from our mistakes. The biggest one was; we should have pulled out and squirted that sub-standard genetic material (you) into your mama’s mouth instead of taking it to term.
So enjoy the future without us. I will be glad to have passed on and let you deal with what is coming your way. Famine, pestilence, wars, the breakdown of the ozone, the incoming asteroid, death by skin cancer due to less filtering of the ultraviolet spectrum, less drinking water, and your favorite: anarchy due to the shifting of real wealth and the total realized loss of the American manufacturing base compounded with the implementation of the North American Union which will create a common form of money for Canada, Mexico and the United States. Yeah, I said it before and it still stands, it sucks to be you. Have fun paying back this deficit for the next 50 years! I hope it works out for you.
[From Re: RE: RE: DAMN BOOMER MUSIC SUCKS! (Welcome to your world!)]

How very uninspiring, just like that Boomer epic, Earth 2100. Their fear. Not ours.

I think the Boomers are in for a surprise. While they overlook us Gen X’ers, and find that once laid off we just won’t come back to wipe ass, they will find that more of their own children will be as angry as the first poster, and also abandon them as they did to their progeny.

Personally I feel no affinity for the Boomers. Their spoiled kids, if I hire them, will have to earn their bones like I did under my Silent Generation parents. Most geek X’ers I know are either sitting this one out because they can afford it, or are moving on to other occupations that will clean up this mess. Hint: It has ZERO to do with the Boomers’ delusional ‘protect the Earth’ hogwash.

So, Boomers, relish ‘the naughties’ where we saw you at your prime; Clinton, Gore (yeah, right he invented Global Warming and now ‘Climate Change’ and not the Internet), Bush 43, and now Barry O’bambi.

Relish your accomplishments like Climategate, subprime mortgages, affirmative action, and political correctness. And let’s not forget the SOMA of our age, ‘reality TV’. In truth, you’ve learned either nothing, or the wrong lessons from your parents who literally did save the world and then humbly said naught a thing. Too bad, because we need your parents. Not you.

Thanks, Boomers, for buddying up to the monsters of the Middle East, the Israelis, once victims themselves of monstrosity- now just as bad. Of misdirection and then war on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, against mostly civilians.

Thanks for twats like Paul Bremer, Little Timmy Geitner, and all the other failed stuffed shirts from the Carter Administration for Jimmy Carter 2.0. Actually, thanks for electing the WRONG black man.

If Barry and ‘deer in the headlights’ style of presidency have taught us anything, we’ve certainly learned that ‘Generation Jones’ is utter hogwash. And that there are no ideas in his administration beyond the previous status quo.

Colin Powell. Sir. Your country needs you. It’s okay if you have McCain as VP in 2012. Really.

Boomers, thanks for totally destroying the Tech Industry and exterminating the last vestige of Xerox-Parc or any real ‘innovation’. Thank you for turning Tech into a McJob; with such characters as ‘Mader McChod, the slimy Indian CEO archetype who destroys companies like Quark; the H1Burglars, who arrive here in droves to kill our future through mediocrity but are indentured slaves.. to.. the Indian BodySheik, who applies his ‘values’ of bribery, corruption and intimidation to get a judge in New Jersey to stifle the uniquely American value of free speech.

This is your McLife, McBoomers, and those are the characters YOU picked. Now live with them. We know tech always scared you. Now you can ‘have it your way.’

In short, thanks for inviting the 3rd world to become your asswipers because you show contempt for your own children, sending them off to war or laying them off from STEM jobs. It’s any wonder why my generation won’t be allowing our kids to become your slaves when you have so many from the 3rd world already.

The only two companies of ANY consequence, ironically, are run by folks who seem not share those values. Apple and Google, our only hope for REAL innovation in the next decade.

The other ones I have mentioned in this blog will be a memory by the end of the next decade. A bad memory. They didn’t start that way, but, my Boomer ‘friends’ that is where you put them. Relegated to a blue screen of death. A segfault in history.

The fact of the matter is that unrepentant cowardly Boomers and disingenuous Slumdogs are made for each other. And when the dust clears on the shell that is the US economy they will be the only two segments taking care of each other.

Because everyone else will have either been killed in chickenhawk wars or have moved on. To hopefully rebuild.

Let’s leave this in 2009. And rebuild without the Boomers or their failed legacy. Millennial kids? You have a decision to make. What’s it gonna be?

Mentok out.

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James said...

BEST post ever! My favorite is when the boomer moron said boomers learned from history. Really? Then why was it boomer boy Billy Jeff Clintong who reversed prohibitions on Trading With The Enemy (which was what caused WW2) and instead opened America to new dangers euphemistically called "globalization"? Boomers being jealous that GenXers built the modern world and they didn't just had to destroy that which they could never be and never understand. Like old Mr. Potter in It's A Wonderful Life, boomers are jealous of anything they can't get their hands on. I say it's time to head for the hills and let WW3 sort 'em all out.