Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Offshore Innovation Tuesday! MSFT China steals, Indians big up Eugenics

It's Offshore Innovation Tuesday! Because I said so. So what have our little friends offshore been 'innovating' as of late?

Well. Let's start with a bang:

Microsoft China steals (local Chinese service) Plurk’s code. This is epic pot.kettle.black, as Plurk itself looks like a bad knockoff of Twitter which in turn was 'inspired' by SMS / IRC / other short messaging services. But hey, that's innovation.

That's mah homies, the sporty thievin' Chinese, stealin' from each other.


Next, we will get lessons on how slumdogs oops sorry Hindustanis pick up girls. From their call center. While remoting into a customer's PC. This courtesy of IT Grunt:

ORANGE – Stacy Gore was on the phone with a computer technician in India who had remotely accessed her computer to help repair it when an image flashed across her laptop screen, shocking her.

It was a snapshot of her bare breasts...

...Gore, a real estate agent, alleges that Neos activated her built-in laptop camera while he was working and snapped photos of her and displayed them on her computer screen, making her feel uncomfortable, she says.

He also found and flashed the photos of her breasts....

[From Life of an I.T. Grunt | Notes From The Trenches of Software Development. ]

..and it gets much worse. Read the rest over at ITGrunt.


And now on the Eugenics front, more Hindustani Indian supremacy innovation: Indians are ancestors of Japanese, Chinese. [1] I am not making this up.

I really need to apologize to Vivek Wadhwa & the Hindustani upper caste. All my ham-handed attempts at 'racism' or 'xenophobia' pales in comparison to the outright gall of this pseudoscience. As well as the treatment of your own minorities and women. Heck, even the Chinese are pikers based on what I've read as of late. I mean, they just think they're the center of universe and all that.

I mean, we've heard this stuff before from our current friends the Japanese when they were going thru their little Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere thing, and from the Germans when they wanted more Lebensraum.

Isn't real racism fun? I mean, compared to the 'racism light' that shills like Vivek Wadhwa shed crocodile tears over, right after they feed us tripe about 'superior Indian technology'.

Folks, what're you gonna do when our Indian friends want more Lebensraum, or in Hindii आवास?

Seriously. I think you'd better learn those chicken scratchings...before some Hindustani wants to snap pictures of your junk with your own computer.

Ah, who knows what the inscrutable Indian Übermensch will come up with?

I think I've had enough 'Offshore Innovation' for one day. And I certainly do not want it in my country, no thank you very much.

Mentok out.

[I don't think this will help]

"Culture Shock! India: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette (Culture Shock India)" (Gitanjali Kolonad)

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James said...

Well what do you expect? Indians can only make a living by latching on to other people. Since they have ruined their own reputation in the USA with their once-in-70-years EPIC ECONOMIC FAIL, they have to look for a new country to latch onto and rob. That country is Japan. What better way than to claim you are the ancestors of the Japanese to justify invading their country? Indian innovation my ass. Where is the Indian operating system? The only things they have ever invented are chess and tnadoori chicken.