Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vivek Kundra's 'Missing Servers' FOUND.. Continuously Downloading PORN

If you really want to leave the USSA without leaving the country, fire up bittorrent and download media from other countries. But if you work for the government it’s probably NOT a good idea to do this at work. Or to leave machine on, day & night doing this for days on end.

And certainly not files that match the terms ‘Asian’ and ‘Teen’. And not even Pentagon PedoPorn, but the ‘normal’ “adult” stuff.

Let me tell you something: US Government employees LOVE THEIR SMUT. Don’t believe me? Think the *fap* *fap* cases at the Pentagon & the SEC put a stop to that? ORLY? Take a look at Uncle Drunky’s block log:


[day.month.year.PacificStandardTime] [DHT] {the ip range blocked} was in the range {their name}

US Public School Administrations:

[16.10.2010 03:31:38] [DHT] was in range WV Department of Education : -

[16.10.2010 03:44:55] [DHT] was in range New York City Public Schools : -

[16.10.2010 04:59:33] [DHT] was in range Federal Agency of Education : -

[16.10.2010 07:37:05] [DHT] was in range Mountain Brook City Schools : -

[16.10.2010 09:59:43] [DHT] was in range Kings County Office of Education, Fresno County Of : -

US State City Councils:

[16.10.2010 10:21:27] [DHT] was in range CITY OF RICHMOND : -

[16.10.2010 10:22:30] [DHT] was in range City of Gainesville, North Central Florida Regiona : -

[16.10.2010 10:24:25] [DHT] was in range State of South Carolina : -

[16.10.2010 09:31:21] [DHT] was in range City of Elberton : -

[16.10.2010 04:40:22] [DHT] was in range City of Riverside : -

16.10.2010 06:07:14] [DHT] was in range Ventspils City Council : -

Tex-Ass Donut Eaters:

[16.10.2010 04:27:39] [DHT] was in range TWC-CENTRAL-TEXAS-DIVISION—-RIVERSIDE-HUB—-KORCE : -


[16.10.2010 05:34:33] [DHT] was in range DoD Network Information Center : -

[16.10.2010 05:56:38] [DHT] was in range DoD Network Information Center : -

[16.10.2010 04:22:28] [DHT] was in range DoD Network Information Center : -

[16.10.2010 09:24:04] [DHT] was in range DoD Network Information Center : -

So, boyz n girlz, what are we seeing here? Well. Your Uncle Drunky had a few smut files running in Vuze; which has an IP Blocklist *and log* of domains that, uh, should not be torrenting. This is from a 8-odd hour block with ONLY smut files. No ‘normal’ files to speak of. The blocklist is updated every couple days, so the nameblocks should be valid.

I also cut out all the other countries government offices, like the Muslim countries, the UK, the kinky Japanese, and our Chicom friends in high places. You were all there, yo. But I’m interested in the ugly ‘mericans, so you gets off.

I understand that the mil types are in Muslim countries and that downloading is die rigeur for ‘the moral of our troops. To that end I’ve cut all the listings except for the useless REMFs at the DoD.

Heeeey, Vivek Kundra! Uncle Drunky ‘found’ some of your errant ‘data centers’…. downloading “teh smut”.

What I do not understand is why Departments of Education for Public School Offices like West Virginia, New York and Kings County, you know, that deal with KIDS are downloading teh *fap* *fap* via bittorrent. Day and Night. Oh, and city councils in the deep south? Same-o.

I also do not understand why domestic ‘cyber security’ organs like the DoD (hah!) need to *fap* off. Is this what ‘Cyber Defense’ is? Oh.

And here’s a special one: Tata Consulting in the US? Who does IT for the US public & private sectors? Ever wonder what they’re doing instead of their jobs? That’s right, even Desis have the *fap*:

[16.10.2010 09:55:10] [DHT] was in range Verestar, Tata InfoTech Ltd, Software Devlopment U : -

And the interesting thing? I have a country block on India. And Tata InfoTech STILL showed up. Our Desi friends are nothing if not tenacious. About getting their fill of porn.

And what were the files? Hint from the Bloodhound Gang. Yeah, Chinese girls. Xie Xie! Sai Jian!

-Drunky out.

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