Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Slumdog Delusion Update: 'Apple: no choice but to enable Flash in 2010'

Today's piece of slumdog delusion comes from over the pond, where big corporations have 'briefings' with natives further away so's not to disturb the locals. Ah, but with Twit-tah, EVERYTHING is local. To whit:

At an adobe briefing - they seriously think apple will have no choice but to enable flash on the iPhone by the end of 2010. Hah! We will see

[From Alex Waddell (alexwaddell) on Twitter]

Oh, but wait. It gets better...

Nearly laughed out loud - slide just went up espousing how adobe are all about open standards!

[From Alex Waddell (alexwaddell) on Twitter]

Note to the stupid Adobe marketing yobs out there: If you see a lot of iPhones in the audience, you might want to SHUT UP instead of spouting off that kinda tripe. Especially when it ends up in Pro-Flash Designers' blogs in this form:

Recently, Apple’s lack of iPhone support for Flash and the non-story that has been is telling in itself. A generation of web users using the most popular smart phone of the moment are adapting to the post-flash era… and enjoying it because it excuses them from “monkey-punching” ads and ridiculous impractical interfaces in favor of usable, readable websites.

[From The Case Against Adobe Flash « typesett - Your AMUSING Resource for Useful Design, Typography and Web Dev Articles]

Everyone should read through the article above to see what Adobe considers 'Open'. And what kind of real alternatives are out there.

Me personally, I firmly believe that Apple should remove Flash from any and all of its products.

Lessee, some yob animates some sprites, glues it up with a badly copied derivative of Javascript, and then 'compiles' it with an ARM wrapper. Yeah, I really want that crap on my iPhone.

No thank you. Only in India do they make cars and planes out of balsa wood and bamboo.

I don't know why Apple stands for this.

Even Microsoft knows better, and stands to revive IIS as something other than a joke.

Do I need to mention that Adobe just laid off 9% of their workforce? And what those employees have to say about it? From TUAW:

lobo said 2:10PM on 11-11-2009

I got laid off just today, woohoo. I hope now Shantanu Narayen can afford to pay his bills. And his mortgage too. After a year of 10-hrs workdays this is the best reward one can ask for.

[From post #17, Adobe layoffs strike home, 680 to lose jobs]

That sounds about right for the software industry, and....

Anon said 3:42AM on 11-14-2009

Adobe sickens me right now. They are laying off their workforce not because they're hitting financial trouble, but because they are outsourcing their work to under-payed workers in primarily China and India... in what may possibly be considered slave-labor conditions.

Shame on you Adobe! If they don't knock this crap off, then the modern day abolition movement will probably bring them to their knees.

[From post #18 Adobe layoffs strike home, 680 to lose jobs]

I remain your Uncle Drunky, not surprised in the least, by these ongoing shenanigans....

..your move, Apple...

Mentok out.

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Vivek said...

Yeah Adobe is doomed. Just wait. 5 years max. PeopleSoft did it - gone. Sun is going under because of slumdog labor, they even ruined Microsoft. Vista was largely written in India and we all know how that turned out.

Now Adobe wants to move everything to "web standards" (because slumdogs can't write real code in C that works). The web itself is a crap amalgamation of 24 different web standards with new useless ones invented every month that don't do anything new.

Once Adobe gets rid of all its compiled bianry products, they will go belly up too. Just wait Drunky - Adobe's days are numbered. The slumdog invasion will ruin them too. The only winner left standing after this whole mess will be Apple. Once Steve dies, the dogs will take over and ruin that too. Let Adobe committ suicide - no one cares anymore.

At least Anil Bhavnani got his ass canned last year but not before he grifted 3 years' pay out of Adobe coffers. Now he works at Wipro because no Americans will touch his "Where do I get the MSDN CD?" sorry excuse for an "IT Manager" behind.