Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Vivek Wadhwa, "Hacker", Flauntin' n Flautin' Chicom Law : UPDATE

UPDATE: Mess with the best, die like the rest! My little sahib's twit-tah is back to normal, but:

In Malaysia , out of the clutches of the wretched Chinese firewall! Happy Diwali.

Mysteriously, my laptop stopped working after all my attempts to get around China firewall. Win 7 won't load! Fortunately I have backup.

Moral of the story: Take that little Chinese boy with you. He can fix ur Windows!


You have to hand it to my little sahib, he's a citizen of the world, and no 'Great Firewall of China' nor outting a Beijing University student is going to stop him from twatting. Read from the bottom:

Smooth move, my little Ex-Lax Sahib. And I thought you were a 'geek.' Methinks "Vivek" also means ├╝ber.Dumb in Hindii. Either that, or 'Economic Hitman without a clue.'

Here is a prime example of Indu 'Superior Intellect'. And how good Indians are with infosec:

You think Chicom SysAdms cannot correlate logs to public twats? Or that they will be 'delayed' by bureaucracy? Nuh-Uh. Some ex- or current- Honker Union gangsta's prolly on those logs. Right. NOW. So what if you're using a cell.. actually Echofon? An iPhone? With aGPS? Wow, you are *dumb*. Here's a little hint: iPhone, UUID, aGPS. Cell tower triangulation. Your timestamped public twat(s) mentioning a localized area. Dum dum DUM!

Word to the NSA. You wanna see what Chicom dissident proxy-punched Twitter home pages look like? Now's your chance. Get it while it's DUMB.

Oh well, maybe Barry can bail him out on the way to Japan. Big pimpin in AF1, yo! You can meet up with Vivek Kundra! A Vivek bifecta!

-Drunky, friend to Chinese but not all Chicoms, including ones who help your sworn enemy. OUT.

"Snow Crash (Bantam Spectra Book)" (Neal Stephenson)

1 comment:

James said...

He's even dumber than he looks. He must have cheated his way through college.

Guess his shindig didnt go down to well in the ol' Shang.

Hope he is smart enough to know a restore from backup wont do and that he needs to reinstall from windows. If they didnt dump a PLA virus on his hard drive's firmware, that is.