Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas, My Little Sahib...

It's a couple days before Christmas, and my little sahib, Vivek Wadhwa is a bit distraught:

  1. Vivek_wadhwa_hi-res_normalvwadhwa To the anti-immigrants who are
    following me on Twitter (and harassing me):
    Please read this twice:http://bit.ly/8HnSkr
    1 day ago from TweetDeck

Of course the link leads to an uncredited Economist Op-Ed: Going to America: A Ponzi scheme that works | The Economist. Again, don't bother to read it, whoever wrote it was ashamed to put their name on it. Besides, the comments are so much more enlightening, especially the first one.

Oh, my poor little sahib. Did anyone tell you at your days at Duke University, UC Berkeley, and other towers of ivory, that "Ponzi Schemes" are illicit, immoral, and.. and.. Oh, I'm speechless. They all seem to work at first. That's why folks fall into the trap. But they never last. And end badly.

Even Bernie Madoff got his accolades in the the biz rags of repute. For much the same content. And your time will come, for endorsing a "Ponzi Scheme" of a slightly different, but no less corrupt nature.

But fear not, my little sahib, I wish you a Merry 'fair & white' Christmas none the less. And here's to a New Year of testing your resolve & credibility, or what remains thereof.

I remain your Drunky, here always to respond to your half-truths, massaged data, and public relations foibles. Raise a glass of whine, and enjoy your "claim chowder."

Mentok out.

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