Monday, December 07, 2009

Uncle Drunky's Hard-Knock Review for Monday, 12/07/2009!

Sorry kids, Uncle Drunky's Monday came on a Thursday. Oh well, let's travel back in time via blogger clock hacking. Undead deadline and all that-

EndH1B website threatened by On-Shore H1B Slave Shop Because if you're a slaveowner, the last thing you want is for the product to get uppity.

Climategate for Busy People: The Big Lie 2.0 in a NutshellYou can read this all in one page, now get back to work you little scallywags.

Slumdog Delusion Update: 'Apple: no choice but to enable Flash in 2010' Hardcore delusion from the company with the most hacked products of 2009, according to Forbes:

Uncle Walty Rantpuppet: Anti-Flash Crusader MUST BE STOPPED. If you say so, Uncle Walty RANTPUPPET. Crikey, your Uncle Drunky is in love with a sock.

Deluded "Senator" Boxer thinks "UK" is "USA" - Leaked emails are 'crime' Invade the UK naow! Revenge for the Beatles! Moar Boomer delusion. Boxer NEEDS a sock.

Oh Noez! Adobe's Little Johnny will be Tracked! Little Johnny Dowdell needs classes on teh Internets. UPDATE: He's now carping about the iPhone and turned his comments off. Oh will that's what trackbacks are for, John-John.

Michael Lind: Real Unemployment in US is Twice Official Figure [UPDATE] Uh, duh.

FOAMY: Prophet of Climategate [NSFW] [HUMOR] Special thanks to the Angry Mac Bastards for re-introducing me to the Foamy One. Foamy for Prez in 2012~!

Xenophobes are from Mars, Slumdogs are from Venus Even Vivek Wadhwa needs love from his favorite fans "the Xenophobes." Sounds like a rock band!

Eels! "Elements of the past and the future combining to make something not quite as good as either... " Sounds like the tech. All of it.

Apple Bans People's Republic of China Developer, 1000+ Apps Pulled Not to be put off by Pakistan, China ups the ante on iPhone App shystery.

It was a week. Or so.

Mentok out.

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