Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cry me a River, Adopey. iPhone and iPad: NOT YOURS

[UPDATE: Even Gruber over at Daringfireball says that the Flash clubkids should STFU.]

I've occasionally blogged about the outsourcing / offshoring stupidity of Microsoft & Adobe, and here's the little A, AGAIN, getting all uppity with the big A, Apple, to the point where even sleepy little blog TUAW sits up and notices Uncle Steve's slam at Adobe in the iPad demo, Adobe speaks up about Flash on the iPad.

I didn't hear any 'where's the Flash?' questions being reported there, did you?

I left comment #56, and this commenter, Tom, has more than enough clue about the early days:

Comment #58, Tom said 11:52PM on 1-28-2010

Maybe some of you don't know the the early '90s, NeXT was tied to the Display PostScript code for the graphics behind NeXTStep, Adobe scr**wed that relationship with poor performance and slow bug fixing. That hurt NeXT customers and sales, and that po-ed Steve. It was very clear that Steve NEVER wanted to be in that kind of dependent relationship again. If you look at the whole chain of Apple control (hardware, software, content) you can see this is a pervasive perspective.

Thus the move to open PDF from controlled PostScript in OS X. And the hating on Flash. The more Flash gains in popularity, the more proprietary content creation and content features are tied to a company Apple can't control....and Apple wants to innovate in content and content features! The more Flash takes off, the more Apple is threatened...

Let's be clear, Apple has it's own eco system here. Apple is behind h.264 and HTML5. Apple will NEVER support Flash on consumer appliances. Apple wants Flash to die, and by not supporting it, they are helping it die.

Whether you like Flash, or detest it like I do, you have choices. But understand that this is not an oversight or is deliberate and strategic.

[From Adobe speaks up about Flash on the iPad]

So: Here it is. Adobe either doesn't care or doesn't have the chops for a Unix based OS anymore...

So obvious that even MacWorld awards their highest award to a Flash.. BLOCKER....

And finally, Adobe thinks that they're going to bully their way onto the iPhone....

Well Adopey, you just continue to piss off the wrong guy, Uncle Steve. You know, the guy who takes things personally? He doesn't have any scruples about spanking leakers or brats. And compared to McGraw-Hill, you're a brat.

Here's some advice. You'd better tell those post layoff Macromedia clubkids to SHUT UP if you expect any reconciliation. Also you'd sure as hell better learn how to comply with Apple's spec like Microsoft did, or you're just. not. on. the. iPhone. Simple as that. Finally, I sure hope your yob of an MBA CEO understands 'diversify' because Flash looks to be dead on the most 'ubiquitous' platforms out there. Why the hell did you double down on a BROWSER PLUGIN??

I'm predicting that 2 years from now, Adobe's either going to be part of Microsoft, or go the way of RealAudio. Who's up to how many name changes now?

So. To review. Tell your clubkids to shut up, make kissyface with Apple, comply with their platform, and don't double down on a shitty browser plugin. Review OVER.

Mentok out.

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