Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thanks CAGW, but China already owns us...

Saw this on TV the other day. Very powerful, very apropo, tho' the source is questionable:

Thanks for trying, CAGW, but I think you're a bit too late. Just another day in Weimar Republik 2.0, spinning up the proles for a war with creditor numbah one.

Ooopsie, CAGW is pro-Microsoft, anti-Open Source Software. China is of course anti-Microsoft, pro-Apple, anti-Indian. Why else do you put permanent bases in Pakistan?

What a delightful pro-Indian anti-Chinese dovetail you have there, CAGW. You stay classy.

If you guys're really into squicking 'waste' maybe you should have wurds with Vivek Kundra and his pornmonkeys in the public sector.

-Drunky out.

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