Monday, May 03, 2010

'Apple Is The New China'....? Mmkay, Adobe is 'teh New Suck'

So the while the negativity over Apple's success on the iDevices continues in blustery Business Insider, of course your Uncle Drunky has to weigh in. I do hate repeating myself, so go go copypasta!

There's another reason Steve Jobs doesn't want to be 'at the mercy of a 3rd party vendor'.. as politely as I can put it, Adobe has lost their technical mojo. Let me explain.

The iPhone and iPad use a very.. concise version of Mac OSX. It's very light, a lot that does not pertain to the hardware has been REMOVED and optimized. There's no web server there, no file sharing, no.. you get the idea. Programming for it requires you to learn MORE than just programming for the Mac (you have to learn about touch, GPS and these other new functions). You even have to learn a superset language called Cocoatouch!

It's a lot like riflery (ed: duh, meant gunnery). Rifles and cannons are big and simple. Pistols, while smaller require a level of complexity and are very unforgiving. Cannons and rifles may misfire. A pistol may blow off your hand. And compared to cannons, everyone seems to have a pistol. High adoption rate, at least in the US.

As almost every Mac user knows, Flash utterly blows. After 10 years of promises, IT STILL BLOWS. So now Adobe just up and wants to be on my iPhone? My iPad? And my parents, friends, and their friends are interested in the iPad...

So. Here we are. Adobe can't even get Flash right on the Mac. They've been promising full Flash on mobile devices for YEARS now. Based on that track record, and the insulting remarks from the CEO (it must be MacOSX that is the problem) I can only say two things:

THANK YOU to Steve Jobs for refusing to have snake oil on the iDevices, and SHAME ON YOU to Shantanu Narayen for not putting your money where your mouth is. Long ago, probably before the Macromedia acquisition, Adobe used to be just like Apple. Produce and THEN tell us, and we were always pleasantly surprised. Now they're all bluster with nothing to show for it other than abuse of the word 'ubiquity'.

Through offshoring, unwise M&A, and laying off the wrong folks Adobe has lost their technical depth. Or maybe they're just a Windows shop now. Either way, what we've seen is that they cannot produce on any other platform other than Windows. And, once again, it's being reported that Apple has to 'assist' Adobe on the Mac by opening APIs that other more capable developers do not seem to need.

I guess first you need to re-learn how to walk before you can run. I still DO NOT want Flash anywhere near iDevices that I will be supporting.

[From Apple Is The New China]

Apple's not winning because of anything superhuman or any RDF this time. They're winning because everyone else is sucking soooo bad in the mobile / device space. Even Microsoft is slooooowly getting with the program, figuring out the Cloud, and not tousling with the current market leader.

The other disingenuous thing in this article is Apple's purported conduct as a platform vendor. Other VERY successful companies like Sony and Nintendo exert this kind of control over their game platforms, and just will not allow application developers who are not up to snuff on the platform. How much crap is there in the Nintendo Wii Store? NONE. It's all good! Apple is behaving as any good platform vendor should.

When a platform vendor raises the bar, the only whingers are those who cannot reach that bar. Which is why Apple 'helping out' blustery little Adobe (1/3 market cap) comes off to your Uncle Drunky as either very generous, or very stupid (based on their previous conduct).

I warned Adobe that they should SHUT UP and get back to something that passes for work. As others have said.

But it's amusing to watch them disregard good advice, and abuse terms in describing Flash: Ubiquity (bullshit) and Platform (it's a plugin). Even Microsoft's folks are wise enough not to rub that old Windows rhubarb. If Apple is the new China, then Adobe is 'teh new suck.'

Adobe? Go ahead. Keep doin' what you do. I still have a lot of popcorn, and you're making quite the show.

-Drunky out.

PS. Imma let Mr Rixstep finish.

[Seems Adobe needs to edumacate their offshore peons. Start here!]

"Beginning Mac Programming: Develop with Objective-C and Cocoa (Pragmatic Programmers)" (Tim Isted)

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James said...

What do you expect from Adobe? Maybe their fail is simply due to the fact that a bunch of India, Inc. Slumdogs took over a brilliant U.S. Company created by brilliant Americans and are now at a total loss as how to proceed.

Once upon a time back in the OS 9 days, Flash worked. Today it doesn't work. Why? Because Adobe's new Indiot developers havn't a clue how to update it.

In fact we old OS 9 programmers can clearly see the same old outdated Carbon code running in the current Flash plugin on OS X. Like you said... 10 years....

This is typical of what happens when India, Inc. takes over companies created by others - they ride for a while on Americans' accomplishments, but with the passage of time, cracks start to appear in the edifice. We are seeing that now with Adobe. Adobe is maybe 25% of the way through their decline - much where Sun was 10 years ago. (Sun being BTW another slumdog-infested hellhole that used to be run by Americans & used to be great). No doubt Adobe's fate is to be sold off to Oracle.

So just wait drunky - the show has just begun. We're all going to sit here and watch Adobe implode with Indiots at the helm and then sit around and wonder where all the jobs went. India, Inc. once again proves itself to be the kiss of death.